Who’s Getting What This Week? with Jose Melendez


Jose's Picks #1 3.26.14Alex + Ada #5, Empowered Special #6 Internal Medicine, Ninja High School #176 + Silver Surfer #1

It’s a kinda interesting week for me. There’s only one title actually on my pull list– and that’s Alex + Ada #5… But I will be picking up a few other comics this week that have caught my eye one way or another.

I’ve purchased the Empowered OGNs by Adam Warren since the first volume was released. I’ve been trying to keep up with the series too, but somewhere after Volume 6 I just sort of fell away from it. I do miss the character (and more importantly, Warren’s exceptional pencil art), so I think I’m going to jump back in and buy Empowered Special #6 Internal Medicine on Wednesday. It’s not nearly as expensive as one of the trades, and will hopefully satiate my Adam Warren art fix until I can catch up on the OGNs.

Jose's Picks #2 3.26.14

Ben Dunn’s Ninja High School is the third series (in as many months) to come back into publication after an extended hiatus. (I highlighted the first two in this very column– Bob Fingerman’s Minimum Wage and David Lapham’s Stray Bullets.) I have a bit more of an affinity for NHS than the other two series– mostly because I bought my first issue of Dunn’s comic back in the late 80s. The title was one (if not the first) Western manga series to see publication, and served as a satire of everything I was into at the time: American cartoons, comics, anime and manga. It was such a perfect mixture of all those genres… And even though NHS left comic shop shelves about 5 years ago, it’s nice to see the comic coming back. Call it my Comic Pick for Old Time’s Sake… I’m willing to give Ninja High School #176 a shot just for the fond memories.

Last (and most likely certainly least), I’ll also be picking up Silver Surfer #1. No lie– I’ll be reading the book mostly for Mike Allred’s art, which seems like a perfect fit for the Surfer. The other (small) reason I want to check out this issue? I want to see if Dan Slott has it in him to completely ruin another classic Marvel character.

I bet you he does…

…So what are you getting this week?

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8 Responses to Who’s Getting What This Week? with Jose Melendez

  1. Morlock50 says:

    Well, for me it’ll be Alex + Ada and Rachel Rising, but I’m going back to back issues since I haven’t kept up with them.

  2. NicktheStick says:

    Alex + Ada #5
    Sex #12
    Skullkickers #25 (Finally!)

  3. Deadpool #26
    Regular Show #11
    Chew Vol 8 Family Recipes
    Fear Agent Library Edition Vol 2 HC
    Mobile Suit Gundam Origin Vol 5 Char & Sayla

  4. Tiger Topher says:

    Jose, let me know if Slott’s Silver Surfer borrows as much from Doctor Who as I expect it to.

    • J. says:

      It does. Not a lot in the first issue but I have a feeling it will more so as the series goes on. A definite Doctor Who vibe going on but not nearly as entertaining. Surfer is the Doctor and it looks as if Dawn will be his companion. I am shocked Slott is using such an unoriginal premise.

    • NicktheStick says:

      This little excerpt is from one of the IGN reviews: “The focus this time is on adventure and fun; a heady trip though space and time that is big, colorful and just a little bit silly.”

      I half expected them to end the sentence stating it is a “wibbly wobbly timey wimey adventure.”

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