Insideman’s Pull List™ – Reviewing 2 Weeks of New Graphic Novels and Manga!

INSIDEMAN'S PULL LISTS NEW2 Week Catch Up Edition GREEN3.26.14 BannerHOLEEE SHIT BANNERMarch has sorta loped along… With just small to average Graphic Novel shipments every week. Long time readers of Insideman’s Pull List™ know this always makes me cringe, Spider-Man by Roger Stern Omnibusbecause I know the BIG WEEK is out there… The one Wednesday every month when comic book graphic novel fans will get DUMPED ON by a massive wave of product. We call these weeks, appropriately, Dump Weeks. They usually occur on the first Wednesday of each month… So you can imagine how my level of dread grew this month as each week passed with only fair to middling shipments.

Well, March’s Dump Week is here with a vengeance. At least 72 hardcovers, trade paperbacks and manga volumes were released to Local Comic Shops this week. Compare this to “only” 49 such releases the week before. And while a few lower cost Manga (also becoming increasingly harder to find) can sometimes bring down the average price per book… There were still 23 fewer titles last week compared to this week.

Factor in the following hard numbers for March 26, 2014:

– There were 13 titles priced between $29.99 and $125.00

– There were 14 titles priced between $19.99 and $29.98

Wow. Now match the numbers to March 19, 2014:

– There were 12 titles priced between $29.99 to $69.99

– There were 12 titles priced between $19.99 and $29.98

On the surface, it doesn’t look like that big of a difference, eh? But remember– looks are often deceiving. The highest price book on March 26th was $125.00 (Spider-Man by Roger Stern Omnibus) and the most expensive on March 19th was “only” $69.99 (Marvel Masterworks Captain America Vol 7 HC). That’s a huge price disparity. Add an additional 23 titles for 3.26.14– and you have officially endured another Dump Week.

I’ve noted (on several occasions) how these Dump Weeks don’t need to happen. Graphic Novel collections are printed weeks/months in advance… And are slated for publication much, much earlier– often before the first issue of a multiple issue story arc hits the shops. With all that pre-planning, it makes sense the various publishers could work with the sole comic shop distributor to evenly spread the release of these expensive books over each Wednesday in a given month… But they never seemingly do. If they did, dump weeks would cease to exist… And they certainly wouldn’t continue to occur virtually every month of the year, year after year.

Even scarier? The next comic shop release week is April 2, 2014— the first week of a new month! Enjoy!


You know what’s so great about Shadowline’s Rat Queens– by writer Kurtis Wiebe and artist Roc Upchurch? It’s easy to like… And even easier to love. Die-hard comic fan or day old newbie– if you’re holding this trade in your hand, you’re gonna fall for it.

Rat Queens Vol 1If you told me Wiebe had written yet another engrossing comic book, I would have replied, “Of course he did.” After all, the man’s responsible for two of the best, most original independent comics in the last several years– Green Wake and Peter Panzerfaust. But if you then said, “It’s really funny too!”, I would’ve replied, “Show me.” I had no idea a funny creator was hiding in there too. But my gawd, is Rat Queens funny and engrossing.

Wiebe’s wondrous scripts are supremely aided by the absurd flair found in every line drawn by Roc Upchurch. He infuses an extreme amount of individuality in every character, expounding on Wiebe’s off-beat (but always entertaining) narrative style. Rat Queens is the artist’s breakout comic– and I can’t tell you how happy I am to be around to witness it. What’s even better? You can tell Weibe and Upchurch are truly enjoying themselves while working on the book… And their joy is infectious.

Unlike most overly enthusiastic PR friendly comic centric websites, you can almost count on one hand the number of times I’ve fawned over a new comic this seriously. But that’s the beauty of comic books… Every time I read a piece of trash and scream, “That’s it! I’m done!” a gem like Rat Queens comes along and restores my faith in the future of these four-color fantasies.

Bravo, Mssrs. Wiebe and Upchurch… And thanks to publisher Shadowline too. Without your books, the comic book landscape would largely be a lonely, desolate place.

