Nick Furi’s ODDS and ENDS™- This Week’s Pop Culture News Round-Up!

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Comics – I haven’t read much of Marvel’s Ultimate Universe, but what little I’ve experienced of Miles Morales I’ve actually enjoyed. (Yes, I can enjoy a Bendis comic every once in a while.) Now Mr. Morales might be joining the X-Men… At least for one issue. If this ends up being a fun crossover with no real weight– kind of like many crossovers used to be– I think this is a perfectly fine idea. Things don’t always need to be world shattering, depressing or serious. Let’s bring back the “fun” in our funny books– especially in the superhero ones. [CBR]

Collectibles – WTF! Is this not the creepiest thing your eyes have ever witnessed? [Comics Alliance]


Film – What is the world coming to? Frozen bumps Iron Man 3 down a slot on the highest grossing movies of all time?! Oh wait, Iron Man 3 wasn’t nearly as beloved as many would have wanted. I’m glad there’s a great kids film sparking such excitement in animation. Hopefully Frozen will be as beloved by the kids today as Toy Story was by my generation. [IGN]

Bill Fucking Murray! – Bill Murray puts his name into the hat for coolest person ever by crashing a bachelor party. The man’s known for doing some crazy things, but he actually gives some excellent advice. [The Concourse]

Awesome Art – Marvel singing to DC: *Why can’t we be friends, Just you and me DC, We’d make one great team, So why can’t we be friends?*

Marvel and DC Little Friends art by Darren Rawlings is so great! [Deviant Art]

High Five Aye

Two to Four – The other two coolest guys in the world– Sir Patrick Stewart and Sir Ian McKellen— might have taken on some proteges! James McAvoy and Michael Fassbender seem more than capable of taking the mantel after they age a few more decades… [Yahoo!]

Television/Video – I want THIS to be my new Power Rangers! This short is incredibly fun. If the new movie ends up being even half as entertaining as this, I’ll toss my skepticism aside and embrace the rebooted franchise with open arms. Seeing all these fan remakes makes me wonder why Hollywood never looks to them for inspiration. These projects often offer more heart and care than their “professional”counterparts. [io9]

Awesome Crowdfunding – LeVar Burton is the next celebrity to opt for a crowdfunded project– and I think it’s the best one yet– as Burton is relaunching Reading Rainbow for the web! I know many of us used to watch this show– which definitely helped spark my interest in reading. Here’s hoping this new delivery method will enlighten future youngsters– turning them into literate, intelligent human beings. (Side Note: I think everyone agrees with me… Just 2 days in [at the time of this writing] and Burton’s project is almost 300% funded. This one might end up breaking some records!) [Kickstarter]


Television – I’m going to be cautiously optimistic– since I’ve been burned before… But it looks like Hulu (might) resurrect Community. I would absolutely love this, since I was positive the flailing NBC Network would give fans a sixth (and final) season. It really bugs me creator Dan Harmon still doesn’t seem overly excited by the possibility… But hey, I can’t blame him. When it comes to Community– he’s been burned way more than me. [Deadline]

Video – Seth Rogen and Snoop Dogg recap Game of Thrones And it’s hilarious! If this was an after-show, I would watch it every week! (Spoilers! In case you aren’t caught up…)


Tabletop Games – Wizards of the Coast really wants people to play Dungeons & Dragons. A free PDF version (with basic rules) will be released simultaneously with the new Starter Set. Either it’s really cool to be a geek right now and tabletop games are experiencing a boom… Or WotC desperately needs more people to play one of their best games. Since I’m a fan, I’ll hope its a combination of the first two. [ICv2]

Collectibles – There have been a huge influx of Iron Man toys since Marvel Studios made him one of the world’s biggest heroes. So, of course, these Iron Man and Iron Patriot figures from Tamashii look fucking cool! [Tamashii]

IP Mech

Comics – Marvel’s next event, AXIS, now has its main heroes and villains. As an Avengers/X-Men crossover, the line-up sure makes you wonder about the teams. When I think of a challenge this big, I see every hero with access to Avengers Tower on the job… And the entire faculty at Jean Grey’s School for Higher Learning taking some personal days. So what’s up with the super uninteresting hero lineup? [IGN]

Film – I’ve been worried about Franchise Fatigue and the over saturation of the superhero genre at movieplexes for the last couple of years. That said, this article raises some valid points on how a film franchise can rebound from some awful movies… And after reading some of the comments, I think fans are right: We just want good movies. Even though I still think flooding the market with tights and capes is a valid concern, if Marvel Studios figures out a way to make 10 great Avengers films, there won’t be an issue. [io9]

Awesome Video – Who knew the best song from Rocky Horror Picture Show Time Warp— would work so well with Doctor Who? (Sorry in advance if this song gets stuck in your head for the rest of the day.)


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