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TV Comings/Goings: This is “big announcement week” for American TV’s New Fall Season… And once one network starts spilling, they ALL get into the act (except CBS– they always wait till the weekend). Uber Sadness reigns as there will be No Six Seasons and a Movie– at least not on the NBC Network– for they officially cancelled Community. To put this into perspective, NBC picked up DC Comics Constantine and ABC renewed Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. and picked up the long-gestating Captain America The First Avenger period piece/spin-off Marvel’s Agent Carterand all anyone wants to talk about is Community getting canceled.

This may not be as big a mistake as NBC dumping Star Trek after 3 seasons in the 60s… But you never know… [Deadline]

More Television – When I first heard from Ian that Gotham was getting a full series order, I was ready to bitch and complain non-stop. With the success of Christopher Nolan’s trilogy, FOX kept flinging worthless information in all directions– and the overload was getting more than a little nauseating. Anyone with an IQ above 2 knew Gotham was going to get at least one season. But with the TRAILER hitting this week, I’ll stop all of my moanin’ and groanin’. FOX has finally given me the one thing I’ve been looking for this entire time: Actual footage– and I’m very excited. [Variety]

Film – Wolverine stalwart Hugh Jackman is preparing to get de-clawed in the near future. After fulfilling his last few commitments for X-Men, it doesn’t look like the actor will don his adamantium skeleton again… Unless the script is absolutely amazing. (I don’t think this is a ploy to get more money, but who knows?) Either way, I’ve adored Jackman as Logan– so it’ll be very weird to see someone else take the role. Jackman’s almost made James Howlett as popular as that other James… You know, the Bond guy. [SFX]

Even More Television – All in all, not very shocking TV News this week. It’s all basically announcements for projects fans already assumed were gonna happen anyway. That said, I might as well tell you about one more show you already knew was going to get a “green light”. The CW has officially announced The Flash will get a Season One! I’m actually excited but I’ve also been expecting this to happen ever since they first announced The Flash would appear on Arrow. The only comic book related show I was the tiniest bit surprised got an order? Vertigo Comics iZombie.

Seriously, best of luck to all the new shows. As much as I’ve complained and worried about the coming Comic Book TV Glut… In the end, all I want to see is great television. [DC]

Funny Videos – Late Night TV Host Conan O’Brien gets excited by a new kid’s toy from the New York Toy Fair. In classic Team Coco tradition, they make WikiBear seem like a not-so-kid-friendly stuffed animal.


Comics – Will the Marvel Writer Curse strike again? Will Sam Humphries be drawn into Marvel’s exclusive web-of-suck? Will it be Fanboys vs Marvel Zombies? Will his new Star-Lord comic truly be Legendary? Will our love still be true for the IMJ Fave? Find out over the next few months… Same IMJ-Time, same IMJ-Channel. [Marvel]

Music – I’m not a huge fan of Hip Hop or Rap. (Go ahead and throw your stones, but I don’t even consider it real music.) Nevertheless, this infographic showcasing the vocab diversity of individual rappers is fairly interesting. It doesn’t surprise me DMX sits at the bottom, while Eminem floats around the middle and a band like the Roots hovers near the top. [MDaniles]

Film – The producer of Dredd, Adi Shankar, has sort of kiboshed the idea of a Dredd 2 at least for now. There are rumors flying that a second Judge Dredd film is in the works, but according to Shankar, “…There’s no fucking script.” Even though there may not be anything tangible at the moment, we’re Geeks– we never lose hope. [Den of Geek]

Netflix – I can’t wait to binge-watch every Marvel Studios production in one fell swoop– putting myself in a coma fueled by soda and greasy junk food in the process! Luckily, Netflix will make this possible sometime in 2015. This way I don’t have to go the archaic route of buying the Blu Rays, a disc player or a TV. Do people even own televisions anymore? I thought everyone just watched stuff on their phones and computers… [IGN]

Video – We all know who would win in a real fight between Rick Grimes and Walter White. Heisenberg is way more terrifying than the zombie-killing ex King County Sheriff’s Deputy. What we don’t know: Which man would win in an Epic Rap Battle? I think this video answers the question…


Shitty Vs Cool Celebs – So, Rihanna just got 100 times cooler! And shitty witch queen, Avril Lavigne proves she’s exactly who I thought she was. Her status can’t fall anymore in my imaginary, completely arbitrary fan system. To prove my point, look at the contrast between these two celebs as they pose for pictures with fans at expensive backstage meet and greets.

I’m Canadian– and I want to know what’s with all these Canadians flocking to the front of the asshole line? Avril, Douche-King of Pop Justin Bieber, Toronto Mayor Rob Ford and our awful Prime Minister Stephen Harper— you people are all diminishing the Canadian name, and you suck! [BuzzFeed]

Jack Kirby Estate – What can I say about the Kirby Estate/Marvel battle that hasn’t been said 1000 times over? Most of us thought it was over for the Kirby heirs after the last court decision, but the fight has continued– and will at least be considered by the US Supreme Court. The cynic in me doubts anything will really change. (If it does, a whole slew of complaints will be tossed onto Marvel & DC’s tables.) All creators deserve just compensation, but unfortunately it’s not likely to happen… Especially since both publishers are owned by huge conglomerates now… And corporate ownership usually leads to the best lawyers money can buy. [Deadline]

Comics/Table Top RPG – Who hasn’t wanted to become their favourite superhero for a day? Well, if Valiant comics are your jam, you can soon be one of their characters– at least for a few hours… As Valiant is getting its own tabletop RPG. I’ve always been a fan of tabletop games and this one seems really intriguing. I’ll probably wait for some reviews before I take the plunge, but I’ll definitely keep this core rulebook in mind for future RPG urges. [ICv2]

Collectibles – I never thought I could hate the new TMNT movie designs anymore than I already do. Guess I was wrong. (The April O’Neil figure below is probably one of the worst things my eyes have ever experienced.) [Movie Web]

Figs Made of Poo

Film – WHY!? Why does Hollywood have to rehash everything? There’s a new Mighty Morphin Power Rangers movie in the works and– big shocker– it’s a reboot! With so many TV iterations, you’d think the focus would be on ways to market the whole story. But fuck it… Let’s just go the easy route and keep redoing franchise after franchise. Why am I even mad? Simple: Anger often occurs when you’re shocked. Then again, this happens so often you’d think I’d be outta anger by now… [io9]

Comics – Even comic book legends Mark Waid and Gerry Conway (among others) dislike the way Comixology and Amazon have screwed over digital comic fans. Having the easy option of downloading comics from your iOS causes a lot of impulse purchases… So much, the number would probably surprise you.

Total digital sales for Comixology went from $25 million in 2011 to a staggering $75 million in 2012… And by September 2013, the app had sold 200 million digital downloads. I can’t wait to see how much those numbers drop before Amazon reverses their decision to remove in-app purchases. The really funny thing about all this? If you download each company’s app (Marvel, IDW, Image) you can still order in-app purchases from Comixology. Makes me stop and think about the true purpose of this whole mess. [Vox]

Film – This is where I become a hypocrite about rehashing things in my column… I’m excited there’s going to be a live action Bakuman movie. The manga was one of the best series I’ve ever read and the anime is just as good… So I’m not even slightly worried this film will suck. This is the one time I will support a franchise in any– and every– medium they choose. Seriously, Bakuman IS that good! [Crunchyroll]

Cool Video – What do you get when you cross Akira and Harry Potter? The answer: This super cool video mash-up. More questions: Does the video give a +5 to Harry Potter’s charisma… Or a -2 to Akira’s strength? (I seriously think I’ve been watching/reading too much about D&D lately…)


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