Inveterate Media Junkies 2.0™ – Introducing Wave Two of New IMJ Contributors!

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I love it when a plan comes together.

Many of you will remember the first column highlighting the IMJ 2.0 Expansion. That article featured the arrival of FOUR incredible creators: Aimee KuzenskiInveterate Media Junkies Official Film Reviewer, Pete MohsSound Studio, Blake HausladenThe Hand Sale Assassin and Stephanie WytovichMadhouse Muse. All have posted fantastic columns and engendered an amazing following in just two short months.

That, my friends, is a testament to the vibrancy, intellect and ever-growing numbers of the wondrous group of people we lovingly call the IMJ NATION™.

So if that was Wave One… This must be the sequel. But we’re not in the Hollywood rehash business– far from it. Besides being bigger, IMJ insists our sequels be just as good too.

Welcome to Wave Two!

All the fine creators you’re about to meet will be just as transformative to Inveterate Media Junkies… As we continue to do our best to turn this site into one of the most intelligent, thoughtful places dedicated to Geeks on the planet.

As you’ve surely noted in the last 60 days, many of your favorite columns and contributors are still here. Now some old favorites are poised to return as well… And as exhausting as this sounds– there’s EVEN MORE coming!

Please welcome these new columnists with open arms– and be sure to check out their various professional projects too!


BRAVE NEW WORDS™ Michael Brendan 2014 LOGO FINAL

Michael Brendan Column Page PicMichael Brendan IMJ Contributor Page Nameplate

Michael Brendan loves a good story. It doesn’t matter what medium delivers it, but given he’s “cursed” with literacy– he tends to find himself reading words written on tree corpses. With a degree in Computer Science/Mathematics from Pitt and an M.A. in Writing Popular Fiction from Seton Hill, Mike is determined to prove being creative and logical are not mutually exclusive. He is a full-time IT professional and a part-time action hero– but mostly he’s all geek and loving it.

When not working as a Secret Tech Agent for Santa Claus (yes, that’s how he describes his day job), Mike doesn’t sit idle. He slays monsters with funny shaped dice, obliterates evil pixels, assembles and paints inch high armies to conquer YOUR dining room table and gets kicked in the shins three times a week practicing Shohei-Ryu Karate (and yes, shins do get kicked). He’s also trying to figure out a story of his own, involving a necromancer/private eye in Prohibition Era Pittsburgh.

Mike Brendan is not the geek that Pittsburgh needs, but the geek that Pittsburgh deserves… He is The Dork Knight.

Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, Site


Manga Girl! with Kate Martin 2014 Final Logo

Kate Martin Contributor Page PICKATE MARTIN IMJ Contributor Page Nameplate

Kate Martin was raised in, and never left, Connecticut– with only one short (but blissful) escape to Ireland directly after college. Growing up on the side of a mountain in the middle of nowhere wasn’t much good for afterschool shenanigans with friends, but it was spectacular for building an overactive imagination. Anime, manga, and epic fantasy series made college survivable. She wrote her first complete novel while being politely silent– so her roommate could study all things medical. After getting her B.A. in Elementary Education, with a minor in Psychology (emphasis on Forensics), Kate found Seton Hill University and their Writing Popular Fiction Masters Program. Armed with a writing degree, she finds controlling all the characters who have taken up residence in her head much easier.

Now she teaches writing at a local university, while crafting novels and short stories in her highly guarded free time. If you’re interested in checking out her novels and short stories, pay a visit to Kate’s website– and check out her other links too!

P.S. Kate also loves Cosplay– so be sure to come to IMJ every Wednesday to see her popular Humpday Cosplay™ column!

Twitter, Facebook, Tumblr, Site




Simon J. O’Connor was born in Ireland but bred in France– and graduated from a Business School in Bordeaux. Simon is currently living in Paris. where he is only getting started with his adult life. When he is not wandering the Parisian streets looking for trouble (like the badass he is), Simon fills his life with a huge amount of books, comics, music & movies. He’s a huge fan of Arcade Fire & The Pixies… Fell in love with Russian authors (especially Tolstoï and Dostoïevsky) a long time ago, and has a profound love for Terrence Malick films. He also adores Monet and used to spend hours at the MoMA staring at Water Lilies when he was living in NYC.

When he’s not being a geek, he likes having crazy parties in classy apartments, and he never says no to a good adventure– ask him to run aimlessly across the globe with you, or to simply do something stupid and childish, and he’ll do it happily. After all, do you really think there will ever be enough madness in one’s life? Allons-y Alonso! As a helpless dreamer, he still believes he’ll finish (surely tomorrow, or the day after!) the collection of short stories he started writing a while ago. One of his dearest projects is to publish this book someday. Here’s to hope!

Besides his weekly comic book review for IMJ, look for Simon’s monthly column to debut soon!



Wide World of Web Comics 2014 Logo FINAL

Ryan Morrow Contributor Page PICRyan Morrow Contributor Page Nameplate

On a scorching summer afternoon in 1982, a 5-year-old Ryan Morrow parted ways with the astronomical sum of $1.75 in exchange for a Marvel Illustrated Books edition of the Origin of the Vision– and his life changed forever. Ryan is now the Publisher and co-founder of, co-creating their core line of titles. In addition to reading far too many books full of pictures– Ryan is a self-professed know-it-all… A fact that still remains to be proven true– unless you ask him (cause he’ll tell you it’s true)… But seriously, there’s no evidence of this– or is there?

Ryan lives in Iowa City, IA with his lovely wife Lauren and their trusty side-kicks Aurora and Jimmy.

Twitter, Facebook, Site



Sally Bosco Young Adult Bookstore™ Logo

Sally Bosco Contributors Page PICSALLY BOSCO Contributor's Page Nameplate

Sally Bosco is addicted to YA. Not only is she a writer of Young Adult fiction, she’s also a voracious reader. She loves writing YA because she strongly relates to teenage angst, the search for self-identity and the feelings of being an outsider. She is inexplicably drawn toward the uncanny, the shades of gray between the light and dark and the area where your mind hovers as you’re falling off to sleep.

Originally from Connecticut, she graduated from the University of Florida with a BA in Graphic Design and then went on to complete her MFA in Writing Popular Fiction at Seton Hill University.

Her published novels include Death Divided (written with Lynne Hansen), The Werecat Chronicles and Shadow Cat (written as Zoe LaPage). Her latest novel is Cevin’s Deadly Sin. It’s the story of a hetero, teen cross-dresser: His struggles with first love, self-identity and bullying during his senior year in a small, Florida town.

Twitter, Facebook, Site


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  1. Totally Awesome to see so much quality content!

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