Nick Furi’s ODDS and ENDS™- This Week’s Pop Culture News Round-Up!

Nick Furi's Odds & Ends Banner 2013 Final

Comics – Oh God, NO!!! The next big event from Dan “Destroyer of Our Beloved Heroes” Slott is called Spider-Verse… A new event featuring EVERY Spider-Man EVER. I wish I could nerd-rage quit over this news, but 1) that won’t solve anything and 2) I have the rest of this column to write. Why, oh why, did this horrible news have to be the first thing I read to start my week? [Comics Alliance]

Film – This new X-Men – Days of Future Past poster is riddled with photoshop, but at least it offers up a variation to the completely uninspired one-hero-per-poster shots currently infecting the film industry. If they took out the fake glossy look, this X-Men drek might even be comparable to the awesome Winter Soldier IMAX poster or this other great Captain America mock poster by Paolo Rivera. The one time I want a darker, grittier feeling for a poster (because the film’s contents actually call for it), I’m left with a sparkling spectacle. Will anyone other than IMAX ever get the superhero film poster right? [Comic Book Movie]

X-Men DoFP Poster

Television – AMY ACKER is guest starring on SHIELD!!! (In case you couldn’t tell, I adore Amy.) Marvel’s TV spinoff  has needed a boost lately, after the Sif Thor The Dark World tie-in episode left us high and dry, looking for excitement. As a fan of the Whedonverse, I’m more excited to see Acker play the Cellist– someone Agent Coulson has mentioned with foreboding on occasion– than another Agent of Asgard. [TV Guide]

Manga – Sure, we disagree at IMJIan is strongly against nuclear power, while I appreciate things like nuclear isotopes for their health and research benefits. But we both agree that a new manga, focusing on what it’s like to work at a nuclear power plant, is fascinating. It isn’t supposed to sway opinion one way or the other, but showcase the interpersonal relationships and what goes on day-to-day at a nuclear power plant. I’m very interested to try out 1F And you can read the first chapter HERE. [Excite News]

Collectibles – Yes, I’m back to showing you superhero related Hot Toy figures. (That only took a week!) Anyway, here’s a cool looking Winter Soldier. [Hot Toys Facebook]

WS Hot Toys

Film – Apparently, US Film Exhibitors is playing with the idea of having a weekly Discount Movie Night. As a Canadian, I didn’t know this wasn’t an across-the-board type thing. In my city, “cheap night” is Tuesday– $15 tickets usually drop to $7.50. Truth be told, I tend to avoid going to the theater on Tuesday nights because it is so busy– and can be difficult getting tickets to the new hot movie of the week. Since I’ve grown up with a discount day at the movies, I think it is a no-brainer… It gets asses in the seats! Which is exactly what studios want, so I don’t see why there is any discussion. [Deadline]

Cool Stuff – So… This is awesome! This guy in Pennsylvania decided to make this little cottage into a Hobbit-hole. The man is (clearly) a big fan of LOTR, The Hobbit and Tolkien… And needed a place to store all of his memorabilia. I would just want this as a place to relax with my fellow nerds. It would also top any other geeky thing someone tries to gloat about… “Oh, yeah? Well, I live in a Hobbit-hole! Beat that, you full-grown man!” [Interesting Engineering]

Collectibles – Here’s a pic of the characters launching with LEGO’s Simpsons line– and I think they look damn good. It’s almost like Matt Groening created the Simpsons just to be put into LEGO form… So why the hell did it take them this long to put this deal together? [Tomopop]

Simpsons Legos

Video Games – Reading this article, it appears there isn’t much exciting happening in the state of gaming. (At least, that’s what PS4 fans seem to think.) The gaming masters over at Sony would choose to disagree –as there are still over 100 games to be released this year on the PS4. That’s a lot of fucking games! I wouldn’t even know where to begin, but some of the franchises I recognize coming out this year are: Final Fantasy, Assassin’s Creed and Batman (Arkham series, natch). Wait… Only three? Maybe there aren’t that many games worth playing this year! Please sound off about how wrong I am in the comments below. (It’s never stopped you before!) [IGN]

