Nerdly Possessions™ – Manga Collection Update!

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Now here’s how to manage a big Manga collection… Have your girlfriend do it!

Seriously, it’s absolutely wonderful having a partner who cares about my collection as much as I do… Even though she’s never read one volume– and never will. We’ve all experienced (or heard of) horror shows where a “significant other” abuses or shows contempt for our prized stuff… So I thought it was high time I gave credit where credit is due.

Plus, one of the highlights of my week is our banter back and forth– as we grossly mispronounce Manga titles while sorting through each new shipment.

If I had to figure all this shit out on my own, I’d have collapsed under the sheer weight of it a long time ago. 😉LM ULTRA THIN BOX BREAK


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1 Response to Nerdly Possessions™ – Manga Collection Update!

  1. M. Fewko says:

    I see AIR GEAR. Therefore I am happy 🙂

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