Hardcovers & Trade Paperbacks Insideman's Pull List 2014
ABC Warriors The Solo Missions
Adventures Of Nilson Groundthumper And Hermy HC
Alpha Vol 3 The List
Alpha Vol 4 Sanctions
American Vampire Vol 5 – Own the HC
American Vampire Vol 6 HC – Almost didn’t buy this!
Batman The Silver Age Newspaper Comics Vol 1 1966-1967 HC – Recommended
Batter Up Charlie Brown HC
Batwoman Vol 3 World’s Finest – Own the Hardcover
Batwoman Vol 4 This Blood Is Thick HC
Best of Archie Comics Betty & Veronica
Cable And X-Force Vol 4 Vendettas
Calico Horses And The Patchwork Trail
Catwoman Vol 3 Under Pressure Recommended
Chew Vol 8 Family Recipes
Clive Barker’s Hellraiser The Dark Watch Vol 2
Complete Chester Gould’s Dick Tracy Vol 16 HC – Recommended
Daredevil End Of Days – Own the Hardcover
Device Vol 3 Traveling Device
Fanboys Vs Zombies Vol 4 – Dropped it after Vol 2
Fantomex MAX
Fear Agent Library Edition Vol 2 HC – Highly Recommended
Garth Ennis’ Red Team Vol 1 Season One
Ghostbusters Total Containment Over-Sized HC
Glorkian Warrior Delivers A Pizza HC
Glorkian Warrior Delivers A Pizza
Green Hornet Vol 6 Legacy – Dropped this series…
Grimm Fairy Tales Vol 15 – Not with your money!
Helheim Vol 1 The Witch War
Hit ListMore Zenescope trash
Iznogoud Vol 4 Iznogoud And The Magic Computer
Iznogoud Vol 5 A Carrot For Iznogoud
Jan’s Atomic Heart And Other Stories – Looks cool!
Knightingail Vol 2 Shadow Divisions
Legends Of Oz Dorothy’s Return
Leo Roa HC
Light Brigade HC – Read it.
Marvel Masterworks Rawhide Kid Volume 1
Metabarons Genesis Castaka Deluxe HC
Occupy Comics
Pandora Box Vol 2 Sloth
Paul Pope Monsters And Titans Battling Boy Art On Tour
Popeye Classic Newspaper Comics Vol 1 1986-1989 HC
Rat Queens Vol 1 Sass & Sorcery – Hot Pick of the Week!
Red Sonja Unchained – Still can’t stop myself from buying these shitty books!
Roy Thomas Presents Planet Comics Slipcase (Unsigned)
Scorpion Vol 6 The Angel’s Shadow
Scorpion Vol 7 The Mask of Truth
Shadow Vol 3 Light of the World
Showcase Presents Men Of War
Spider-Man By Roger Stern Omnibus HC  – Recommended
Spooks Vol 4 The 46th State – Recommended
Superman Earth One Vol 2 – Run away from this…
Think Tank Vol 3
Uber Vol 1 – Read the Hardcover, unfortunately.
Uncanny Avengers Vol 3 Ragnarok Now HC
Uncanny X-Force Vol 3 Great Corruption
Undertaking Of Lily Chen – Didn’t like the art…
Walking Dead Spanish Language Edition Vol 3
Wayne Shelton Vol 2 The Betrayal
Wolverine By Jason Aaron The Complete Collection Vol 2 – Oh, please!

Are You Alice Vol 4
Bloody Brat Vol 1
Bloody Cross Vol 2
Fairy Tail Volume 36
Kingdom Hearts 358/2 Days Vol 3
Mobile Suit Gundam Origin Vol 5 Char & Sayla – Manga Pick of the Week!
Puella Magi Madoka Magica The Different Story Vol 1
Seven Deadly Sins Vol 1
Soul Eater Vol 19
Sword Art Online Vol 1 Aincrad
Wolf Children Ame And Yuki Deluxe HC


