Nick Furi’s ODDS and ENDS™- This Week’s Pop Culture News Round-Up!

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Film – Oh Hai, IMJ Nation! I’m so excited James Franco wants to play Tommy Wiseau in The Disaster Artist. Originally set to just produce the film, Franco will be the mysterious man behind one of the best worst movies ever made. Weird and strange people know weird and strange. [/Film]

Television – SQUEEEEEEEEEE!!! John Barrowman has been upped to series regular on Arrow next season! [Stephen Amell Facebook]

Comics – HAHAHA! DC’s New 52 sales numbers are finally catching up to their IMJ Comic Book Review scores– by getting lower and lower. Independent Publishers (mostly Image Comics) are capturing DC’s dropping market share. Marvel continues to maintain its lead, which again, makes sense if you look at the IMJ reviews. We haven’t seen a complete shift toward quality at Marvel, but there are actually some good titles floating around. Maybe IMJ is truly making a difference… We are the Little-Engine-That-Quit-Buying-Shit-Books! [ICv2]

Video – Here’s Full House re-edited as a horror film. You mean it wasn’t scary enough already?


Television – As much I preemptively ripped Gotham a new asshole, I’m actually getting excited for the show. A shorter, 16-episode season will expedite the story. (Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D.? Start taking notes!) Plus, it sounds like they have a 6 to 7 season plan in place– if the show proves successful. I’m also glad to hear they’re willing to shift their plans if the stories and characters warrant it. Which Comic Book TV Show excites you the most this Fall? [IGN, IGN]

Film – Yes! Yes! Yes! Neighbors ousts Amazing Spider-Man 2 from the top spot at the box office. I like Seth Rogen and want him to do well, but more importantly– I really detest this new iteration of Spidey. (It might even be worse than Dan Slott’s take in the comics.) Okay, maybe that’s a bit too harsh– but Sony’s Web Head does suck. [ABC]

Comics – Speculators gave an inflated boost to Marvel’s “all-new” Amazing Spider-Man #1. Apparently, the $5.99 comic generated close to $3 million in sales for the House of Very Few New Ideas. This is actually a huge number for one issue of a comic book today– but we all know the big gross came from the HIGH cover price and almost 50 variant covers! In short, this is not a triumph for quality. [ICv2]

Collectibles – NOOOOO! My wallet can’t handle the influx of TMNT figures coming from Funko! [Tomopop]

TMNT Mini Figs

Television – I’m still crushed Community received the axe… Fans were so close to the mythical “Six Seasons and a Movie”. While it might still happen, things aren’t looking good. Creator Dan Harmon has disappointed me the most… Since he’s apparently more than willing to move on. This is all a bit heartbreaking for fans like me. [Screen Crush]

Harry Potter/Universal Studios – I never had a desire to visit any theme parks as a child. But everything’s changed since I found out about Wizarding World and the Escape from Gringotts Bank interactive ride. I love Harry Potter… And hearing Universal Studios’ plans for the new HP Theme Park makes me wish Hogwarts would raise their admission age. [Nerdist]

Funny – Conan’s upgraded version of WikiBear is even better than the first!


Television – I love David Tennant and Karen Gillan! (If I were the fan-fic writing type, these two would have some wacky adventures in the TARDIS.) Now both actors are getting new TV shows in the US– and I’m not quite sure about their choices.

The UK produced Broadchurch was one of the best TV series I’ve ever seen. (Word of advice: Don’t binge watch it in one sitting like I did… Unless you want to be emotionally drained for a while.) Given the success of the original series, it seems very weird that Tennant would agree to reprise the exact role (in what looks like the exact same story)  for FOX TV’s Gracepoint. Plus, his American accent doesn’t sound right. I heard two distinctly different tones– one high-pitched and one gravelly.

Then there’s Selfie… Gillan’s new comedy. Her accent sounds better than Tennant’s, but I don’t see the series lasting very long. Watching the trailer reminded me of a not-so-good RomCom. All that said, I wish both these fine actors the best luck… And I sincerely hope my reservations come back to slap me in the face. [IMJ (Gracepoint), IMJ (Selfie)]

Batsuit – It’s true! The Sad Batman meme has taken over the internet! [The Mary Sue]

Sad Batman

Film – Roberto Orci makes his directorial debut with Star Trek 3. With writing credits on such films as Amazing Spider-Man 2, Star Trek Into Darkness and Transformers Revenge of the Fallen (which is probably the worst billion dollar film series ever)– I can’t help but be wary of this new Trek sequel. [The Verge]

Television – In surprise TV news, CBS has decided to pass on How I Met Your Dad. I was a bit curious to see how this sequel would vary from the original, but I’m actually glad it didn’t happen. (I’m still very bitter about the HIMYM finale.) CBS has given the creators free rein to shop HIMYD elsewhere… But I wish it would stay dead. [Deadline]

Comic – Oh no! The Superior Spider-Man comic returns for two issues this August– courtesy of Dan Slott and Christos Gage. I worry for IMJ resident Spider-Man fan Jose Melendez… I doubt he can take much more abuse. [Marvel]

Fan Trailer – This fan trailer for a live action Akira movie looks awesome! It’s the film fans deserve AND need right now.


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