Nick Furi’s ODDS and ENDS™- This Week’s Pop Culture News Round-Up!

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Comics – Before IMJ Comic Book Reviews™ took a bit of a deserved hiatus (Editor’s Note: The popular column RETURNS Monday 7.21.14!), I’d just finished reading the majority of Valiant’s lineup– and I have to say I enjoyed myself. Now Jeff Lemire (no longer exclusive to DC), Matt Kindt and Paolo Rivera are teaming up for a Valiant mini-series. The publisher is smart to bring their top characters together in a SELF-CONTAINED event with today’s top talent… And I know I’ll be giving this mini a chance because I won’t have to buy 147 comics to enjoy the tale. As an added bonus– all of Valiant #1s are FREE through July 31. [Valiant]

Video – This Epic Rap Battle between the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles and their famous counterparts definitely lives up to the name.


Barbie/Doctor Who Mash-Up – Time just went all wibbly wobbly. When it comes to crafting, drawing and painting (really anything considered artistic that’s not related to words)– I’m quite challenged. These skills never developed as I grew up, so I’m flabbergasted when I see incredible things like Barbies being turned into Weeping Angels. Don’t Blink, you didn’t imagine the previous sentence, somebody just morphed Barbies into some cool Doctor Who figures. [TOR]

Collectibles – I’ve taken a break from showing new Hot Toys figures because sometimes, I feel they are some of the only collectibles I feature in Odds and Ends™. That ends today, as this new Dark Knight Joker is too great not to share. [Hot Toys]

HT Joker

Film – Valiant seems to be tearing it up lately. They flooded the Harvey Awards and now Archer & Armstrong is making its way to the silver screen. I had mixed reactions to my recent review of the Archer & Armstrong comic– but I definitely see the potential for a fun film series. [ICv2]

Video Games – I first discovered I was colour blind (or “colour deficient” as I like to say) by playing video games. (The game was actually Rattler Race– a version of Snake.) Since I haven’t been gaming much lately, I didn’t even know there were colour blind setting options in new games, where more and more colours can be rendered with great accuracy. So, for me (and anyone like me)… This is an interesting piece on what developers are doing/can do in the future to help the colour deficient have better gaming experiences. (Seriously, those yellows and greens, and blues and purples can be a bitch to distinguish.) [IGN]

Video – Another great mash-up of Orange is the New Black. This time we get to see the Disney Princess version: Frozen is the New Black!


Comics – The 99 is causing some problems with ISIS— as they threaten series creator Dr. Naif Mutawa. Seriously? Can’t we all just get along? You think our world/people/society would have progressed enough that we would be able to put all our differences behind us and just talk it out in a civilized manner. Maybe I’m just expecting too much? [Comics Alliance]

Video Games – Marvel is pulling out all the stops to raise the awareness for their Guardians of the Galaxy film. (They must really want this flick to make money or something…) Anyways, there’s a new mobile RPG game for iOS, Android and Windows. I might give it a try– I need something besides old school games to get me back into gaming. [IGN]

Collectibles – Due to the ridiculousness of SDCC (or any major con) exclusives, I’ve purposefully not highlighted any of these collectibles in this column. My one and only exception to this rule will be this Playmates original TMNT Raph design. Damn them for pandering to my TMNT love! [Tomopop]


Comics – Scott Snyder and Jock are joining forces once again– and this time it’s for their new Image title Wytches. Jock is reason enough to give this book a chance, but the last time these two worked together they created one of my favourite Batman stories of all time. Hopefully Jock will be able to pull Scott Snyder out of his DC funk. (Sorry Bat-fans, I just don’t like his New 52 stuff.) [Entertainment Weekly]

Cool – There have been a lot of different versions of Batman over the last 75 years. Thanks to artist Salvador Anguiano, we can now see all the cool (and shitty versions) of the hero and his cowl. Many of them are extremely similar… With many artists deciding to only change the length of Batman’s ears. Still, this image is definitely worth a look. [Behance, Salvador Anguiano Tumlbr]

Video – CinemaSins does it again, with another great Letter to Hollywood.


Television – Have you ever wondered what Futurama would look like if it were our real future? Well now we know the answer, and it looks fantastic! Side Note: I love fan-created materials! It gives me the feels, since it emphasizes people’s passions and how they’ll create wonderful new things to keep fandom alive and thriving. [io9]

Comics – Once again, Marvel Comics spoil their own shit early… Fuckers. [Marvel]

Collectibles – I’m not a fan of Lobo and I’ve never really understood the fascination with the character. That said, this Sideshow Lobo Statue is pretty cool. [Sideshow]

Sideshow Lobo

More Potter Goodness – Author J.K. Rowling decided to “live tweet” the Quidditch World Cup the other day. While the updates to the match (written as Ginny Potter) were entertaining, I got more of a kick reading Rita Skeeter’s tweets– once again focusing on Dumbledore’s Army. Personally, there can never be too much Harry Potter. [Pottermore]

Comics – There is a lot of Turtle love this week– which I’m assuming is no coincidence with the new film just around the corner. In an unexpected, but curiosity-peaking way, the Ghostbusters and TMNT will team up for an epic 30-year anniversary crossover event. Sometimes goods things do happen when you cross the streams. [IDW]

Video – This trailer looks so freaking awesome! Apparently Master Jiang and the Six Kingdoms is based on a classic Chinese story. I have no idea what’s really going on, but the trailer is very intriguing– and the animation is gorgeous. Even more impressive: The hand-drawn animation was created by only two people! Crazy! [Kotaku]


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