3.19.14 Banner

Hardcovers & Trade Paperbacks Insideman's Pull List 2014
Archie Archives Vol 9 HC
Army Of Darkness Omnibus Vol 1 TP (New Print) – No!
Artful Daggers Fifty Years Later
Batman By Doug Moench And Kelley Jones Volume 1 HC Recommended
Blood Brothers – This just squeaked by…
Daisuke Moriyama Art Works Chronicle SC
Danger Girl The Chase – No thanks…
Death – How many ways can DC repackage this?!?
Deathblow Deluxe Edition HC – ↑ See Death comment ↑
Dragon’s Dogma Official Design Works SC
Dreamer Vol 3 – Tried so hard to like this series…
Edison Rex Vol 2 Heir Apparent
Felix The Cat Paintings HC
Green Arrow Vol 4 The Kill Machine
Green Lantern Rise Of The Third Army – Own the Hardcover
Hatsune Miku Graphics Vocaloid Comic And Art Vol 1 SC
Hellboy The First 20 Years HC Recommended
He-Man and the Masters of the Universe Vol 2 Origins of Eternia
Iron Man Epic Collection War Games
Judge Dredd Big Drokkin’ Treasury Edition
Justice League Beyond In Gods We Trust
Marvel Encyclopedia 75th Anniversary HC
Marvel Masterworks Captain America Vol 7 HC
Mean Streets A Crime Anthology – Recommended
Mighty Avengers Vol 1 No Single Hero
Monster Massacre Vol 2 HC
Nemo Roses Of Berlin HC
New Avengers Vol 1 Everything Dies
Noah HC – Looked interesting!
Princeless Vol 1 (New Print)
Saga Vol 3 – Recommended
Saint The Man Who Was Clever – I don’t buy Moonstone books…
Showcase Presents Jonah Hex Vol 2
Smallville Season 11 Vol 4 Argo
Star Trek Vol 7 – Boring retreads with “new” faces!
Steve Canyon Vol 4 1953-1954 HC – Recommended
Suicide Risk Vol 2 – Recommended
Transformers Prime Beast Hunters Vol 2 – Dropped all Transformers…
Trinity Of Sin Pandora Vol 1 The Curse
Ultimate Comics Spider-Man By Brian Michael Bendis Vol 4 – Trash!
Wasteland Vol 9 Thousand Lies
Wolverine Japan’s Most Wanted HC
Wolverine MAX Vol 3 Vegas
Young Avengers Vol 3 Mic-Drop At The Edge Of Time And Space
Ys Art Book SC

Genshiken Second Season Vol 4
March Story Vol 5
UQ Holder Vol 1
Vagabond Vol 35 – I buy the 3-in-1 Volumes! Recommended

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4 Responses to Insideman’s Pull List™ – Reviewing 2 Weeks of New Graphic Novels and Manga!

  1. Morlock50 says:

    You’re comment at the end of the Rat Queen’s write up got me thinking, Ian. When I was younger in the 80’s, you could only find comics on the magazine racks at the local pharmacy. Whatever was displayed there was what you got. I had heard that there was this awesome comic called Love & Rockets being published somewhere, but it was never sold in a place where I could buy it. Now, you have digital, mail order subscriptions, and so many avenues for quality content around.
    I like to bust on Marvel and DC because it’s fun to see how shitty they’re written, and how desperate they are for sales, but the reality is; there’s no need for anyone to be upset with the state of the comics medium (because I could give a fuck about the industry itself) when there is so much material to fit your needs in the independent line. And most of it is 1000% better and more worthy of your dollar then the big two. Think Spiderman sucks? Drop that book and buy Invincible. Catwoman & Birds of Prey getting you down? Pick up Rat Queens instead. Guardians of the Galaxy is too boring, but you still need your comic dose of sci-fi? Saga, baby.
    There’s absolutely no reason for anyone, let alone the Nation, to buy anything from the big two that they’re not enjoying with the wealth of quality material currently out there.

  2. Insideman says:

    Well said, Morlock. I actually think we’re in a new Golden Age for comics. Sure, there’s TONS of shit out there… But there’s always tons of shit produced in every entertainment medium regardless of the decade– movies, tv, art, comics, music, toys, video games… You name it, the crap is always prevalent.

    The question is… How great is the GREAT stuff?

    • Morlock50 says:

      That might be more a question of taste than anything else. IMO there are great books out there (Saga, Rachel Rising) but I think that’s different from books that are “Game Changers”. I’m talking Alan Moore Swamp Thing and Frank Miller Daredevil stuff. Content that changed the face of comics and all that. I’m not seeing anything out like that right now, but how many times do you come across something that’s the level of something like Watchman? Once every 40 years if we’re lucky? Is anybody reading something right now that they would consider a Game Changer?

      • Insideman says:

        I agree on your “Game Changer” comments. As you know, I was talking about enjoying the outstanding quality present in many monthly independent comics now… But Game Changers? I’ll have to think about that.

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