Nick Furi’s ODDS and ENDS™- This Week’s Pop Culture News Round-Up!

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Film – While Marvel Studios is knocking everything out of the box-office lately, there’s still one gaping hole in their catalog filled with overwhelming successes: The lack of a female-led motion picture. After the success of Luc Besson’s Lucy (starring Scarlett Johansson, aka Black Widow) and the triumph of the “risky” Guardians of the Galaxy it should be easy for Marvel to take almost any known or unknown woman comic book character and make a successful film. I understand not wanting to rush a movie into production just to pander to critics and their gripes (Remember: Opinions are like assholes– everybody’s got one!), but it’s hard to believe they haven’t already heard some amazing film pitch that could work. In the meantime, I guess we’ll all have to settle for watching Agent Carter on TV. [Screen Rant]

Mash-up/Music Scores – I was fortunate enough to go to my grandparent’s cabin last weekend and enjoy some beautiful weather. While I was there, I got into a (surprisingly) heated discussion about how important music scores are to TV and movie productions. Anyway, this mash-up of Harry Potter and Scott Pilgrim basically proves my point. HP would have been a vastly different franchise if set to this comedic tone. The Scott Pilgrim sound effects and music create a very different feel– even for the most intimate, serious and danger-ridden scenes. [io9]

Collectibles – Another Odds and Ends column, another awesome Hot Toys fig. This week it’s Guardian of the Galaxy’s Star-Lord. [Hot Toys]

Star Lord HT

Digital – I love seeing good things happening for the people I admire… Like Legendary acquiring Geek and Sundry. I adore the YouTube channel and Felicia Day, and I’m always glad to see web stuff get the validity it deserves. (Thankfully, there seems to be a lot of that going around lately). Many people still don’t see web content as professional and (some of it isn’t meant to be)… But hopefully more and more deals like these will help mainstream TV/Film buffs realize the web can be a legitimate outlet for quality entertainment. [Variety]

Dice Shaming – Yeah… This is a thing. It’s actually pretty funny– since most internet shaming is hurtful and harmful. This, however, is just geeks having some fun at the expense of shitty luck. [Nerdist]

Film – Even though I just chided Marvel for not making a female-led movie, I can’t condone Sony‘s making a female Spider-Man spinoff. Why? Because they just seem to be pimping out their Spider-Properties now. The way they’ve handled the Spider-Man franchise lately is appalling. (I tried to watch Amazing Spider-Man 2 and stopped halfway through. It was that bad.) With the third Spidey movie already delayed for a Sinister Six film, it looks like whatever female character they decide to showcase will also be tossed onto their release schedule before Amazing Spider-Man 3. [Collider]

Ninja Rap – Yes! Vanilla Ice agrees with me! He (of course) thinks the new rap song in the latest TMNT movie isn’t as good as his! Wait… Vanilla Ice and I agree on something? Maybe I should rethink my stance. [Comics Alliance]

Fun – Jeff Bridges wins baseball! Watch him throw out the first pitch at a Dodgers game– as The Dude from The Big Lebowski!


Film – Not only did Guardians of the Galaxy break the box-office record for the biggest opening weekend for any August film ever, it also broke the record for most female attendees for a Marvel Studios film. (Apparently the audience was 44% women.) No matter how you feel about the movie, it’s cool to see any super-flick gaining a more diverse audience. [Comic Book]

Secret Projects – Katee Sackhoff sparked some superhero rumours the other day via Twitter. I want this kick-ass lady to be in one of the next Marvel flicks– and I know she wants to don a superhero costume. Unfortunately (at least for now), Sackhoff will not be participating in any Marvel projects– according to her “super-secret-project tweet updates”. So what is the secret project, Katee? What is IT!?! (Sorry for that… I don’t like secrets.) [Comic Book Movie]

Star Wars – It took longer than I expected for Disney to begin developing a Star Wars theme park… But one is now in the works. Is this still too much Star Wars for you, Locusmortis? [Entertainment Weekly]

TV Movies – Of course Sharknado 3 is happening. Wonder how many sequels it will take before this intentionally shitty concept jumps the shark? (Like Ian Ziering did several times to cross a flood in Sharknado 2?) [Coming Soon]

Recreations – Comic Con is over, but there is still some leftover news popping up here and there. Take a look at this cool gallery of some of our favourite stars recreating scenes from famous shows.  [The Hollywood Reporter]

Fillion Kirk THR

Film – Good God, does this ever sound like DC is compensating for something– or what?! Yes, Man of Steel was somewhat successful at the box office– but that doesn’t mean you have to greenlight 9 to 13-ish more film projects in its wake. This all seems more than a little excessive… Not to mention ridiculous. [Deadline]

Video Games – For such a great manga and anime, this Akira game looks terrible. It’s probably a good thing it was scrapped and never released. [Kotaku]

Comics – I really don’t know how to talk about this comic book omnibus without spoiling the final credits scene from Guardians of the Galaxy. (I’ll leave it up to you to click the link, if you choose.) The only thing I will add: I can’t see how this reprinting isn’t somehow related to the character suddenly appearing in GotG. [Marvel]

Awesome! – Actor Chris Pratt rocks! I didn’t think I could like the guy any more than I already did, but hearing the reason behind why he stole the Star-Lord costume (and some of the other props from the film’s set) is truly amazing! It makes me want to support this movie even more! [blastr]

Video – With the new film now out, I’m hoping this is my last TMNT related post for a while. While I still love The Secret of the Ooze, this video does raise some valid points.


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