Nick Furi’s ODDS and ENDS™- This Week’s Pop Culture News Round-Up!

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Comics – Let me get this straight, there’s yet another “All-New” Spider-Man comic coming? And it’s a Spider-Man 2099 series written by Peter David? Well, Damn… I might actually be interested in this one. It certainly can’t be any worse than any of Dan Slott’s Superior Spider-Man or Spider-Verse shit… Can it? [Comic Vine]

Film – Will Arnett claims Megan Fox plays a “Kick-Ass April O’Neil” in the new TMNT flick. (Problem is, I find it hard to believe Fox can make any character awesome.) But Arnett’s “enthusiasm” is understandable… It’s not like he’s going to shit-talk his new movie. As a fan, I know all too well how stars will claim their Movie/TV Show is great– when theyknow it’s crap. (I’m looking at you, How I Met Your Mother). [IGN]

Best April Fools Joke of the Year – Why can’t this be real?


Television – I’m news Nick has grown to hate… But I’m also news Nick loves. And while I may not be dropping many mysterious clues, Nick is finally excited by some Gotham news. What am I… ?

Yes! Cory Michael Smith joins the new show as Edward Nygma! Since the Riddler is my favourite Batman villain, I’m actually excited to hear this. (About time right?) But wait… If Batman’s nefarious Rogues Gallery are getting their crime on while Bruce is just a kid, doesn’t it stand to reason they’ll all be in Arkham’s Old Folks Home by the time he dons the cowl? WTF?! [Collider]

Comics – We haven’t been fond of DC Comics’ Earth One graphic novels at Inveterate Media Junkies. Given their horridness, you could say we despise them. But, we also say everything deserves a fair chance, so maybe our feelings will finally change with the new Teen Titans – Earth One Graphic Novel. Then again, writer Jeff Lemire has been very hit or miss since the advent of DC’s New 52. The best thing I’ve heard about this new OGN (so far)? Starfire (supposedly) isn’t half naked! [The Hollywood Reporter]

Film – The new Fantastic Four film has locked in Doctor Doom… With Toby Kebbell set to play the Latverian villain. And in case you didn’t know already, Fantastic Four also has a sequel date— just like the first shitastic Green Lantern film did before it got released. Let’s just see how the first one turns out… Okay? [Variety]

Collectibles – Not one Toy Story figure in the Disney Vinyl Figure Series 2 collection?! Come to think of it, the first Disney series didn’t have any Toy Story figures either. (I’d buy a box of each if they did.) At least I can save some money… [Tomopop]


Television – Wil Wheaton is coming back to TV with The Wil Wheaton Project… A half hour of Wil talking and joking about his favourite things of the week in sci-fi and pop culture (like a geek version of Joel McHale’s The Soup). It’s supposed to bring the “…Science Fiction back to Syfy”– a course correction that network desperately needs. The show premieres May 27 in North America. [Nerdist]

Awesome Critiques- This! Just this! Here’s an awesome look at how wrong film critics are when they “analyze” Scarlett Johansson as the Black Widow– and all the other female characters in Marvel’s Cinematic Universe. Read it! Now! [The Daily Dot]

Comics – I was hesitant about this new Kickstarter for Sexcastle but the sequence below got me. If you like 80s action movies, this Kyle Starks comic is (apparently) for you. You may already know of Starks from his other successful Kickstarter, Legend of Ricky Thunder. The current project still has 26 days remaining– but it’s already been successfully funded by 150%. Wow! [Kickstarter]


Film – Director Zack Snyder and David Goyer  have added three actors to the Batman/Superman mix: Holly Hunter, Callan Mulvey (300 – Rise of an Empire) and Tao Okamoto (The Wolverine). While I’ve enjoyed the work of all three, I have no clue which characters these actors are going to portray. Holy Incomplete Publicity Release, Warner Bros! [Deadline]

Comics – IDW is unleashing a GIANT CROSSOVER COMIC featuring all the characters from the Cartoon Network! I can definitely see the creators spoofing the “events” the Big Two constantly force feed us… Especially since the comic’s called Super Secret Crisis War. Good for them! [Multiversity]

Wolverine Musical – Watch as Hugh Jackman sings a new rendition of Who Am I? from Les Miserables-– which also seems perfect for a Wolverine musical too. (In other words, enjoy the plug for X-Men – Days of Future Past.)


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4 Responses to Nick Furi’s ODDS and ENDS™- This Week’s Pop Culture News Round-Up!

  1. phil says:

    Assuming my ‘net hasn’t been shut off by now, Peter David, whose views on some things r a bit of a bitter taste 4 me…has rarely, if ever let me down w/his writing.

    Hmm…A Starfire that’s not half naked, eh? Well…l’m sold; (A completely naked Starfire…woo hoo) 🙂

    Hugh…Hugh…Hugh_How long b4 we get an X-Men/West Side Story film? “And Jazz Claws!

    Good stuff. Nick.

  2. Morlock50 says:

    Steller entry as always Nick. Really liked the article in Awesome Critiques. Is that a good website to check out in general?

    • NicktheStick says:

      Thanks, Morlock. As for the site with the link to the Scarlett Johansson, Ian actually forwarded the article to me and I just had to use it. So, I don’t actually know if it is a good site in general.

      Ian, any commentary on The Daily Dot?

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