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  1. Insideman says:

    We’re REBOOTING the IMJ Open Thread™!

    If you would like to discuss ANYTHING, feel free to comment here. Or you can check in, ask questions– whatever. All are welcome!

    If it ends up Inveterate Media Junkies™ has morphed into a site where readers prefer to comment just on current posts– that’s cool too! But if the Open Thread catches fire again– and enough people participate– we will start a new open forum every month! As always, we love to hear what the IMJ Nation™ is thinking!

    • venom829bane says:

      Yeah open threads are back!!!!!!!! I was wondering where they went lol, plus wordpress closes commenting on posts like a month old or something

      • Insideman says:

        Yes. That was a conscious decision on our part to limit the time posts were available for comments– as we were getting inundated with weirdo comments months/years after the fact. But ‘ve changed it back– now anyone can comment on any post at any time. We’ll see if it starts up again. 😉 If it does, all Open Threads will be available for comment for at least 45 days.

        And Venom, to answer an earlier question– the podcasts are starting again. Several personal issues (for both of us) got in front of the last few start dates. So as along as nothing else happens (*crosses fingers*) they will restart soon.

        Plus Deanna will be joining us!

  2. J. says:

    It’s been a really boring summer so far TV-wise (minus the World Cup) but I just found out the second series of Utopia started up a few weeks ago. There have been 4 episodes so far and I’ve got them all ready to go so that’s pretty much what I’ll be doing the rest of the night. Well, watching that AND drinking beer of course.

    If any of you haven’t had a chance to see Utopia yet I highly recommend doing so. You can find it through the usual channels. Nudge, nudge, wink, wink…

  3. Did anyone here check out the Destiny beta? I was on the fence about the game, and there are some things I’m kind of wary of still, but over all I found I enjoyed the game a lot more than I thought I would.

    • dimaman15 says:

      The game really surprised me with how much I liked it. I’m not one for multiplayer games usually, I’m content with a good single player experience, but there’s just something about this one where I’m seriously considering buying a Playstation plus subscription. Being a Bungie product the fps aspect of the game is top-notch. The controls I thought were intuitive and smooth. The weapon variety is staggering and the graphics are nothing short of amazing. What surprised me the most is the world Bungie has created. It’s a world I really do want to explore and learn more about. The only thing I’m worried about is that some of the missions can be amazingly hard for a single person and I just hope there aren’t going to be instances where certain parts of the game are only available to those in a party.

      • Yeah, I found that when I trying to speed level a second character, but I have found that there is usually a normal difficulty and hard difficulty for the missions, which only determine the end battle difficulty. So as long as you can get to the point where you can free roam at least Earth, you can level there and get better gear and then go back and try the mission again. But I’m like you, I’m single player person, so one of the things I’m wary of is that it’s so quick to level and the cap is at 20, what will later portions of the game and the two expansions be like for a single player. I also hope you won’t need a party either, or that you have to do the multiplayer battle modes to get ranks in factions to get the gear you need to solo it. But I think they said that the beta was only 10% of the whole game, so there is a lot we still don’t know about, but it will be interesting to see how they balance the single and multiplay experiences.

      • Just wanted to update you since we both were wondering about late game content being party only. It looks like there will be raid instances in the game that you can only access with a party made up of people on your friends list. I can only assume they are doing this in part to make the reason for creating/joining a clan in game. But I think that kind of sucks since I don’t have that many friends to begin with on PS3. It will be interesting to see how much of the end game content this makes up. It could break the game for me.

  4. dimaman15 says:

    I was wondering if the IMJ Nation had any suggestions for animes. I really don’t know anything about them and my only experience with anime is DBZ, Attack on Titan and Naruto. I haven’t seen Akira or Cowboy Bebop (yes, I know I’m a horrible person) and those are definitely on the list but the selection of shows is daunting. Thanks for your help.

    • J. says:

      Hmmm…I’ll need to think about this and get back to you with a decent list.

    • I think they are both still on Hulu for free, but I recently (i.e the last few years) enjoyed two: 1.) Tiger and Bunny
      2.) Accel World

      I’ve also heard that the Netflix exclusive, Knights of Sidonia (that right?) is pretty good.

