Who’s Getting What This Week? with Jose Melendez


Jose's Picks #1 5.21.14Buffy The Vampire Slayer Season 10 #3, Invincible #111, Rocket Girl #5, Saga #19, Velvet #5 + Wonder Woman #31

Holy shit! I do believe this is the biggest comic book week I’ve had in, like, forever. The best part? Each and every one of these comics represent books I truly look forward to every month. (Or, at least, whenever comics like Invincible, Saga and Velvet actually ship.)

Seeing such a loooooong list of comics makes me think how happy I am to have cut a lot of titles from my comic shop Pull List. I can’t imagine what this week would’ve cost if I were still buying comics from the Big Two– Marvel & DC. Granted, I still pick up DC’s Wonder Woman– but that’s the LAST of the mainstream comic book series on my Pull List.

I’ve always said I would buy Wonder Woman regardless of the creators… Because I wanted to send a signal to DC that publishing comics starring strong women was very important. Well, after all these years, the company’s finally figured out a way to make me stop buying the comic. Once David Finch shows up to smear his personal brand of artistic shit all over WW later this year– I’ll be dropping it.

Jose's Picks #2 5.21.14

Which brings me to how DC & Marvel keep making idiotic editorial decisions that do nothing but save me lots of money. (I’m actually grateful for that.) With only a few exceptions here and there, the two mainstream publishers’ books have become absolutely horrendous.

Now, I want to make it clear I’m not bashing the readers who enjoy those comics… Since it’s so obvious the Big Two no longer care about long-time fans like me. On the flip side, all the independent publishers out there seem happy to take my money… And I’m more than happy to give it to them. With smaller comic companies gaining significant market share, it seems more and more readers are feeling the same way I do.

This news can only be taken as positive… The further the industry moves away from the canned, repetitious business and creative models fostered by Marvel and DC, the better the fans will be for it. Today I’m writing off the Big Two as pretty much “dead to me”… But if they ever decide to “clean house” in their editorial departments and move their comics down a less revolting, mind numbing path– I’ll be there to give them another chance.

Until then, it’s just me and Princess Diana… Until David Finch and his wife come along to fuck things up.

So, what are you getting this week?

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7 Responses to Who’s Getting What This Week? with Jose Melendez

  1. Daredevil #3
    Deadpool Annual #2
    Amazing Spider-Man Epic Collection Ghosts Of The Past
    Air Gear Omnibus Vol 3
    Godzilla The Art of Destruction

  2. Morlock50 says:

    Invincible 111 ( maybe my last issue depending how the story goes)

    Possibly a Marvel trade and Amazing Spider-Man 2.

  3. Morlock50 says:

    Well, I actually mail ordered it, so I’ll know by Friday. Sorry J. 😦

    • J. says:

      No problem. I just finished reading it and it has quite shocking to say the least. The comic has dealt with fixing what happened in this issue within its continuity. I guess we’ll just have to wait to see what happens. Let me know what’s you get a chance to read it.

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