Nick Furi’s ODDS and ENDS™- This Week’s Pop Culture News Round-Up!

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Cool Art – Oh man, there’s a ton of geeky excellence in the mesmerizing, unique style of deviant ARTist María Pérez Pacheco. She’s created a cornucopia of great characters from Doctor Who, The Walking Dead, Avengers, Harry Potter and many, many more. I love them all, even if this one is truly my favourite! [Deviant Art]

Doctor Who Midlife Crisis by Gigei

Comic Books – Too bad, so sad scummy comic book speculators! I bet it blew your minds when you heard Warren Ellis overprinted the first issue of his new series Trees by 11,500 copies! (In today’s market, that’s a lot of extra books floating around.) So please explain how my LCS was completely out when I arrived a week later? Damn… [ICv2]

Film – The latest Dragon Ball Z film is set for a limited North American release. I’ve been craving some DBZ lately, but can’t bring myself to watch the overly decompressed version I loved as a child. As a bonus, the current animation techniques make for a stunning trailer. Sadly, it also appears the film might be dubbed– making it a real challenge for me to watch. (If you didn’t know, I suffer from ASS™— Anime Snob Syndrome.) Hell, I skipped seeing The Wind Rises in theatres because exhibitors were only showing the dubbed version. Maybe I should just get over myself and go watch it. [Anime News Network]

Collectibles – How is it Hot Toys can make a character’s shitty movie design look so cool? Say what you will about The Amazing Spider-Man 2 (or Jamie Foxx’s under developed, misuse of Electro) but this figure looks shockingly awesome. (Sorry, I just had to make a bad electricity pun.) [Hot Toys]


Awesome! – John Oliver may have crashed the FCC comments section this week– after his impeccable and perfectly timed report on Net Neutrality. Only 5 episodes in, and Last Week Tonight is easily one of my favourite shows… Not having to produce a new episode every night (like the Daily Show) is obviously a huge advantage. If you love satirically relevant superb humor– do yourself a favour and start watching Last Week Tonight. [Nerdist]

Television – Clark Gregg is easily one of my favourite people in the Marvel Cinematic Universe, so I hope he gets his wish to make an appearance on Netflix’s Daredevil or Iron Fist. Every Marvel property could use a little more Coulson. [IGN]

Impressive Impression – This is an incredible Matt Smith impression.


Thailand – The people of Thailand are adopting the Hunger Games’ 3-finger salute of protest…And it’s caused some tension between the military (in the middle of a coup) and the residents. I’m not going to get into the problem here (you can read the article for that), but it goes to show how science fiction (or really, any type of engaging narrative) that deals with social issues and human rights can be relevant to our lives. [CBC]

Infographic – Have you ever wondered who was the wealthiest super-powered being in comics? I sure as hell didn’t until this cool infographic popped up. For instance, I had no clue someone could beat out Batman or Iron Man for the top spot. Find out who does in the link below. [io9]

GoT/DoFP – Have you been searching for an easy way to keep track of all the deaths on Game of Thrones? Well then, this X-Men: Days of Future Past inspired character poster created by Comfort and Adam is the solution for you! Just print the poster and start crossing people off as they die! [io9]

Got DoFP

Film – I have a love/hate relationship with James Cameron’s Avatar. I like it because I think it’s the first (and only) film to truly use 3D to properly enhance a movie… But I dislike it because the story is so derivative and boring. That said, Cameron’s new writing process for the next three films does have me intrigued. I’m curious to see how, after borrowing the TV method– where a cohesive team develops the story, then breaks off individually to write each “episode”– translates to film. [Superhero Hype]

Collectibles – Breaking Bad POP! Figures… BITCH!!!! [Tomopop]

Bad Pop

Film – Actor Josh Brolin is Thanos– the Marvel Universe despot who yearns to control the galaxy using the power of the Infinity Gems. A quick IMDb search reveals Brolin may only add his voice to the iconic alien– similar to the services Bradley Cooper and Vin Diesel are providing for their Guardians of the Galaxy characters. But given the uncanny resemblance between Brolin’s facial characteristics and the fictional purple villain, I hope they use motion capture to match the actor’s features and expressions. In any case, I suspect they’ll have it down to a science by the time Avengers 3 premieres. [Screen Rant]

Video – Luigi is now a badass! He’s finally had enough of hiding behind Mario’s shell. And look out! He’s out for vengeance– kickin’ ass and forgetting names! (If you like this new internet trend, look up “Luigi Death Stare” on YouTube to view many more!)


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