      • dimaman15 says:

        Thanks for reminding me of Accel World, I’ve been meaning to look into that. Knights of Sidonia sounds pretty interesting, I’ll add that to the list as well. Thanks

    • Classic Question that I have seen Jose answer a few times, but every time he answers I always come away with an awesome show or movie to watch that I haven’t seen.

      • Locusmortis says:

        The Knights of Sidonia manga is fucking awesome, haven’t gotten around to watching the anime yet

        • NicktheStick says:

          I watched the first few episodes to remind myself on what was going on. I had taken a break from the manga, though I don’t really know why. Anyways, it seemed like a decent enough adaptation, but after a few episodes I tore through volumes 6 and 7.

    • ComicBookDude says:

      Unpopular opinion time: I’m not big into anime.

      I know, I know. I just haven’t run into an anime that I could fully get behind. I think part of the problem was that I’d watch anime of a manga I just read (such as Naruto or Death Note) and I’d just be like, “Why am I watching something I literally just read?”

      If there is anime that doesn’t feel like that, let me know. I’ll give it a go. Plus, the Naruto anime gave a new definition to the term “moving at a snails pace”. The manga is so much better.

      I’m thinking of watching Akira now. I remember reading the first volume and loving it.

      • I’m not that big into it either, so your not alone.

        I will say is that I do the reverse of you in that I use anime to find manga to read. Since it’s common that the manga is better or as good as the anime, I’ll check the anime out first and see if the story is something I like and then I’ll got to the manga or see what else the creators of manga have made.

    • Mark O'Brien says:

      Jose is the expert on all things Anime, anything he has suggested to me in the past has always been spot on.

      The crazy thing about anime is there is just so much out there it’s hard to make suggestions unless you know what that person is looking for, I doubt anyone’s top ten list would be the same. It kind of depends what kind of mood you are in.

      Personally I like movies, rather than long series…
      Nausicaa of the Valley of the Wind
      Princess Mononake
      Ghost in the Shell
      Grave of the Fireflies(bring tissue)

      As for series…
      Cowboys Bebop
      Outlaw Star
      If your looking for something really out there.. FCLC is a bizarrely wonderful series that is short, but sweet.

      Of course some out there would look at my list and tell me I’m full of crap, but that is the great thing about anime, there is something out there for everyone.

      • dimaman15 says:

        Personally I’m not picky towards any genre or whether it’s a series or movie (sorry, I know that doesn’t really help narrow things down). The only thing I care about really is quality. Just so long that it’s worth the investment and the time you’re bound to put in. Thanks for reminding me of “Ghost in the Shell” though, I really don’t know how I forgot about that.

        A buddy of mine suggested Death Note and Sword Art Online (I think that’s what it’s called). I was just wondering if you have any experience in either of those. Thanks again for the help.

      • Insideman says:

        Is it OK that I like the High School of the Dead anime? 🙂

    • J. says:

      So, Mark listed some good titles down below earlier. I guess what I could add to those are:

      -Anything else directed by Hayao Miyazaki
      -Kids on the Slope (Series)
      -Paranoia Agent (Series)
      -Perfect Blue (Movie)
      -Paprika (Movie)
      -His and Her Circumstances (Series)
      -Samurai Champloo (Series)
      -Macross Plus (OVA Series)
      -Gundum 0080: War in the Pocket (OVA Series)
      -Neon Genesis Evangelion (Series)
      -Neon Genesis Evangelion: Rebirth (Movie)
      -Neon Genesis Evangelion: End of Evangelion (Movie)

      That should be a good start. If you need anymore recommendations, please let me know. Hope you enjoy these.

    • Helmir says:

      I know these are real classics but I haven’t seen them mentionned in this thread:
      – Full Metal Alchemist (and also Full Metal Alchemist: Brothers)
      – Monster (by Naoki Urasawa)

      I love FMA but maybe that’s an unpopular opinion, I don’t know. As for Monster, it’s an all-time masterpiece.

