Nick Furi’s ODDS and ENDS™- This Week’s Pop Culture News Round-Up!

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Nerd HQ – For many of us, attending SDCC 2014 was never an option. Most would’ve loved to go, but then you have to be extremely lucky just to buy tickets… Never mind the cost of travel to and from, the outrageous hotel rates, the overpriced merch– plus time off from work, etc. For those who still want to experience some of this year’s Hall H panels via good quality video (not shitty iPhone versions), you can catch a ton of interesting con events by hitting this link: [Nerd HQ YouTube]

Comics – Even with its slow start, I love Marvel’s Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. TV series. (I really had fun learning about the characters– especially Agent Coulson). Lucky for me, the undercover team will now be a part of Marvel’s 616 comic book universe as well… And even better, IMJ Favorite™ Mark Waid is writing the comic. Even more exciting?! Waid says each story will be a done-in-one tale! [ICv2]

Video – A  very interesting look at how to educate through LARPing.


Film – The TV pilot for Joe Hill’s Locke and Key apparently wasn’t impressive enough to sell to FOX a few years back. (Hard to believe.) Nevertheless, the comic series could finally be getting an adaptation… This time as a movie trilogy. Comic-Con news bits like this are often awesome, but also extremely annoying due to their vagueness. At the moment, fans will just have to wait to see if this new venture pans out or fizzles. (If only I had some sort of key to unlock the future…) [Digital Spy]

Comics – There’s a new Spider-Woman comic book coming from Marvel. Cool for Jessica Drew fans, for sure… But I want to showcase how this will be Marvel’s ninth ongoing title featuring a female lead. It’s great to see ideas/issues like gender equality taking a strong hold at such a large publisher. Comics are a fictional entertainment where everyone deserves to be fully represented. [Comics Alliance]

Television – Apparently Marvel Studios knew exactly what they had with Guardians of the Galaxy. Before the film blew away the box-office this weekend, a GotG animated series had already been announced. A Guardians cartoon seems like a natural too. Excellent animation, combined with a nice mix of action and jokes, could capture a whole new audience for both the films and the comics! [Collider]

Anime – Last week, I mentioned how I didn’t want to support the craziness of SDCC exclusives– then proceeded to break my own rule. Now, I’m doing it again. This Ghost in the Shell poster is stunning. It definitely goes onto my Me Want Now!™ list. [Crunchy Roll]

Gits Poster

Film – In case you’ve been in a cave the last few weeks (Between SDCC and bad EBOLA news, who could blame you?), here’s the first look at Gal Gadot’s Wonder Woman. I don’t love it, but I also don’t hate it– since the costume does fit the tone and style of the current DC films. Personally, I would’ve preferred something a little closer to the original, but I also understand why this can’t always happen. [The Hollywood Reporter]

Comics – Anyone interested in the 2014 Eisner Awards can find the full Winners List at the link below. Me? I don’t really care. I think it’s interesting to see who wins… But like any industry trophy show, there always seems to be a few voter favourites who “clean up” year after year. The Eisner’s probably aren’t as political as, say, The Emmy’s or The Oscars– but just like those award shows… It would be nice to see the Eisner Awards’ wealth shared across a wider selection of creators and their creations. [Washington Post]

Television – Nickelodeon did the right thing the wrong way by pulling Legend of Korra off TV and shipping it to a digital platform. As the series’ television ratings dropped lower and lower, digital views of the fantastic Avatar sequel apparently rose in glorious fashion. When something like this happens, it makes sense for any television network to move a show to digital– but NOT in the middle of a season! Yet that’s exactly what Nickelodeon did, causing some very vocal fans to lose their shit. [Nerdist]

Video – One of the main reasons Image is my favourite comic book publisher: Every time publisher Eric Stephenson makes a keynote speech, he rocks the truth. When I read his words, I can’t help but think the comic world would be a much better place if every company had a Stephenson in charge. [Image]


Video Games – All right, if this new Firefly game doesn’t get me back into gaming… Nothing will! The entire cast will reunite for voice-over work on Firefly Online a new MMO set in Joss Whedon’s space universe. [PC World]

Television – I had the wonderful pleasure of experiencing Doctor Who’s 50th Anniversary Special at my local cinema. With that worldwide success already one for the record books, Steven Moffat and the BBC have decided to see if they can strike gold again… As the first episode of Series 8 will also hit the silver screen. UK theatre dates have been announced, but sadly, North Americans are still waiting to hear. I don’t like to be kept waiting! [BBC]

Art – There isn’t much more to say here, besides, “This Orphan Black poster is awesome!” Make sure you check out the rest of Jasric’s cool art! [deviantART]

OB Poster

Comics – I’ve been enjoying some of IDW’s stuff lately. (In fact, I love their Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles comic.) Nevertheless, I experience extreme overload whenever I look at the huge amount of licensed comics they pump out. Example: Why the hell does Edward Scissorhands need a comic… In 2014? I know the character will likely sell a few books to diehard fans… But I just don’t understand why the publisher isn’t focusing on creating new things— instead of spending so much time writing checks for licensing fees! [IDW]

Film – Not only is Guardians of the Galaxy getting its own animated series– a film sequel has already been announced. 96% of all reviews have praised the interstellar space opera (including IMJ’s Geek Film Review™)… But I just hope Marvel Studios isn’t getting a little ahead of themselves. (They’re starting to sound like FOX and Sony– greenlighting movies without care– just to cash in on the current wave of Nerdmania sweeping the world.) That said, Director James Gunn has made it clear he didn’t start filming the first GotG without first knowing what he wanted for a possible sequel– so that’s a bonus. [IGN]

Television – Check out all of DC’s newest TV trailers from SDCC— all in one spot. Of course, Arrow is my favourite… But the big surprise? How much the new Constantine trailer makes me want to watch the series. I was skeptical of the first trailer, but each subsequent tease has made me think Constantine has the potential to be pretty great. Now it looks like it will be a very good year for the DC TV Universe. No idea if this will make Zack Snyder step up his film game for Batman vs Superman – Dawn of Justice. [io9]

Video –Doctor Who/Sherlock Musical? Awesome!


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