Nick Furi’s ODDS and ENDS™- This Week’s Pop Culture News Round-Up!

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Comics – Remember when I reported Titan Entertainment acquired the Doctor Who comic book license– and they planned series for the 10th, 11th (and eventually the 12th) Doctors? Well, they are still going to publish the comics– but now they’re separating the two Doctor’s adventures into different books. Only shock here is they waited this long to come up with the idea. Die-hard Whovians are going to buy all the Matt Smith and David Tennant (and eventually, Peter Capaldi) stories they can get their hands on– so why not milk them for every last pence? It’s exactly what Marvel and DC’s been doing to collectors for years– so why not steal from the best bilkers in the business? [ICv2]

Television – Okay, okay, I admit it. I’ve been a bit hard on FOX’s Gotham series. But, like I’ve said over and over, I’m tired of the PR fusillade– and just want a finished product so I can see if the show will even be worth watching. Guess these set photos of Gordon and Cobblepot will have to do for now. As you can see, Robin Lord Taylor’s Penguin looks awesome! [Nerdist]

Gotham Penguin

Film – After the astounding True Detective, Woody Harrelson joins the cast of a new heist thriller called Triple Nine. The cast is already solid, with Harrelson joining Aaron Paul, Michael B. Jordan, et al. So what’s the GEEK angle? The film will offer another look at Gal Gadot— just before she begins playing Wonder Woman. Right or wrong, you know her Triple Nine performance will be dissected to the Nth Degree by nerds everywhere– and will surely cause both celebration and hateful negativity. That’s just how we roll. [Deadline]

Comics – If you’re reading this, I can already guess CBR isn’t your favourite place to get comic news unaffected by PR flacks. But even with all the massive kiss-assery that goes on over there, sometimes some good squeaks through. Here’s a conversation between Indie Faves Kurtis Wiebe, Riley Rossmo and Hope Larson concerning the perception of body image in comics– and it is very interesting. The 3 artists also talk about diversity and what’s wrong with most mainstream books today… Including the traps many accidentally fall into. I got a wide grin reading Riley’s comments at the end– when he mirrored IMJ’s famous Stop Buying Shit! motto… Albeit with a more reserved tongue. [CBR]

Collectibles – Holy crap, grab my nitroglycerin! Here’s a DC Collectibles solicitation I don’t hate. Alright, to be clear, I still don’t like about half of it… But that’s a huge improvement! I’ve been ripping on DC Collectibles since I took over this column, and maybe they’re starting to take notice. I’ve been looking to acquire a reasonably priced figures of Batgirl and Supergirl for a long time. Now I think I may have finally found the two I’ll get. [Comics Alliance]

Batgirl Supergirl DC Figs

Television – I don’t understand why producers are shoving more Flash characters into Arrow. I’m sure the episode will build the hype for the guy in the awful looking suit… But why aren’t they saving these characters for their new superhero show? Is it possible they don’t like the Flash pilot and just want to get these characters out there? Regardless, Arrow has been knocking it out of the box lately. It’s great to enjoy a DC character like I want to! It’s also a damn shame their comic books can’t keep up. [IGN]

Collectibles – By now you know all about my obsession with Blind Box/Mystery Figure sets. I think I’ve started to get a handle on this expensive addiction… But this new Power Rangers series is definitely going to test my resolve. [Tomopop]

Film – In another ballsy PR move, Marvel Studios released Avengers – Age of Ultron concept art this week depicting their versions of the Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver characters… Even after tons of geeks recently convulsed in hissy-fits over Fox’s costume reveal for their version of Quicksilver (soon to be seen in the new X-Men flick).

All this PR jockeying seems to further reinforce IMJ Co-Founder Ian MacMillan’s long-held belief that Marvel is waging a (not so) subtle war to sway public opinion– to “prove” their cinematic visions for their heroes are “better” than anyone else’s. Ian thinks it’s all so the other studios will eventually crack and allow the various Marvel Film/TV character rights they have to revert back to Disney. Me? I was more interested in Iron Man’s Hulkbuster armor! Could this finally be a hint that a cinematic World War Hulk/Planet Hulk storyline is in our future? I’m so excited!!! Is it 2018 yet? [The Mary Sue]


Video Games – I’m so glad I’m not a gamer anymore… As news of Walmart entering the used video game market makes me cringe. I honestly don’t know which company will be worse for gamers– the behemoth box store or Gamestop. In any case, I just know I don’t want to add to the profits of either. (The last time I traded in a popular game, I received a whopping $4.) Just like supporting your LCS– if you have a Local Game Shop around, please go support the independent seller instead… You know, assuming they aren’t just as big of dicks as their corporate counterparts. [Excite News]

Television – Failing to go to series after years of development at the FX Network, Brian Michael Bendis’ Powers will now be an exclusive TV offering for the Sony PlayStation. I’m not a fan of micro-niche distribution… Especially since I don’t own any Sony gaming platform, and I’m not looking to buy a new system. I would gladly give this show a chance, but I’m sure as hell not spending $400 on a PS4 to try out a show I may not like. At least the cost vs risk is low with a provider like Netflix– where you have tens of thousands of other options if one show sucks. [Superhero Hype]

Collectibles – I usually have some sort of Hot Toys superhero to show you… And I could trot out yet another Captain America figure… But I’ve kind of had enough of the Hot Toy hero figures for now. Instead, I’ll switch gears and showcase something gamers might enjoy. Check out this superb Raiden from Metal Gear Rising. Given his love for the game series, I have a feeling IMJ’s own Jose Melendez will quite like it. [Hots Toys]

Raiden HT

Television – I’m way behind on Mad Men. Seriously… I’m still on Season Two! But that won’t stop me from letting fans know about the new Mad Men teaser. The Seventh (and final) Season begins April 13th. [The Hollywood Reporter]

Video Games – Hell Yes! Proving even the best of us can turn on a dime, I go from hating on Sony to loving them in just a few column inches! The reason for this swift sea change: Morpheus— the new Virtual Reality headset Sony’s developing for the PS4. While it won’t be in consumer hands anytime soon, I must give the electronic giant props for even trying to improve the massive disappointment that was VR Gaming. [The Verge]

Film – I’m very skeptical of this Peanuts trailer… It’s not that I mind the animation, I’m just wary of the final product being an emotionless husk who’s only real goal is to generate a truckload of money for some soulless movie studio. Charles Schultz’s son and grandson are a part of the film– so that gives me a bit of hope. Whatever my opinion, I’m sure my sense of skepticism is dwarfed by what Ian (an unapologetic Peanuts lover) is feeling right now. What?! Did he just faint? [Cartoon Brew]


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  1. Morlock50 says:

    The CBR article you linked was very interesting, and the reference to Chiang’s Wonder Woman made me sad that we won’t see that soon. I think Chiang is going to be remembered as one of the premier WW artists after this is all said and done.

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