  5. ComicBookDude says:

    Anyone feel like discussing the greatness that was Guardians of the Galaxy? 🙂

    Here’s my spoiler-free thoughts:

    It was an amazing balance of humor, grittiness, action, and heart. Each character had their moment to shine and grow. In some ways it’s even better than The Avengers. I felt like I knew this team better. The acting is really good. The CGI is incredible. It blends with the “real life” elements really well. It also helps that real people stood in for the CGI during filming, which is very smart. There were a few parts of the script that didn’t really do it for me. There were some supporting characters that were underused to the point of being close to simply glorified cameos. But it’s still the best movie of the summer (closely followed by X-Men: Days of Future Past).

    I’m really hoping that Guardians dethrones Transformers 4 as the current highest grossing movie of 2014.

    • Insideman says:

      GotG grossed $11.2 Million in the first “overnight” shows last night (most starting at 7pm). That’s huge (beating Captain America: Winter Soldier). I decided weeks ago that studio tracking was way off for this film. Instead of $70M… I see Guardians hitting at least $80M (to $95M). Hell, who knows? Most movies sucked this Summer. It might go even higher than that.

  6. Insideman says:

    I fibbed (a little) in the past 9 days. I couldn’t wait to see Guardians of the Galaxy, so I slipped into an early screening. I paid to see it (again) tonight– so now I can officially say what I’ve been thinking for over a week:

    Guardians is the BEST Marvel Studios film. It may not have the “gravitas” of some of the other Marvel Studios movies– but if you want a TRUE comic book film, that feels like a comic came to life… Then GotG is that film.

    (Note that I keep saying Marvel Studios’ films– since I feel very few Marvel movies made by OTHER studios are worth the time it takes to watch them for free.)

    Danielle Young’s OFFICIAL IMJ Geek Film Review is coming… And I may throw in my own 2 cents a little later on!

    • ComicBookDude says:

      It really did feel like Abnett and Lanning’s Guardians run. From what little I know of their run (I only have a few issues of it, since they’re so hard to find and the collections are basically non-existent), I could definitely tell that they heavily influenced the script. I’m also really happy that they didn’t make Rocket into the obnoxious “kill kill die die!” character Brian Bendis has reduced him into.

      All of the characters in the film had heart and their own, unique character. I loved it.

      • Locusmortis says:

        I hope Abnett and Lanning are getting a fucking huge cheque from Marvel for it….

      • Insideman says:

        CBD: Marvel just reprinted the long out of print collections for Abnett & Lanning’s major Guardians story arcs.

        Locusmortis: Abnett & Lanning are the focus of a short film that is playing right after Guardians of the Galaxy ends here in some Los Angeles Theaters. (I saw it at the Arclight.) It’s my understanding that both creators are satisfied with their compensation.

        • ComicBookDude says:

          I didn’t know about the reprints. I guess I should’ve expected it. It is Marvel after all 🙂
          I’ll check those out. They didn’t reprint them in a grossly overpriced omnibus did they?

  7. tomstewdevine says:

    Anybody run emulators on their phone? I’ve been going through a ton of classic games for Game Boy Advance using GBA4ios, but I’ve almost tapped out everything that I wanted to play. I would love to have great working emulator of other consoles on my phone, but none seem to work well. If anybody is using something to play NES, SNES or Genesis games let me in on your secrets.

    And glad to be commenting on the open thread again, if feels like old times.

    • ComicBookDude says:

      I did until I got a new phone so now all my hard work/save files are gone 😦

      I’ll probably get an emulator soon since I loved it. I was dominating The Minish Cap and Pokemon Emerald. Fun times. I should run some Yu-Gi-Oh games since I did love those games when I was younger.

    • They have emulators for your phones? We are in the freaking future now!

    • Helmir says:

      Tom, do you know how space memory-wise GBA4ios takes on the phone drive of your iphone?! I only got like 6GO on my Iphone 4S 😥

      • tomstewdevine says:

        Well the app is really small, its usually the roms that take up most the room, but if you only keep 2 games at a time on your phone 6 gb will be plenty of room.

  8. Insideman says:

    I’ve been walking around all week laughing as people predicted Guardians of the Galaxy would gross $60 to $70 Million this weekend. I knew this movie would make north of $90 Million if it made a dollar.

