Boom! Studios Comic Book Previews: Adventure Time #29 + Regular Show 2014 Annual

Adventure Time #29 Cover A

Adventure Time #29
Writer: Ryan North
Artist: Jim Rugg
Release Date: June 18th

Finn and Jake are back in their bodies, but it looks like the damage is done. Will our heroes be able to right everything they’ve done or is Ooo finally lost? With the help of an unlikely source, this day might be saved. Last issue by the talented Jim Rugg!

Regular Show 2014 Annual
Writers: Kevin Burkhalter, Yumi Sakugawa, Jimmy Geigerich, Andy Kluthe
Artists: Tessa Stone, Allison Strejlau, Mad Rupert, Andy Kluthe
Release Date: June 18th

Mordecai and Rigby battle it out over a pair of sneakers, and Muscle Man trains his very own troupe of Muscle Scouts.

Regular Show Annual 2014 Cover A

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