Who’s Getting What This Week? with Jose Melendez


Jose Picks 5.7.14Alex + Ada #6, Angel and Faith Season 10 #2 & Amazing Spider-Man #1.1

With the start of a new shipping month, I’d hoped to see tons of great comics waiting for me at the Comic Shop this Wednesday. Didn’t happen. There was a shitload of new comics– just not much I thought worth reading.

First up (again) is Alex + Ada #6. I’m not going to take up anymore cyberspace telling you how fantastic this comic book is. Take the money you were going to waste on some awful DC or Marvel book (that you’ve secretly been dying to drop for months) and go buy Alex + Ada already. Sheesh.

I wish I could say I really enjoyed the latest iteration of Angel and Faith (written by Victor Gischler), but if I did– I would be lying to you… LIKE A BOSS. It was that disappointing. But I plan on giving the comic till the end of its first story arc before I decide whether to drive a stake through it. Ha ha! Get it? Yikes! Why am I suddenly starting to sound like the puntastic headline writer at CBR?

Last and definitely least: Amazing Spider-Man #1.1. Ok, you’ve probably read my review for the first issue– so you know I did not like it. I’ve got a strong feeling this comic is about to quickly become one fucking hell of an awesome train wreck. I surely can’t pass up the chance to see that, can I?

Despite reports to the contrary, I’m only human.

So, what are you getting this week?

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2 Responses to Who’s Getting What This Week? with Jose Melendez

  1. NicktheStick says:

    Aquaman and The Others #2 (Maybe)
    Rat Queens #6
    Alex + Ada #6
    Angel and Faith Season 10 #2 – I actually didn’t mind this. Definitely wasn’t as good as last season’s Angel and Faith, but I’m still intrigued. I think it will go through some growing pains with the separation until Angel and Faith are reunited.

  2. Morlock50 says:

    Captain America: Winter Soldier collection vol. 1
    I never thought I would say this; but right now Marvel is kicking the shit out of DC on their mainstream cape books. I would say that since last year, the New 52 has just ran out of gas, and after Azzarello is done on WW, every book is going to have that boring mid 90’s house style of art. As for the stories, I think Future’s End #0 pretty much sums up where DC is right now. With my recent decision to trade wait, I’m going back to trades of stories I have missed.

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