Nick Furi’s ODDS and ENDS™- This Week’s Pop Culture News Round-Up!

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Television – HBO decided to give the world a taste of Last Week Tonight with John Oliver by uploading the first episode to YouTube… A nice treat for those of us without access to the pay cable network. In a move I’m certain will benefit them greatly in the near future, HBO also seems intent on making it easier for people to watch (and pay) for their TV shows. This is a definite step in the right direction, even if I still want more permanent changes for international viewers! [Nerdist]

Film – Good God… Noooo! Zack Snyder is directing the upcoming Justice League movie?!? So much for signing Ben Affleck to play Batman being the perfect segueway for the acclaimed actor/director to take the lead chair. And the really sad thing? While my cynicism is extreme, even the masses seem to think this is a terrible idea. Question is… When will Warner Bros realize (like Marvel Studios) that TONS OF PEOPLE are more than capable of writing and helming their superhero movies? As much as Snyder professes to love these characters, I assure you many other creators share the same fondness and respect. [The Hollywood Reporter]

Rory Sings! – Doctor Who alumnus Arthur Darvill rocks out with a new version of Let it Go– shedding his Last Centurion status forever. The Good News: This great actor is also one helluva singer! (Side note: There’s a line in the song mentioning Broadchurch. If you haven’t seen this superb UK show, do yourself a favour and fix that oversight now!)


Netflix – When I first heard about the Netflix/Marvel collaboration, I just assumed the shows were going to be “in continuity” with the Marvel Cinematic Universe. My assumption has finally been confirmed– all shows will enjoy the connection. This all makes sense, of course… But you never know what these Hollyweird types will find to screw up next. [The Cultured Nerd]

Digital Comics – I’ve mentioned many reasons why you should support your Local Comic Shop instead of buying digital comics, so what’s one more? Amazon-owned Comixology has just made it extraordinarily difficult for customers to purchase comics for their iOS devices. In an attempt to circumvent Apple’s cut of in-app sales, the digital comics giant has now removed all in-app purchases– forcing you to buy the books from their shitty website instead. Claims are circulating that, by circumventing Apple, creators and publishers will see more money. I, for one, would love to see concrete proof that all of this 30% savings is going to the people who actually deserve it. [Comics Alliance]

Anime – I was a fan of Sailor Moon back in the day. In fact, the celestial named heroes and Dragon Ball both got me into Anime. This new Sailor Moon show will be condensed and follow the manga more faithfully than its predecessor. I’m hoping the new show does for new, younger viewers what the original did for me. We could always use more people watching and appreciating this medium. [Anime News Network]

Film – New pictures from Guardians of the Galaxy appeared on the GotG Facebook page… And we finally get an awesome picture of the amazing and beautiful Karen Gillan in her alien get-up. [GotG Facebook]


Television –  The Syfy network is seemingly trying tremendously hard to create a major shift in their programming. Fast on the announcement of The Wil Wheaton Project a couple of weeks ago, they now have several new projects in development… And it’s no surprise they’re all based on comics. The four new shows/specials announced: Ronin, Letter 44, Pax Romana and Clone. Hopefully these new shows will be good. Maybe then we’ll finally have a science-fiction based channel worth watching–  ‘cause there’s zero reason to watch SyFy at the moment. [ICv2]

Video Games – Has anyone heard the legendary story about Atari– after producing the E.T. The Extra-Terrestrial video game (and almost collapsing console gaming in the process)– burying a shit-ton of the unsold cartridges in a landfill, thinking it would help the industry? I thought I was being pranked, but some documentarians tracked down the mythic trash site– unearthing hundreds of E.T. cartridges. I know the game was garbage, but I didn’t think the term was literal. [CBC]

Comics Spoiler – Apparently Marvel execs don’t read my column– otherwise they would know not to spoil shit before it happens!! A new 4 issue comic book mini– aptly called Death of Wolverine– will, uh, chronicle the death of Wolverine. (Most likely for only a short period of time, before they then publish a gimmicky resurrection story with 20 variants to further gouge their dwindling fanbase.) *Sigh* I guess I’ll never understand why Marvel insists on telling fans the ending of the story– then still expect us to purchase the series. [Marvel]

Awesome – There were just too many awesome videos appearing on the web this week. Watch as Amazing Spider-Man 2 star, Emma Stone rocks it during a lip sync battle with Jimmy Fallon!


X-Men – Dear FOX and Hollywood, I know it’s tempting– with the influx of superhero movies and TV shows– to consider the X-Men for the small screen. I have a soft spot for these mutants, so I would definitely give such a series a shot. However, it’s also becoming clearer every day that this TV glut will likely end up like the 90s comics bust. There are only so many fans– and once one major show starts to fail, the superhero world could be in trouble again. Please don’t fuck it up. Sincerely, Nick [Collider]

Film Spoiler – The line-up for Sony’s Sinister Six movie may have been revealed. The idea of releasing photos specific to the Spider-Man world by Shazaming a specific song (in this case, It’s On Again by Alicia Keys) is a very cool idea. (At least something good will come out of this wretched version of Spidey.) See the pictures in the link below… But remember, these are all *spoilers*. Don’t watch– unless you want to know which villains will be featured in the new film! [Coming Soon]

Television – Whether you are a fan of Seth MacFarlane or not, I’m so excited to see Sir Patrick Stewart back in a new comedy called Blunt Talk. Needless to say IMJ Nation, but we all know how awesome and funny this Knight can be. Bring on the laughs, Sir Patrick! [BBC]

Funny Music Videos – My favourite, Jon Lajoie, cranks out the laughs in his latest comedy song… It’s all just so fitting for today’s society.


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