Nick Furi’s ODDS and ENDS™- This Week’s Pop Culture News Round-Up!

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Film – Is Zack Snyder certifiably bonkers? I’m beginning to think so, since he apparently thinks his film version of Superman is more like the comics version. What the hell? Snyder’s main point: The Big Blue Boy Scout has killed people in the comics. This is true, but never the way Supes did in the execrable Man of Steel. Get a grip! [Variety]

Television/Streaming – It’s about damn time HBO agreed to host their shows somewhere besides on cable and HBO Go. The new deal– partnering HBO with Amazon Prime– will no longer force people to have to pay super inflated fees just to watch their favourite HBO shows. Unfortunately, no one outside the States gets this option. Thanks, US Copyright Laws! [Gizmondo]

Comics – What’s better than one weekly comic? Two weekly comics. And you know what’s even better than that? THREE weekly comics! Yup, DC is adding yet another weekly comic to its shitty, struggling roster. Don’t worry though– Earth 2 World’s End doesn’t hit the shelves until October. Leaves me lots of time to give even less a fuck. [IGN]

Cool Art – Artist JSalvador creates some amazing pieces at Super Emo Friends— showcasing any and all pop culture stars in their most depressed states. If you’re worried this art may add to your own feelings of melancholia, please note most are actually kind of cute. [Super Emo Friends]

Superemo Harley

Film – Joss Whedon is breaking boundaries again! His new film, In Your Eyes, was simultaneously released on Vimeo at the same time it debuted at the Tribeca Film Festival. Living in the Canadian Wild, I appreciate the opportunity to see any indie film sooner rather than later. (Some I have to wait forever to see… I’m looking at you, distributors of Under the Skin.) With the amount of genius moves Whedon makes, I’m starting to think he’s the most powerful Warlock in Hollywood… Which, of course, would make his Buffy The Vampire Slayer a semi-autobiographical tale. [BBC]

HAHA – Andrew Garfield can’t seem to keep his foot out of his mouth. During a panel for young kids, Tinsletown’s newest Douche-King got called on the carpet for a sexist remark. Glad girlfriend Emma Stone was there to set him straight. [Comics Alliance]

Film – Captain America… Fuck Yeah! It’s a three-peat at the cinemas, yo! Captain America The Winter Soldier took the top spot at the box office again last week, making that 3 weeks in a row! I’m so glad this movie is getting the recognition it deserves. The big question now? Can it go for 4 before The Amazing Spider-Man 2 pushes it out of the top spot? [Rotten Tomatoes]

Television – Harry Potter author J.K. Rowling’s Casual Vacancy is about to become a BBC/HBO miniseries. Hope Rowling’s ready to give up some creative control this time, since the book arrived to mediocre (and some downright awful) reviews. [Deadline]

Comics – No surprise to hear Marvel’s making it easy for comic fans to jump into Guardians of the Galaxy universe by bringing out a new, ongoing Star Lord series. The Legendary Star Lord will be available in July– just in time for the few remaining comic fans who haven’t already decided to see the film to be sucker punched by the movie hype. The good news? The comic’s written by Sam Humphries, so it just might end up good. [The Escapist]

Film – Sucks to see Disney contemplating moving Captain America 3’s release date. I really don’t want this to happen! As a verified fanboy, I yearn for an epic Marvel vs DC movie showdown– let the BEST FILM win. But as a business person, I completely understand the move. Opening two super expensive genre films against each other on the same weekend makes ZERO sense. [/Film]

Collectibles – The only collectible worth noting this week is only partially completed. Here’s an early sculpt for a new, classic style Joker. I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again: The Batman Black and White Statues are the only consistently stellar things currently seeing release from DC Direct. [Tomopop]

Mr. J

Animation – IMJ Favourite™ John Layman is understandably excited by the voice actors cast for the new Chew animated series. Internet fave Felicia Day will have saboscrivner powers voicing Amelia Mintz… And Steven Yeun, super popular as Glenn on the hit The Walking Dead TV show, will be stuck eating a steady diet of beets (and various body parts) as Tony Chu. I can’t wait to scarf down this comic in animated form! [The Hollywood Reporter]

Film – Argh! Reports say the new Fantastic Four movie will be darker and grittier than the previous versions. Don’t get me wrong, I get filmmakers need to drastically differentiate the new film from the horrid wrecks that were the previous two FF efforts… But if Marvel Studios’ excellent output has proven anything, it’s you don’t need a superhero flick to be overwhelmingly realistic (bloody or sad) to be entertaining. Hmmm… How much you wanna bet “Fox Film consultant” Mark Millar had something to do with this? (Argh again!) [Nerd Depository]

Streaming – Get ready for the internet to throw a shitstorm tantrum as soon as Netflix actually starts raising their monthly fees. The increase will “only” be $1-$2 for new subscribers, as people with current subscriptions will stay “grandfathered” at their present price tiers for another year or so. (With the amount of content Netflix offers, this is still an amazing deal.) So before anyone starts complaining, remember Marvel Comics never bothered to sell $2.99 comics for an extra year or two. They just woke up one day and started arbitrarily charging $3.99 for most of their books– because they knew they could. [The Verge]

Television – So Meg Ryan is going narrate the TV series How I Met Your Dad. I wish my written words could show the look of discontent on my face. The more I hear about this new series, the more it sounds like a blatant copycat of my once beloved HIMYM. We all remember That 80s Show, right? (HINT: It was dreadful!) [Screen Rant]

Comics – Comic Bullshit 21.0 has been forced upon nerds with vigor. With Batman’s 75th Anniversary occurring this year, DC has decided July will see the release of a minimum of 21 different variant covers featuring the Caped Crusader. Personally, I wouldn’t be surprised to see the number climb closer to 40. It’s so not a good time to be a fan of mainstream comics. [ICv2]

Film – Oh No, No, No! I can’t believe I’m about to type this… But Sony and Mattel are developing a Barbie movie. It’s not enough this toy’s been terrorizing young women with unrealistic body stereotypes for decades… Now they’ll be bombarded with an unrealistic live action version as well. I’d say I’m surprised, but I’m not. With the possibility of easy money, down the river studios will go. [Nerdist]

Doctor Who Goodness – I’ll leave you with something truly wonderful. Here’s a snippet of a Doctor Who panel featuring Peter Davison, Sylvester McCoy, Colin Baker and Tom Baker. The full panel can be seen HERE.


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