Who’s Getting What This Week?


Jose's Picks 4.2.14

Angel & Faith Season 10 #1, Inhuman #1 + Veil #2

Meh… Looks like a kinda crap comic book week. (Insert fart noise here.) But even if that’s the case, I think there’s still a few books worth checking out.

Certainly you know by now how much I absolutely loved the Angel & Faith Season 9 comic. (If you don’t, then this is your first visit… Welcome!) Writer Victor Gischler and artist Will Conrad take over for A&F Season 10– and they both have huge shoes to fill. I’m thinking this new season can’t be anywhere near as good as the work Christos Gage and Rebekah Isaacs created for Season Nine… But I’m still hoping I’ll, at the very least, sorta like it. I guess we’ll all find out this week.

Reading comics in the 90s was a weird time for me as a fan. My once favorite Marvel Comics started sucking hard, I aligned myself with DC more and more… And then came Image Comics– the publisher I ended up gravitating towards more than any other. In the latter part of the decade, artist Joe Madureira left Marvel… Becoming one of the people behind the Cliffhanger imprint at Image– creating a little comic called Battle Chasers. In true Image fashion at the time, the book was rarely ever on time. But it was worth the wait for me, since Madureira was then my favorite comic book artist. Since that series, he’s returned to Marvel and offered up some fairly worthless work on some very bad comics. (When a joke of a writer like Jeph Loeb is usually writing your scripts, how can you expect your books to be any good?)

Anyway, this is all my very long way of saying I’ll be checking out Inhuman #1. I’m assuming the comic is maybe about the Inhumans (Medusa is on the cover)– but it really doesn’t matter. The great Joe Madureira is on art and hit-and-miss writer Charles Soule (who I believe is currently writing like 37 comics if I’m not mistaken) is joining him– so I figure, “Why the fuck not pick it up?” If nothing else, it’ll be a pretty picture book to flip through… And we all need one of those now and then.

Despite what some mind-boggling positive reviews screamed at us last month, Veil #1 by Greg Rucka was the most underwhelming comic the man has ever written. But it is a mini-series, so I’m willing to stick with. I just hope the story starts picking up– a lot. Me dropping a Greg Rucka comic is something that’s NEVER supposed happen. Then again, I guess there’s a first time for everything… Right?

So what are you getting this week?

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7 Responses to Who’s Getting What This Week?

  1. NicktheStick says:

    Green Arrow #30 – This has been okay, but I might stop picking it up soon. Depends how the next couple of issues go.
    Angel & Faith Season 10 #1 – As long as it is better than Buffy Season 9 I’ll be happy.

  2. Morlock50 says:

    Nothing for me this week. A big nada.

  3. I am gonna go with Rat Queens Vol 1 (per your reccomendation)
    and Batman 66 HC Vol 1

  4. Morlock50 says:

    Jose, why didn’t you like Veil? It’s a horror book, right?

    • J. says:

      I guess you can call it a horror book..with some sci-fi thrown in. The first issue just didn’t do anything for me. There dialogue wasn’t very interesting and the story was really nothing new. The protagonist is someone who wakes up with amnesia, walks around naked the whole issue which makes the reader think she is very vulnerable and the “twist” at the end was she had some type of mind power which she uses to make a bunch of dudes, who were attacking here and her friend, kill themselves.

      Like I mentioned above, it’s a first issue to a 4 issue mini so I’ll still give it a shot. I just wasn’t hooked at all by the first issue.

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