IMJ Daily Links™

IMJ DAILY LINKS™ FINAL 2014 BANNERFXX to air 25 years of ‘The Simpsons’ in chronological order– longest TV marathon ever

Corey Stoll confirms Edgar Wright cast him in ‘Ant-Man’ + Talks about reading both versions of the script

Dwayne (The Rock) Johnson playfully drops huge ‘SHAZAM’ movie news

Kate Mara clarifies comments about ‘Fantastic Four’ reboot

‘The Flash’ and ‘Arrow’ plan 2-hour crossover for later this year

‘The Intimidation Game’ Official Trailer– starring Benedict Cumberbatch

Kevin Feige talks Josh Brolin as Thanos, Black Panther, Iron Man 4, Thor 3 & more

FX renews ‘Fargo’ for a second season

Roberto Orci: “I won’t ruin Power Rangers” + Open to original cast cameos

Evangeline Lilly spins a spooky illustrated story for kids with ‘The Squickerwonkers’

Geoff Johns: DC’s Film and TV Universes will stay separate

Watch ‘The Last of Us’ performed LIVE

RUMOR: ‘Sinister Six’ film may be cancelled

Weird Al closes #8Days8Videos with ‘Mission Statement’LM ULTRA THIN BOX BREAK

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