Nick Furi’s ODDS and ENDS™- This Week’s Pop Culture News Round-Up!

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Comics – The Marvel Comics crossover, Axis, could have been both surprising and awesome, but now– thanks to mainstream comic fans (and the legion of goons who populate general internet culture)– needing to know everything before it happens… I don’t give two shits. [Mutiversity Comics]

Film – Take a look at what space protector NOVA might have looked like in Guardians of the Galaxy. I hope the existence of this concept art (+ the huge success of GotG) means Marvel plans to expand their Galactic Cinematic Universe. I would love to add some quality space fantasies to my current TV & Film choices. [Nerdist]

Television – Let’s be honest: Many people were disappointed with Arrested Development Season 4. (I freely admit Netflix’s episodes were nowhere near as good as the eps from the original run.) That said, AD (in almost any form) is better than most TV comedies… So getting MORE wackiness from the Bluth family will always be high on my must-see list. [Screen Crush]

Video – This is, quite possibly, my new favourite thing from Team Coco. (Even though I don’t think it will have the lasting appeal of Wikibear.) Get ready for the best programming TBS has to offer: Snack Slappers!


Comics – Great… Here come even more comics based in Gotham City. (Hasn’t that well run dry already?) This may very well be a good book, but I can’t help but imagine some DC Exec looking at this series and grunting, “It’s so easy to take money from these chumps. They’ll buy anything and everything remotely related to Batman.” [Comics Alliance]

Film – The new film (not yet named) from The Lonely Island crew and Judd Apatow has the potential to be funny– but it also has an equal chance of stinking. Given that,  I think I’ll go in with zero expectations. Let’s all just hope it’s as good as Andy Samberg’s Brooklyn Nine-Nine. [Rolling Stone]

Aquaman – I know the King of Atlantis gets a lot of flack– some deserved, most not. That’s why I must give props to director Zack Snyder for defending the hero recently. (Even writer Geoff Johns accomplished some interesting things with the A-Man, before his tremendously decompressed storytelling caused the series to swiftly spiral into awfulness.) [Comics Alliance]

Collectibles – I’ve already shown you Rocket, Groot and Star Lord Hot Toys… So I might as well add Gamora to the pic mix. (I expect a Drax isn’t too far behind either.) It really is a bit creepy how realistic (and beautiful) this green-skinned Zoe Saldana looks… Making me wonder how long it’ll be before The Hulk starts hitting on her! [Hot Toys]

HT Gamora

Comics – Marvel Comics is killing my interest in mainstream comics… Again! Supposedly next on the comic book character chopping block? Nick Fury. I could get mad, but I won’t. He’ll likely stay dead for a year– if that long. These are comic books we’re talking about… Where death means nothing anymore but increased sales. [Marvel]

Television – The cast of Veronica Mars returns for more! (Kind of.) In what appears to be a very meta version of the well-regard show, many original cast members will reprise their roles in an 8-episode web series. [ICv2]

Assholes – Sorry, but I think Mark Millar and John Romita Jr. are shitheads. Furthermore, I don’t think their views– that piracy is the reason Kick Ass 2 didn’t make as much money as the first one– hold water. (Couldn’t this just be a case where viewers thought the first movie was awful?) Either way, I think it’s high time creators stopped blaming illegal downloads for their product’s lack of performance… Especially since there are so many Bands, TV and Comic Book creators who truly believe downloading has helped grow their fanbase– making them more money in the long run. And don’t get me started on JRJR bashing Jim Carrey at the end– it’s just awful… And, IMO, uncalled for. [IGN]

Video – Awesome! Just. Plain. Awesome!


Film – Marvel Studios’ Kevin Feige just gave us a glimpse into the future of the Marvel Cinematic Universe (and Guardians of the Galaxy). While I do care about the future of  Thanos (and when we’ll find out who Peter Quill’s father is)… I’m way more concerned whether my favourite Doctor Who companion, Karen Gillan, will reprise her role as Nebula in a sequel. I didn’t get a definitive answer from this interview– but I did get a maybe– so that’s good enough… For now. [Latino Review]

Music – It seems like everyone is Hooked On a Feeling, since the Guardians of the Galaxy Awesome Mix Vol 1 CD reached number one this week on the Billboard Charts! I know I love it… So much in fact, I’m actually listening to it as I write this Odds and Ends™ column. I’m also rocking to it in my car and playing it (and randomly singing to it) throughout the day at work… Oh, and at a local bar called O’Malley’s too. Obviously, I can’t wait for Awesome Mix Vol 2! [Billboard]

Weird Apps – You can Groot-ify anything with this cool little button/app. I tested it out on one of IMJ’s recent comic book reviews featuring Groot’s best pal, Rocket Raccoon. [AV Club]


DIY Collectibles – (This is a tiny spoiler for anyone who hasn’t seen Guardians yet!) But if you have seen the movie, here’s how you can make a Groot (seen at the end of the film)– all by yourself! [Facebook]

Comics – Great comic book writer John Layman makes his Valiant Comics debut with Archer and Armstrong! I think this series is a perfect fit for the creator and can’t wait to see the amazing Chew-scribe go to work on these characters. Fred Van Lente is leaving the title with Issue 25, leaving me to hope Layman gets the job full-time. As we all know, he’s definitely more than capable– deserving as much work as he can take on… Without delaying Chew, of course. [CBR]

Video/Kickstarter – It’s incredible watching comic book artist Francis Manapul at work. (This video is actually part of a Kickstarter project for a Golden Age Canadian Comic, Johnny Canuck.) Even if you don’t end up contributing, just watch!


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