Who’s Getting What This Week? with Jose Melendez


Jose's Picks 5.28.14Dexter Down Under #4 and Trees #1

I was actually happy last week… I like it when a bunch of great comic books come out. These kinda days are important too, because they help remind me why I love comics so much. That noted, this week I’m back to my norm– as I’m only buying 2 comics: Dexter Down Under #4 (which is really for my girlfriend) and Trees #1 (which is definitely for me). Another comic I buy every month (but never list here) is SpongeBob Comics. (That one’s for my nephew.) I smile when I buy these too– since it’s always fun to see people who don’t normally read comics enjoy a book here and there.

As many of you know, there are several independent publishers who thrive mainly by printing licensed comics. Some people scoff out these series, but not me. These books are a great way to expose potential new readers to the industry. You wouldn’t believe the number of people who wander into comic shops (like the ones where I used to work), only to exclaim how surprised they are that comic books are still being published. That statement is kinda sad when you think about it, no?

I’ve mentioned numerous times how Web of Spider-Man #31 was my first SUPERHERO comic… But here’s something I rarely talk about: Web was NOT the first comic I purchased.

Back in the day, whenever I went to the local grocery store to buy baseball cards (or candy)– I always looked through the comic book spinner rack. (As a kid, that rack was the only way I even knew comics existed.) Marvel’s G.I. Joe was my comic of choice back then… And I picked it up solely because I enjoyed the cartoon and the action figures. It wasn’t about buying or reading a comic book to me… It was about getting something featuring the characters I played with and saw on TV.

Then one day, while I was looking through the rack to see if I could find a new G.I. Joe book– I suddenly saw Web of Spider-Man #31… And the cover just slapped me in the face. I remember thinking, I NEED to buy this comic. And I did.

So a “gateway” comic got me, Jose Melendez, into “real” comics. So the next time you hear some know-nothing mouth off about how IDW and Dynamite (and other such indie publishers) aren’t “real” comic book companies because they publish “licensed characters”… Remind these idiots that not for the SpongeBob and My Little Pony comics there might never be any new blood enjoying comics… And without new fans, print comics will most assuredly die.

Feel free to share your early comic experiences below… And while you’re at it…

What are you getting this week?

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4 Responses to Who’s Getting What This Week? with Jose Melendez

  1. venom829bane says:

    Batman #31 really considering dropping the title

  2. Tiger Topher says:

    I believe that the first comics I ever owned were the mini comics that came packed with the Super Powers toys back in the ’80s. My first real comics were Superman #418 and World’s Finest #311. I really got into the Marvel Universe around ’89, when my dad came home from work with a whole bunch of trade paperbacks for my brother and I. Among them were Daredevil: Born Again, Monster Masterworks, Spider-Man VS. Venom, Thor: The Ballad of Beta Ray Bill, and Wolverine (the ’82 limited series). There was also a book called The Very Best of Marvel Comics which collected several classic stories. So basically, I was handed a pile of some of the greatest comics ever published. The fact that I was exposed to such fantastic material at a young age is probably the reason why I expect so much in terms of quality from the comics I read today.

  3. Morlock50 says:

    My first real comic was X-men #193. I bought it because it had Firestar on the cover, and I was a fan of the Spider-man and his Amazing friends TV show. Once I read the story I became completely hooked and started hunting for back issues.

  4. NicktheStick says:

    The first comic I actually remember getting is X-Men #44 (http://goo.gl/WDW2Ks), but I don’t really remember reading it – I was younger and didn’t read much. But there was also a digest collecting a few TMNT stories that I actually did read. I just don’t remember if it was given to me, passed down to me through my cousins or if my parents picked it up. I remember reading that one a lot.

    The first comic I remember purchasing and hooking me into the medium, some 10-15 years later, was Detective Comics 850 – part of the Heart of Hush storyline. Before that though, I did download The Dark Knight Returns, The Killing Joke and Batman: Year One – all of which I would end up purchasing in some format a few years later.

    As for what I’m getting this week… I don’t even know, I haven’t been to my LCS in weeks, so I’ll have one fat stack of comics to pick up.

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