Film – Looks like I spoke too soon when praising the concept art for the two new Avengers– Scarlet Witch and Quicksilver. These set photos of Elizabeth Olsen’s Wanda look pretty good, but I don’t know what is going on with Aaron Taylor-Johnson’s Pietro. Similar to the awful looking Flash outfit, I think this will be a case of post production magic. Either way, he still looks better than FOX’s version of the character… So that’s a win… Right? [io9]


Virtual Realty – Facebook is purchasing Oculus VR. They say it’s because they want to expand their gaming platform and to accelerate virtual gaming. But if you look closely, Zuckerberg really just wants to boost his Facebook status… Mentioning how cool it would be to not only share pictures, but to share experiences. So, basically, he wants this machine so he can have even more people post shitty things I don’t care about on FB… Only now, I’ll need an expensive headset to watch them. With news like this, I almost wish the internet would go back to the one thing it was made for… Porn. (That’s why Al Gore originally invented it, right?) [The Verge]

Comics – The following revolves around the results of a comic retailer survey about and the current state of the comic industry. One thing I do appreciate: How Marvel and DC are losing sales to independent/underrated publishers like Image, BOOM!, Dark Horse and IDW. This is outstanding news, since a diverse industry leads to more creativity. Sadly, I have one very big problem with all this: Mainstream comics need more titles featuring lesser known, but still extremely intriguing, characters like Jonah Hex, Booster Gold or Ms. Marvel. These books continue to fall by the wayside, leaving fans with a market over-saturated (and diluted) by “A-list” characters. I’m sick of looking at 57 X-Men books, 34 Avengers titles, 84 Batman comics and 7 “Super Team” books every month. [Comics Beat]

Television – I think this is the best news I’ve heard since January 1st! Ricky Gervais might bring back David Brent with a TV Mockumentary! I came late (very late) to the original version of The Office, but that doesn’t negate my love for the show. The mockumentary will focus on Brent and Foregone Conclusion’s journey through the musical world– a la This Is Spinal Tap. If you need more convincing (I don’t know why you would), take a look at one of my favourite things Gervais has done with the character: Learn Guitar with David Brent. [Nerdist]


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2 Responses to Nick Furi’s ODDS and ENDS™- This Week’s Pop Culture News Round-Up!

  1. Morlock50 says:

    Y’know Nick, your whole comment about A list Marvel/DC characters is very interesting. Most of the time, characters are seen as A list based on their recognition and marketability, not by how many quality stories they’ve been in. Poor Wonder Woman (my favorite character) would probably be a C-lister based on the number of great stories she’s been in. Ditto Captain America over at Marvel. On the other hand, characters like Daredevil, Swamp Thing, and the Wally West version of Flash would be seen as A listers, if we were just judging by the number of quality stories they’ve been in, and consistency of their titles. Now Batman and Spiderman seem to be the only A listers to me than have the brand recognition and worthy stories both, but characters like Superman and Hal (douche) Jordan…even Wolverine was only really good as a supporting character with the Xmen IMO.

    • NicktheStick says:

      Morlock, what you say is very true. However, let me elaborate a bit more on my comments:

      Because “C-List” characters aren’t the massive driving force behind the success of the company, creators get to play and have more freedom with these characters – generally causing amazing stories.

      And I find the massive amount of Bat-Books (for example) causes the product to become diluted. I currently don’t read any of the Bat-titles because I think the product is lacking – part because of the volume, part because of tie-ins and part because of creative teams.

      I would love top quality books about Spider-Man, Batman, Wolverine, Elongated Man, Booster Gold (I love this character) or Wasp. Superheroes, not just comics in general, need diversity as well. It creates for a more interesting playing field instead of reading the same stories about Wolverine on repeat, which brings us to the point of the survey – people are leaving the Big Two because they wan’t diversity.

      Instead of creating diversity in their own universes, the mainstream publishers flood the market with their top-tiered characters, hoping the unaware masses don’t realize the product is of a lesser quality and continues to purchase the book anyways because of the character and not the product. And the sad thing? This is what is happening. And the people becoming more aware of this scheme can’t find the good comics so they branch out to Image.

      I think this could be fixed/help grow the industry more if they stopped focusing sooo much on their “A-list” and focused on creating more things like She-Hulk – something that isn’t so focused on the next big event.

      Anyways, that is just the ramblings in my head about the situation. While, I think I am right, I could be way off. Who really knows? All I know is that I would be more excited to read Marvel and DC comics if they started moving in this direction.

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