Insideman’s Weekly Stack™

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The Weekly Stack™ soon to be detailed in a future Insideman’s Pull List!

Look at this stack… Now look at THIS one… If this doesn’t prove the point I was making in my last Insideman’s Pull Listnothing will. Even crazier, the 4.9.14 stack will be even smaller.

This week’s stack weighs in at 20 Pounds
(9.07 Kilograms or 3.14 Stone)
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2 Responses to Insideman’s Weekly Stack™

  1. Thomas says:

    EDEN 14!!!!!

  2. Tiger Topher says:

    As much as I’d love to read some Spidey written by anyone other than Slott, I didn’t bother getting ASM: Family Business because the solicitations made it sound awful and Waid tends to be pretty bad at writing Spider-Man. Let me know if the book ends up being any good.

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