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8 Responses to IMJ Open Thread

  1. Insideman says:

    Check out superb artist Mike Michell’s Awesome Marvel Portraits here:

    • Insideman says:

      Yep. Uber upsetting.

    • dimaman15 says:

      I am absolutely crushed that NBC decided to cancel Community, but I am also estastic that they also chose to renew Hannibal. I don’t no how to feel right now lol.

    • Helmir says:

      I’m actually happy about this. Season 4 was awful. Season 5 was better but far below the standard of the first three seasons. I’d be sad to see this show being cancelled if the quality hadn’t dropped so much. I think ending Community now does more justice to its first three years than allowing it to drag its current shallow self on the screen any longer.

      However, season 6 could still happen. I hear the show could get picked up by another network (Comedy Central) or even Hulu.

      • NicktheStick says:

        The big thing for me was the fact we were so close to the six seasons and a movie. From all rumors I read the past couple of weeks it truly sounded like NBC was going to attempt to do something for the fans and grant this incredible feat.

        It just would have been nice to go into a season knowing it was the last instead of the heartbreak of cancellation, especially with the ridiculousness that was the season 5 finale – but kudos to the “That’s Cannon” ending.

  2. Marvel has this new Graphic Novel line with titles like : ASM Family Business, X-Men No More Humans and Avengers Endless Wartime..
    These are all great stories with great artwork(painted style Dell’Otto)
    The stories are 96 pages..
    Now because of the significant better quality in writing/art especially compared to the monthly series I am actually willing to pay more then 3 dollar for 20 pages but 25 dollars for less then 100 pages..come on now Marvel..that is way too expensive..

    Another big nit-pick I have is with the new Marvel Epic Collection line..
    (A color version of the Marvel Essential Line or a softcover version of the Masterworks line..)
    Its going to be a massive line, with all classic marvel stories reprinted..These lines are marketed in such a way that people want to collect them all..the books are also numbered…and make it the most impressive/comprehensive centerpiece of the collection…
    IF, IF, they would be more consistent in the layout of the binding/SPINE:
    – the centering of the marvel logo is inconsistent
    – even the size of the book is inconsistent
    – the letter coloring is inconsistent: each superhero has its own color, Thor is blue but one book is dark blue and the other one is more light blue..the same color as the Fantastic Four uses..

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