Insideman’s Weekly Stack™ – Smallest Ever!

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The Weekly Stack™ soon to be detailed in a future Insideman’s Pull List!

I mentioned last week that this week’s stack would be pitiful. 5 Wednesday shipping days (instead of 4) in any given calendar month rarely (if ever) affects the number of Graphic Novels released… But there’s always exceptions to every rule.

I’ve had cheaper weeks but never one smaller in size or weight. More money for fewer books? Who says comic book prices are out of control?

This week’s stack weighs in at 8 Pounds 15 oz
(3.69 Kilograms or 1.28 Stone)
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1 Response to Insideman’s Weekly Stack™ – Smallest Ever!

  1. NicktheStick says:

    Knights of Sidonia 8 is already out? Damn, I’m really behind in my reading. Not only in manga, but trades and floppies. There are still graphic novels I received as gifts for Christmas I have yet to read… maybe I’ll finally get around to some of it this weekend. (Though, I think I’ve been saying that for the last 3 weeks.)

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