Insideman’s Weekly Stack™ – Supplemental!

Insideman's Weekly Stack Supplemental LogoBatman Black Costume Kotobukiya

Kotobukiya’s Batman Black Costume Statue

This buy was a no-brainer. Having purchased Kotobukiya’s Superman For Tomorrow ArtFX Statue, I needed it’s equally gaudy Batman counterpart… How else am I going to make my own Batman vs Superman film?

But the following statue… Wow…

Brian Bolland Wonder Woman

DC Direct Wonder Woman Statue

This statue came out before I started collecting cool statues… And I have zero problem stating I’ve coveted this piece of art for a very long time.

“Coveted” is a special word for me. I don’t covet much of anything. I like/love a lot of stuff I collect… But I buy many things (like Hardcovers and Trade Paperbacks) just because I enjoy reading comics (and I have to stay current for the website). Most of the books I buy are read once, then sold to help a friend.

But this thing… I cannot even begin to figure out how many times I almost bought this Wonder Woman Statue (expertly sculpted by Tim Bruckner from a majestic Brian Bolland illustration). So imagine my HUGE surprise when it just appeared in the Mail the other day– a gift from my GF. (She admitted to buying it “just because”.)

It’s really, really cool to own things… But having somebody care about you (and something you love) is way cooler.

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