    • Mark O'Brien says:

      Love that this movie is making good coin…

      I hope they take some of the cash and make me a Power Man/ Iron Fist movie! Make it happen! 🙂

    • Tiger Topher says:

      Yeah, everyone was saying that Marvel was taking a big risk making this movie and now it looks like it’s going to be a huge hit. If this thing ends up being a massive success, we might just get to see films about characters we’d have never believed we’d see on the big screen. I’ve got my fingers crossed for a Fin Fang Foom flick.

      • ComicBookDude says:

        I’d laugh if they made a Great Lakes Avengers movie. Or an Alpha Flight movie. Does Alpha Flight fall under the X-Men property? I’m going to assume it does, but it would be neat to see them in their own movie.

        Personally, I’ve got my fingers crossed for Devil Dinosaur.

      • Cloak and Dagger, I can see it now. I would have picked Idris Elba for Cloak if he was Heimdall already.

        • ComicBookDude says:

          Cloak and Dagger would be cool! If X-Men: DoFP taught me anything it’s that you can make some damn good teleportation/portal effects these days, so Cloak’s ability would be easy to adapt on screen. Plus, those two are another amazing Bill Mantlo creation (like Rocket Raccoon) that would translate nicely to film.

          Speaking of Bill Mantlo, I read a lot of his Spectacular Spider-Man comics a few months ago and they were excellent. He’s easily the most underrated Spider-Man writer ever. And it pisses me off when people place Dan Slott as one of the best Spider-Man writers of all time and forget to even mention Bill Mantlo. It also helped that Ed Hannigan drew most of the issues he wrote too…

          Random tangent over. Yes, a Cloak and Dagger movie would be cool to see.

      • Insideman says:

        Tiger: Wasn’t there a Fin Fang Foom billboard in Iron Man 2?

        • Tiger Topher says:

          Yes, but that Fin Fang Foom looked nothing like Jack Kirby’s version of the character.

          What I want is two hours of the real Fin Fang Foom fucking shit up while rockin’ some stylish shorts.

  9. Insideman says:

    Here’s the fairly awesome BIRDMAN Trailer. I was late getting it up the other day– so here it is instead:

    • Mark O'Brien says:

      Looks cool, but I can’t help but think it should be called Batman, or would that be too obvious. 🙂

  10. ComicBookDude says:

    I’ve been watching a lot of Cinema Sins lately… came across this one for the first time and can’t stop laughing.

  11. J. says:

    I watched this on Netflix streaming last night and it was pretty damn good.

  12. Mark O'Brien says:

    Just got back from watching GotG, pretty cool of my wife to take me, she not really into comic book movies, but she knew I really wanted to see it, soooo.

    It was pretty much as awesome as I expected it to be, so I won’t rehash all the positive things everyone else has been saying about it here on the IMJ site. Instead I thought I would throw out a couple of minor complaints/observations just for something different. 🙂

    I will try to as general as possible to keep things spoiler free.

    Drax the Destroyer was a great character, but he seemed a bit… well, underpowered. I was expecting a little more from him in the ass kicking department.

    Nova Corps, going from Marvel’s version of the Green Lanterns to borderline Keystone Cops in the movie.

    The stinger at the end of the credits was a bit underwhelming, I was really expecting another character to make an appearance. Not so say I hated the one that showed up, it definitely got a laugh out of me, but no way they are making a movie with that particular individual. Would They? That would take balls for sure. 🙂

    Anyway, loved the movie, just a few minor issues that really didn’t ruin the movie for me, but made me scratch my head a little bit.

    • Insideman says:

      I’m really glad you enjoyed it, Mark!

    • J. says:

      I finally saw the film last night and thought it was awesome. I enjoyed WAAAAAY more than Avengers. Actually, I pretty much enjoyed it more than a vast majority of Marvel’s output. The tone of the movie was perfect. It made me a bit sad though when I thought the Ant-Man movie might have been in the same vein if Edgar Wright was still on it.

