Nick Furi’s ODDS and ENDS™- This Week’s Pop Culture News Round-Up!

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Film – Holy crap! It’s not “official” official, but a sequel to Pacific Rim 2 seems to be in the works. The original was one of my favourite films last year and I don’t think I could be more excited for any other sequel… Which is strange, since I usually bitch and complain about entertainment companies milking their properties dry. But with Guillermo del Toro on top of things, I’m certain the second installment will be just as entertaining as the first. I know I’ll be there opening night watching some kaijus getting their butts kicked! [Den of Geek]

Books – Author George R.R. Martin seriously wants to kill you in a Game of Thrones novel… And dying at the writer’s hand is one of the perks you can receive by supporting the crowdfunding campaign for the Wild Spirit Wolf Sanctuary. But it ain’t cheap. Time to smash open your piggybanks! The cost is $20,000. [Nerdist]

Television – The new Constantine trailer has officially piqued my interest. I was probably one of the few who didn’t care for the first trailer, but one tiny sequence in the new one has me more than a little excited to see where the series might go with other DC characters… As the new trailer (possibly) reveals that Dr. Fate will be making an appearance. [io9]


Comics – I loved The Umbrella Academy and had an early infatuation with Gerard Way’s The True Lives of the Fabulous Killjoys– before it drastically fell off my radar and I couldn’t even complete the mini-series. (The comic really was all over the place.) So, when I hear Way’s going to write a Spider-Man comic (tying into the upcoming Spider-Verse event), I’m more than a little hesitant. The last thing we need is an emo Peter Parker… We all remember watching Spider-Man 3, right? [IGN]

Film Rumours – Who do you want to play Doctor Strange in the new film? Well, the Superhero Movie Rumour Mill™ is at it again, stating Tom Hardy and Benedict Cumberbatch are both being eyed for the role of Sorcerer Supreme. While either actor would be a great addition to the MCU, I’m pulling for Cumberbatch. If you’re the only interesting thing about Star Trek: Into Darkness (not to mention his incredible modern-day take on Sherlock Holmes), then you know there’s a great actor waiting to do something new and exciting for Marvel Studios– no matter how strange. [Deadline]

Collectibles – In case you didn’t know, LEGO is allowing the public to vote on proposed new playsets. If any receive 10,000 votes, they will automatically be considered for the following year’s lineup. LEGO decided to pass on all eligible possibilities for 2013 (sometimes there are licensing issues)… But a few of the newer (possible) playsets under review have heady coolness factors– as both Doctor Who and The Big Bang Theory are currently under review. If you want to see (and vote) for future projects, check them out HERE. [Tomopop]

Who Legos

Manga – I really don’t understand the new deal between Viz Media and Comixology. Viz already has their own manga reading app (Viz Manga), so I don’t fully grasp why they need the other digital company at all. It’s true Viz’s app isn’t perfect: It doesn’t have guided view– so viewing their content on anything other than a tablet is a difficult reading experience… But at least you can make in-app purchases (unlike the feature immediately dumped when they purchased Comixology). Seriously, I would rather eat the cost of my tablet than further aid the now clunky digital comic service… So if you listen to me at all, please just go directly to the source and buy your manga from Viz. [Digital Spy]

Awesome – This is such a good Game of Thrones Meme/Piece of Art! I love when the internet swiftly takes something from a TV show and recreates it, turning it into something fantastically awesome! (FYI: It might be kind of spoilery– it’s a reference to a recent convo between Tyrion and Jamie, but doesn’t actually give anything away.) [MemeCenter]

Video – I usually detest cat videos on YouTube, but every rule is meant to be broken– right? This Orange is the New Black parody video is actually great. (FYI: There are spoilers for people who haven’t seen the first season.) If you are a fan of OITNB– or a cat lover like IMJ’s Ian— you’ll definitely enjoy this video.


Film – Okay, this one is stretching it a bit– but the The Mighty Ducks might be (but probably won’t be) making a return to the screen to melt our cold as ice hockey hearts. The reality of this happening heavily leans towards the “No” column, but I can dream can’t I? I adored these movies as a child (Note: I can still quote from all three movies) and I would be extremely tickled if a new movie tightened its laces and stepped out onto the ice for the today’s young hockey fans. [TSN]

Puntastic – Too… Too… TOO many Pokemon puns to catch ‘em all. So much so, I’m exhausted just reading them… And I love puns! [Geeks Are Sexy]

Video – This is by far the best WikiBear video to date… And it wouldn’t surprise me if his prophecy eventually comes true!


Doctor Who – Apparently Peter Capaldi thinks the only class the Doctor would get good grades in is Exterminating Daleks 101. Take a look at the not-so-flattering Report Card the actor created for a charity auction. [The Mary Sue]

Comic Books/Odd Promotions – This is one of the weirdest cross promotions I have ever seen… And just to be clear, by “weird” I don’t mean bad. In fact, I think it’s actually genius. Valiant Comics and Oren’s Daily Roast (a coffee chain in Manhattan) are teaming up with discounts, limited edition teas, java jackets and free comics. Hmpf, I wish my local comic shops could/would do something like this. [ICv2]

Video – Oh, if only trailers for NEW FILMS were like the trailers for OLD FILMS. New Hollywood, why oh why do you insist on giving everything away during your trailers?


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