IMJ Daily Links™

IMJ DAILY LINKS™ FINAL 2014 BANNERGamora + Nebula Concept Art‘Guardians of the Galaxy’ concept art featuring Gamora + Nebula

DC Comics reveals new covers for ‘Superman: Earth One’ + ‘Batman: Earth One’

‘Star Wars Episode VII’ thanks everyone who contributed to ‘Force for Change’

Michael Bay plans to pass director duties for ‘Transformers 5’ to someone else

Trailer for ‘Doctor Who’ Season 8 premiere episode

Apocalypse set to return in Marvel’s Avengers/X-Men crossover ‘Axis’

Legendary actor Robin Williams passes away, aged 63

Bruce Wayne’s age revealed in ‘Batman vs. Superman’

10 second teaser for ‘Better Call Saul’ TV series

Kevin Feige explains how important reshoots are to Marvel Studio’s success

Shark Week lies to scientists to get them to appear in “documentaries”

Director Peyton Reed spills new details on ‘Ant-Man’

‘Babylon 5’ movie reboot aiming for 2016 production start

Guillermo del Toro’s ‘Justice League Dark’ could feature TV Constantine

‘Broadwalk Empire’ Final Season trailer

‘Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles’ takes #1 spot at Box OfficeLM ULTRA THIN BOX BREAK

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