    • venom829bane says:

      Man that film was so well done, and I didn’t have too high hopes for it, it wasn’t necessarily on my must see list to say the very least, but one afternoon I went to the theater…and I left thoroughly pleased

  13. venom829bane says:

    Anyone seen this series:

  14. Insideman says:

    When I read the comment sections on other geek-related websites, I thank God Almighty that Inveterate Media Junkies screens commenters. Here’s a recent example of the stupidity I just read on another (unnamed) website:

    “DC needs for racial diversity in the hero line-up. Wonder Woman is from the Amazon Jungle, which is in South America, why did they white-wash that?”

    “No, she’s from a mystical island, home to the Amazons of greek myth. jfc.”

    “…Gal Gadot is Israeli if that’s the “white-washing” you’re referring to”

    “She’s not from the Amazon Jungle, she’s an Amazon from the island of Themyscira. Her history is based of off Greek Mythology.”

    “She’s from Paradise Island, not the amazon jungle.”

    “Er no, she’s an Amazon, (daughter of Zeus, a Greek god, in current canon) from Thamyscaria, an island which is Greek. Even in the original myth, it was near Ukraine or Libya, and the Amazons were still Greek.”

    “Wonder Woman is from Themyscira, an island paradise populated by Amazons from Greek mythology. Nothing to do with Brazil. A handful of the Amazons have historically been presented as being of other races, but the majority are European in appearance, including Diana and her mother, Queen Hippolyta.”

    “Amazon island not jungle if your going to bring up shit like that actually know what you’re talking about.”


    • Locusmortis says:

      And that’s not even scratching the surface of all the bondage stuff haha

    • Tiger Topher says:


    • ComicBookDude says:

      Don’t even get me started on some of the comments I’ve read over the summer… (non of which were on IMJ btw)

      Since nobody is hiring in my neighborhood (or if they are hiring, they aren’t hiring for the summer 😦 ) I’ve had a lot of time to do nothing basically, so I’ve been browsing comments sections on various websites. There are a lot of people who just do not know what they are talking about. It’s astounding. I guess I’m amazed because they could just do the proper research themselves in a minute thanks to the internet, but they choose not to. I am talking (mostly) about geeky discussions I came across where some people chose to display their lack of knowledge. I’ve said some stupid things too, so I’m not completely innocent in this either, but man there are some real goofballs out there.

      And I’m not being a complete bum this summer 🙂 I am doing work for friends and family and helping my parents around the house. Just wanted to make that clear 🙂

      • Insideman says:

        It amazes me that people don’t look up facts, let alone double check the simplest of things. It all boils down to both a standard of care AND idiocy. Someone would rather write something stupid– and spend hours defending their stupidity– then take 2 minutes to look something up and become educated.

        I just spent 45 minutes making the most minor of changes to our new Nerdly Possessions™ column logo– because I couldn’t stand that there was the slightest hint of the color teal showing up around the outer circle. I guess most people would say MY priorities are the ones out of whack.

        Speaking of which… IMJ is rebooting the Nerdly Possessions™ column too! Time for everyone to start taking pics of their collections and sending them to me! We would love to restart the column and showcase a different collection every month. All we need are some quality photos! (The BIGGER, the BETTER!) Get off your asses and wave your geek flags… And tell your friends too!

        • ComicBookDude says:

          Cool! I’m going to try to take pictures this weekend. I need to finally get my room cleaned this summer. Going to wake up early tomorrow and get a nice head start on cleaning. Better late than never I suppose… You guys will be amazed at how much geek crap I can store in such a tiny room. Here’s a tease: Thousands of comics and lots of Lego stuff 🙂

        • Why look anything up when the internet has the power to make any delusional ravings actual fact. That’s what I’ve learned over the years, hence why I find it very easy to to leave the internet and tend to be happier when i do, haha

      • Insideman says:

        Like this, from George Takei:

  15. Insideman says:

    Made the MISTAKE of watching the first episode of the OUTRAGEOUSLY GOOD new WGN show Manhattan last night via local affiliate KTLA (instead of the WGN cable channel). Won’t make that mistake twice.

    First sign I knew I was in trouble: They censored the word “shit”. Then blurred TWO INCHES of an extra’s ass crack (I’ve seen more buttcheek in Marie Osmond’s Jenny Craig diet commercials) and finally dropped the audio on the word “god”– so the character only said “damn”.

