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IMJ Open Thread 2014 Goldenrod BrownIMJ SUPERNATURAL S9 OPEN THREAD

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26 Responses to IMJ Open Thread

  1. Mark O'Brien says:

    i need to show this video to my relatives so they understand there was a reason for the way I acted as a kid. Damn overactive imagination! 🙂

  2. Tiger Topher says:

    Ian, I sent you a couple of emails. Let me know if you got them.

  3. ComicBookDude says:

    Guys, I just watched Kick-Ass 2… that movie is awful. And me saying that it’s awful is being polite. It almost as bad as the comic (and I HATED the comic with a passion). I could go on about what I hated about it, like when Mother Russia was going a cop killing spree, why were only 2 cops at a time sent in? How is Kick-Ass able to stand up and not in pain after being shot (TWICE!) even with a vest on? UGH. I don’t want to keep listing the things like the two I mentioned… we’ll be here all night.

    That movie tried so hard to be funny/dark humor, but it falls flat on its face every single time. Some of the “jokes” could’ve worked if A). a better screenwriter/director was hired and B). if the source material wasn’t garbage. I’m sure Aaron Taylor-Johnson is going to be great as Quicksilver, but he had ZERO charisma in Kick-Ass 2. The ONLY good thing about the movie was the character of Marcus. He was the only character that had a brain and wasn’t a blatant stereotype. And the cops are portrayed as utter buffoons and I can’t even begin to tell you guys how much that annoys me and pisses me off.

    Ranting about this for a bit feels good 🙂 But yeah, please don’t watch this movie if you can help it. Plant a tree. Watch something else. Read a book. Just don’t watch this movie.

    • Morlock50 says:

      I remember seeing that. At the theater. My dumb ass was the only one there, if I recall. I could have gone the rest of my life without witnessing GCI diarrhea effects.

      • ComicBookDude says:

        Me too. The only reason I watched that movie was because I remembered that it existed. I also thought the first Kick-Ass movie was just ok.

  4. TheMSpot says:

    The ending alone.

  5. Insideman says:

    This strikes a perfect 10 on the Offense o’ Meter! Hide the cutlery before you watch!

  6. Insideman says:

    I was going to create a post for this video– as I thought it proclaimed to showcase most of the 75 best Batman Figures DC Collectibles has released since it began as DC Direct. Glad I watched it first (which I always do).

    Amazingly, just like most of DC’s New 52 comics, it does NOT follow through on its promise… And doesn’t come anywhere near showcasing 75 Batman Action figures individually.

    In true DC Fashion these days, there is a lot of back-slapping “Look how GREAT we are!” commentary but VERY FEW Action Figures…

  7. NicktheStick says:

    MovieBob from the Escapist is one of my favourite movie reviewers – I haven’t seen the new Spidey movie and don’t plan on paying money for it, but if you were even considering it before, watch this review. I don’t think I have felt what he feels for films, but I definitely relate from a comic books side.

  8. M. Fewko says:

    I was told it is short story month! Do any of you media junkies write?

    • Helmir says:

      I would bet most of us do. I personally do, but mostly in French. My dream would be to publish a novel one day – but that would imply I manage to have enough time and energy to produce more than two sentences on a weekly basis, which I sadly don’t.

      What about you M. Fewko? Do you write? And if so, what do you like to write?

  9. Locusmortis says:

    I know I’ve said that I’m not crazy about digital comics…and I’m still not…but…

    If you head over to and you can get 10 top Image trades for $10 (you can pay more if you wish) and part of the money goes to the Comic Book Legal Defence Fund. Not only that but you get to choose the type of platform you want to use and a choice of 5 different download types…with a number of DRM free options.

    Looking at the numbers, nearly 28000 people have already taken up this offer.

  10. ComicBookDude says:

    These poll results of who’s the best Spider-Man writer of all time make me weep. I voted for Gerry Conway if you’re wondering. Not sure why I voted… good way to kill 5 seconds, I guess.

  11. Locusmortis says:

    Evangelion/Transformers crossover ahoy? I think I just heard a bunch of geek brains explode

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