Nick Furi’s ODDS and ENDS™- This Week’s Pop Culture News Round-Up!

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Harry Potter – J.K. Rowling just published a new short story– giving us a glimpse into what Dumbledore’s Army has been up to since their days at Hogwarts! I absolutely love Harry Potter It was probably the first thing I can actually remember really nerding out over. So when I found out there was a new short story, I lost my shit… And I loved it! In truth, it’s not much– but it also doesn’t disappoint. You can read it at Rowling’s Pottermore site or by clicking on the “Today” link after this sentence. [TIME, Today]

Collectibles – This is one of the coolest Batman Statues I’ve seen in a long, long time. It’s a perfect combination of Square Enix’s Final Fantasy crossed with DC’s Holy Trinity. Believe it or not, they even make Supes look cool too. (Sorry Superman fans, he’s just too easy of a target not to poke fun at.) [Nerdist]

Batman Statue

Comics – Arrow producers Andrew Kreisberg and Ben Sokolowski will take over DC’s Green Arrow comic after Jeff Lemire finishes his run. The good news: They want to bring the older, hard-assed version of Oliver Queen back– keeping the book away from the current Arrow TV show. I applaud this! It allows for long-time fans to get reinvested in the character– taking Ollie in a different direction. If anyone can continue the success of Lemire’s run, I’d put my hopes in these two Arrow producers– as they’ve helped make one amazing TV show. [Comics Alliance]

Film – Christopher Nolan predicts the future of film! While his ideas are interesting, they are also vague concepts (similar to the good kind of vagueness that drives most of his films). Nolan realises the exhibition industry is heading towards a slump– and the only way to bring it back from the brink is to make creative content in new ways that will warrant film fans leaving the comfort of their homes. I’m all for this, but I’m also hoping Nolan actually has a plan. [io9]

Television – Whether you loved him or hated him as Superman, I think Brandon Routh deserves a clean slate as he appears as Ray Palmer (aka The Atom) on Arrow. (The Internet quickly reminded me Routh was also on Chuck and boy, was he a good villain.) My biggest question at the moment: Will they give Palmer his powers immediately… Or will he become a superhero later? I’m glad the Arrow-verse is expanding, but I’m even happier they don’t seem to be haphazardly dumping new characters into the show. Unlike Warner Bros seemingly stuffing Superman vs Batman: Dawn of Justice with every “super” imaginable, the new heroes on Arrow seem to be appearing logically. [TV Line]

Video – Jimmy Fallon does it again– making shitty songs awesome!


Music – Weird Al Yankovic’s new album, Mandatory Fun, will drop July 15th! Al’s always been one of my faves. (He rocked Calgary Comic Con two years ago and people went nuts!) Even the album’s track list has me giddy: Lame Claim to Fame, Sports Song and First World Problems are just a few of the promising song titles. [Nerdist]

Television – This first look at Netflix’s Daredevil TV series isn’t really that spoilery– unless you don’t know how he came to be a hero. (Since you’re reading this on IMJ, I’m guessing you have at least a vague idea.) Check out these set photos (and a video!)– apparently showing the “accident” that gives a young Matt Murdock his powers. Personally, I’m counting the days until I can binge watch this series! [Latino Review]

Video – Holy crap… There are some amazing cosplayers in this video. Honestly, I don’t know how people create these stunning costumes… I have a hard enough time putting on a T-shirt with a hero logo on it. The Prince Robot IV from Saga is by far my favourite– it boggles my brain-tube how it even works.


Television – Robbie Amell (Arrow star Stephen Amell’s cousin), has been cast as Firestorm in the CW’s new Flash TV Series. Who will win best superhero at the family gatherings now? [The Hollywood Reporter]

Comics – DC Comics is yet again releasing a bunch of new comic book series for their rapidly aging New 52 line of books. For a change, I’m going to lay off (most of) the hate– because these comics aren’t just more Superman or Batman titles. The new books seem to be establishing new characters (or re-establishing some of the publisher’s lesser known properties)… And we all know how much I love my C and D-list heroes! Sadly, if things go according to the current “DC norm”– I expect most of these comics to get cancelled quickly. Here’s hoping these new titles are a signal DC is finally ready to give their writers some free rein– allowing for a burst of creativity and some fun new series! [IGN]

Collectibles – Apparently, I have too much love for Batman this week. Here are cool Joker and Batman figures based on the video game Injustice. [Tomopop]

Joker Injustice

CollectiblesTodd McFarlane is making some cool Walking Dead toys. They have a LEGO style to them (building them with blocks), but look way more realistic. As io9 aptly points out, they are also kind of pointless at the moment– since they look very bland presented by themselves. Once more sets hit the market, I’m sure you’ll be able to make your zombie-infested town look cool… But at the moment, your city will look like the photo found at the link: Safe– with very few zombies– and no crazy governors wreaking havoc either. [io9]

Web Comics – This is for my fellow Canadians– however, the rest of you may get a kick out of it as well. Check out this sweet web comic about Canadian stereotypes and how Superhero Girl has to deal with them. I wish I had found this last week during the holidays, but Happy (belated) Canada Day and Independence Day– and (early or belated) Whatever-Your-Nation-Is Day to every IMJer around the globe. (Faith Erin Hicks, Comic]

Video – This is a hilarious spoof of Comedians in Cars Getting Coffee. [Nerdist]


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2 Responses to Nick Furi’s ODDS and ENDS™- This Week’s Pop Culture News Round-Up!

  1. Locusmortis says:

    All I know about Canada I got from The Beachcombers, Trailer Park Boys and random hockey fights on youtube. What’s that aboot, eh?

  2. Blanchard says:

    I grew up in Atlantic Canada, which is region where Trailer Park Boys was filmed. That show is so accurate it sometimes scares me.

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