    What is this? LA in the 50s? With everything going on in this world, I think the citizens of Los Angeles can handle a brief shot of HALF of a woman’s ass and two swear words in an ADULT DRAMA about the making of the Atomic Bomb.

    • venom829bane says:

      You’ve gotta be pc today…forget about honestly and bluntness…its pretty sad what’s happening with stuff like this..I can’t stand it when someone can’t handle real world talk, real world language, and they correct you cause the think “its’s the right thing to do” gimme a fucking break…

    • Speaking of WGN, did anyone check out Salem? I meant to but it came on in the middle of chemo and I never got a chance to check it out. Any good?

      • Insideman says:

        The first several episodes were sorta slow… But then it got really interesting… Especially when Stephen (Avatar) Lang shows up as Cotton Mather. The lead witch (Janet Montgomery) is insanely gorgeous… And if you get the WGN version, there’s a surprising amount of skin. I would recommend it for Janet Montgomery alone. 😉

  16. Tiger Topher says:

    Ian, check your inbox when you get a second. I just sent you an important e-mail.

  17. I hadn’t seen it anywhere on IMJ, so I was wondering what you all thought of Comixology announcing that you can now back up your purchases on your computer, i.e. you actually own what you paid for again? I think this is a smart move (kinda wish Amazon would take a lesson, i’d be more willing to buy kindle books). Granted not every title is able to be backed up at the moment, but its a step in the right direction and they said more past title/issues will become eligible as well as all new stuff being eligible.

  18. Insideman says:

    Memorabilia dealers are SUCH assholes! My ex-girlfriend needed to sell her collectible dolls (before she met me) to pay off an emergency hospital bill. She thought they were valuable, didn’t know how much… So when the dealer offered $500 she was shocked– but took it. Same collection today? $50K+!

    ASSHOLES! (This story is NO different!)

  19. ComicBookDude says:

    The news of Robin Williams passing away has hit me kind of hard today. Over the past year or so, I’ve begun to appreciate his acting. For the longest time I always thought he was just an ok average goofy actor. This past year has shown me that I was very wrong. It was actually Mrs. Doubtfire, of all his movies, that started to convince me that he wasn’t as bad as I thought he was. Then Dead Poets Society changed my mind about him even more. I have not watched Good Will Hunting or King Fisher yet, but I’m going to be fixing that sooner rather than later.

    • venom829bane says:

      Ms. Doubtfire, Aladdin, Hook three of my fav movies as a kid, will miss this guy

      • Locusmortis says:

        I used to watch Mork n’Mindy as a kid, just really funny stuff. So many good film performances too Good Morning Vietnam, Fisher King, One Hour Photo, Mrs Doubtfire and many more, he’ll be missed.

        Another screen icon passed away today, Lauren Bacall, a fantastic mesmerizing actress.

  20. Insideman says:

    I’m getting into Sideshow and other 1/4 scale statue collecting now… Wow, it’s like spiraling down a rabbit hole. So much information. SO MUCH.

    • Tiger Topher says:

      You and I need to admit that we have a problem and get help. It’s not too late to save ourselves from our statue collecting.

      • Insideman says:

        LOL! After I said, “I will NEVER pay $300 for a statue!”… I bought a Sideshow Rogue PF Exclusive Figure on the secondary market today. Putting one of my kidneys on ice tomorrow.

        • Tiger Topher says:

          I, too, added a new statue to my collection today. I don’t have anywhere to put the damn thing, but the price was right so I couldn’t resist.

          • Insideman says:

            My, you’re being so coy. Pray tell, which statue was it?

            I pre-ordered the Emma Frost Sideshow today. The more people complained about the face, the hair, her huge breasts and the stripper boots (all part of her first appearances)… The more I wished I could buy 2.

            • Tiger Topher says:

              The statue in question is the Spider-Woman Bishoujo figure. And speaking of Bishoujo statues, it looks like I’ll be adding three of the older figures from that line to my collection this weekend. Funny enough, one of the three is the Emma Frost statue.

