Happy Birthday Jose 2014 BannerMetal Gear Solid BirthdayWe’re talking 233 in dog years here!

Please be kind enough to wish Jose a happy, happy below!

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8 Responses to HAPPY BIRTHDAY Jose Melendez!

  1. NicktheStick says:

    Happy Birthday Jose!

  2. ktnish88 says:

    Happy Birthday, Jose. Wishing you a healthy, happy year!

  3. Helmir says:

    Happy Birthday J.! You the man!

  4. Tiger Topher says:

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY!!!!!!!!!!

  5. Adam727 says:

    Happy Birthday, Jose

  6. Rob F says:

    Hope you had a great bday Jose!

  7. Morlock50 says:

    A bit belated, but Happy Birthday Jose.

  8. J. says:

    Thanks everyone. It’s very much appreciated. 🙂

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