IMJ Daily Links™


ABC picks up ‘Marvel’s Agent Carter’, renews ‘Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.’

NBC orders DC Comics’ Constantine to series

Cast of X-Men – Days of Future Past on Good Morning America

Early Reactions to X-Men – Days of Future Past

Alan Davis on ‘Savage Hulk’ in June

Wolverine Weapon X – Tomorrow Never Dies Trailer

CW officially picks up The Flash, iZombie, and 2 Other Shows

What X-Men – Apocalypse could look like

New TMNT Stills and Concept Art

Jack McBrayer and Triumph The Insult Comic Dog team up for new series

Images for McFarlane’s Walking Dead Series 6 figures

Nintendo plans to release new consoles as early as next year

Reg E. Cathey joins cast of Fantastic Four reboot

Hilarious Japanese ‘Walking Dead’ Season 4 promotions


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  1. dsjolander says:

    Agent Carter!!!!

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