  21. Just wanted to let you all know that Humble Bundle has a great deal on Boom! Comic collections:

    Pay what you want and get:
    Imagine Agents (Complete)
    Evil Empire #1-3
    Curse (Complete)
    Day Men #1-3
    Dead Letters #1-4
    Hit (complete)
    Sons of Anarchy #1-11
    Robocop #1-2
    Robocop: Last Stand, Part One #1-4

    Pay more than the average (as of posting it is $9.84) to get:
    Six Gun Gorilla (Complete)
    Tranclucid #1-3
    The Woods #1-3
    Hacktivist (Complete)
    Mouse Guard: The Black Axe
    Planet of the Apes Vol. 1-4
    Fairy Quest Outlaws
    Polarity (Complete)
    Suicide Risk Vol. 1 & 2
    Protocal Orphans #1-4

    Pay $15 to get
    Bravest Warriors Vol. 1
    Bee and Pussycat #1,2
    Lumberjanes #1-4
    Midas Flesh (Complete)


  22. Insideman says:

    Someone please tell me I am wrong about this: Is the CGC 9.0 Action Comics #1 eBay Auction (which was supposed to start today) really only open to be watched by “pre-approved” bidders? We peons can’t even watch the rich fucks fight over this?

    I hope I am wrong. I really do. The 1% of purchase price goes to the Christopher and Dana Reeve Foundation statement was already enough to make me hurl.

  23. Insideman says:

    You may have heard the news (or maybe not) but the 2015 Edition will be the last of Leonard Maltin’s Movie Guide. Back in the day (when there was no internet– or dial up was murderously slow), Leonard’s Guide was indispensable.

    Like many others, I quit buying the annual guide (about when the sheer number of movies made it impossible to keep everything in one volume– and they had to separate classic films from the “modern era” movies).

    But I just bought the 2014 Guide and pre-ordered the 2015 edition. Not out of a sense of nostalgia. Just got the 2014 edition… And it really is a treat. (Even if the font size used almost requires a magnifying glass to read it.)

  24. Insideman says:

    The same company that is just about finished selling that CGC 9.0 Superman also has a ton of “Stan Lee Signature Series” comics for sale in their eBay store. This is a series of comics they put in front of Stan and said, “Please sign these.”

    What’s weird about that? Stan signed everything from FF comics to SPAWN and a reprint of Action Comics #1… WTF?

    • Locusmortis says:

      Stan probably thinks he wrote all of them

    • ComicBookDude says:

      LMAO at the description for the fifth item (the Spawn cover that’s a tribute to Action #1):

      “Stan Lee seldom EVER signs NON MARVEL BOOKS”

      Gee, I wonder why that would be?

  25. Insideman says:

    With all the talk about the Doctor Who premiere, I see very little chatter on the other BBC America show that premiered last night– Intruders.

    And I think that’s GREAT. Sat through the first tedious, abominably slow 20 minutes or so– only to be rewarded by watching a LITTLE GIRL DROWN HER CAT IN A BATHTUB FULL OF WATER.

    Then I shut the show off and immediately erased it from my DVR and my series cue. I will NEVER watch #Intruders again.

    HOLLYWOOD — You can show how horrible a character is WITHOUT resorting to violence against animals. I know tens of thousands did exactly what I did when they witnessed this scene last night. Sadly, I’m more worried about the other viewers who found it perfectly acceptable.

    • ComicBookDude says:

      That’s too bad. I didn’t watch the premiere because the commercials for the show didn’t really impress me enough to get me to watch. After reading this I’m glad I avoided it. Which is a shame because John Simm is a great actor.

      What’s strange is that BBC America posted the first two episodes of Intruders on their Youtube page (for free).

  26. Mark O'Brien says:

    I watch a lot of TV shows, and I’m not always impressed. Sometimes thought I watch a show and I see a scene that sticks with me. Person of Interest has been a show like that and the ending to the episode “The Devil’s Share ” was very well done.

    Spoilers… Spoliers… Major Spoilers!!!!

  27. Locusmortis says:

    RIP Richard Kiel aka Bond villain Jaws, one of the iconic bad guys from the film series.

    This is an interview he did last year, I remember seeing it and thinking what a tremendously sweet guy he seemed to be

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