Insideman’s Weekly Stack™

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The Weekly Stack™– soon to be detailed in a future Insideman’s Pull List!

This week’s stack weighs in at 14 Pounds 11 oz
(6.40 Kilograms or 1.00 Stone)

Quick Note: Insideman’s Weekly Stack™ will disappear for four weeks while I head to NYC– and other points East. If the prospect of not seeing my stack photos for 4 weeks upsets fans of these pics– imagine how I feel whenever I think about the 5 weeks of boxes that will be sitting “on hold” at my local post office while I’m gone. (I’m always sorta amazed they’re still there when I get back.)

But Good News… These extended absences always give me the opportunity to photograph a serious set of stacks when I return!

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1 Response to Insideman’s Weekly Stack™

  1. OCDspineman says:

    Wait, so Dark Horse is keeping the “old” spine design on Mind:MGMX%&@#P instead of using the latest iteration with the little horse at the top? Nice, but they could have done the same with other book series…

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