Insideman’s Pull List™ – Reviewing 3 Weeks of New Graphic Novels and Manga!

INSIDEMAN'S PULL LISTS NEW8.20.14 Pull ListThe Best Weekly Header

Good gawd, what a fucked up Summer this as been. I could go on and on about my illness, family illnesses, unexpected traveling and the like… But I won’t bore you with all that. Instead, I’ll remind you that the last “weekly” Insideman’s Pull List™ appeared on April 20th, 2014… Which, in internet terms, is like several million lifetimes. At least it wasn’t one of those days where I infamously promised to get this column back on track… ‘Cause, quite frankly, I don’t know what I’m doing half the time– let alone know what track I’m supposed to be on.

Adios, Optimus!

Adios, Optimus!

That’s sad– especially since I really enjoy writing this column… And I’ve lost count how many times I’ve read a book or thought of something and mumbled, “I have to remember to mention this in a future Pull List column.” Today, of course, I can barely remember my name.

It also hurt because I’ve drastically cut my list of regular titles– and I think watching my tastes redefine themselves would’ve been interesting to watch. I’ve got hundreds of books to read, and no matter how many hardcovers or trades come in, I rarely– if ever– choose the licensed comic book collections to enjoy. So, goodbye Green Hornet, GI Joe, My Little Pony, Transformers and the like. (I swear my tastes really are that diverse– or, at least, they were.)

That said, I still enjoy pulps and pulpy science-fiction– so The Shadow, Warlord of Mars, Dejah Thoris and Conan are still on my list. Conversely Red Sonja is gone. I don’t have a clue why, but Gail Simone has seriously forgotten how to write comic books. (The only reason I purchased the Legends of Red Sonja Vol 1 on 8.13.14? Because it contains a series of shorts written by a variety of women.)

I also said goodbye to almost everything printed by Fantagraphics. I may not have been writing this column, but I did use what little free time I had to read… And I discovered that most of Fantagraphics’ output was (unfortunately) ridiculously snobby– and nowhere near as erudite and innovative as it pretends to be. Their Peanuts series alone should have generated more than enough money to keep the lights on– but after reading a large number of their more recent (not based on classic comic strips) output… Let’s just say I’m not the least bit surprised the publisher had to turn to crowd-funding to stay in business.

I’ll end this misery by thanking everyone who contacted me about the column during its absence. Your missing Insideman’s Pull List fueled my desire to return to it even more. I’d even like to thank the guy who had the big balls to send an email asking if I was dead.

No such luck, buddy.

Hardcovers & Trade Paperbacks Insideman's Pull List 2014
ACG Collected Works Forbidden Worlds Slipcase Edition Vol 7 HC
ACG Collected Works Forbidden Worlds Vol 7 HC
Adventure Time Fionna & Cake Mathematical Edition HC
Airboy Archives Vol 2
Batman Arkham Unhinged Vol 3 – Another Batman Universe? No thanks!
Batman Arkham Unhinged Vol 4 HC
Batman Incorporated Vol 2 Gotham’s Most Wanted – Own the Hardcover
Best Of Archie Comics Vol 4
Bloodshot Vol 5 Get Some
Bravest Warriors Vol 3 – Stopped buying the softcovers…
Brightest Day Omnibus HC – Bad enough I bought them once!
Captain America Epic Collection Society Of Serpents
Conscience Of A Cartoonist HC
Daredevil By Mark Waid Vol 6 – Own the Hardcover. Recommended
Dead Letters Vol 1
Doctor Who The Cruel Sea – I like these Panini collections!
First Kingdom Vol 5 The Space Explorer’s Club HC
Grimm Portland Wu
Harvey Horrors Black Cat Mystery Softie Vol 3
Harvey Horrors Collectors Pack Black Cat Mystery HC
Journey Into Mystery By Kieron Gillen The Complete Collection Vol 2
Justice League Dark Vol 4 The Rebirth Of Evil
Katana Vol 1 Soultaker
Killer Omnibus Vol 2 – Own the individual Hardcovers
Loki Agent Of Asgard Vol 1 Trust Me
Lucifer Book 4 – Read ’em already
Megahex HC
Monster And Madman
Peanuts Waiting For The Great Pumpkin HC
Punisher Vol 1 Black And White
Roy Thomas Presents Sheena Queen Of The Jungle Bookshop Edition Vol 1 HC
Roy Thomas Presents Sheena Queen Of The Jungle Bookshop Slipcase Ed Vol 1 HC
Second Chance At Sarah HC – Looks very cool…
Shadowman End Times
Sinister Dexter – Liked the art!
Suicide Risk Vol 3 – Highly Recommended!
Tales Designed To Thrizzle Vol 1 – Own the Hardcover
Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Adventures Vol 8 – No more!
Vampirella Bites – No thanks!
Weapon Brown Omega Edition HC – Bought the Trade
Winter Soldier The Bitter March
Zaya HC – Looks awesome!

Attack On Titan Before The Fall Vol 2
Chi’s Sweet Home Vol 11 – Manga Pick of the Week!
Dorohedoro Vol 13
From the New World Vol 5
Gangsta Vol 3
Heroic Legend Of Arslan Vol 1
Ikigami The Ultimate Limit Vol 10
Missions Of Love Vol 8
Tsubasa Omnibus Vol 1 – Bought individual volumes
Vinland Saga Vol 4


8.13.14 Pull List

Hardcovers & Trade Paperbacks Insideman's Pull List 2014
Batman Earth One – Geoff Johns writing Batman! Uh… No!
Captain America Vol 4 The Iron Nail HC
Dave Gibbons Watchmen Artifact Edition HC – Recommended
Deadpool By Daniel Way The Complete Collection Vol 4
Dejah Thoris And The Green Men Of Mars Vol 2
Displaced Persons OGN
Doc Savage Double Novel Vol 76 Mindless Monsters – Recommended
Don Heck A Work Of Art HC
El Nino Omnibus HC – Looks cool…
Flash Vol 3 Gorilla Warfare – Own the Hardcover
Flash Vol 4 Reverse HC
GI Joe Silent Interlude 30th Anniversary Edition HC
Green Lantern Wrath Of The First Lantern – Own the Hardcover
Grimm Fairy Tales Presents Age Of Darkness Vol 2Never!
Grimm Fairy Tales Presents HelsingEver!
Guns Of Shadow Valley HC – Looks cool too…
He-Man And The Masters Of The Universe Vol 3
Heart Of The Beast 20th Anniversary Edition HC
Heart Of The Beast 20th Anniversary Signed Edition HC
Hip Hop Family Tree Vol 1 (New Print)
Hip Hop Family Tree Vol 2
Invisibles Deluxe Edition Vol 2 HC – Own the Omnibus (and the Trades)
Judge Anderson Psi Files Vol 4
Kings Watch Vol 1 – Jeff Parker! Recommended
Legends Of Red Sonja Vol 1 – Probably my last Dynamite Red Sonja book…
Megalex HC
My Little Pony Vol 3 The Return Of Harmony – No more, thanks!
Never Underestimate A Hermit Crab
Night Of The Living Vidiots
Pathfinder Vol 2 Of Tooth And Claw HC – Ummm, why did I buy this?
Phantom The Complete Sundays Vol 2 1943-1945 HC – Recommended
Preacher Book 5 – Read ’em all already
Scott Pilgrim Color Edition Vol 5 HC – Recommended
Shadow Double Novel Vol 86 Treasure Trail
Smurfs Anthology Vol 3 HC
Spider Double Novel Vol 4 Wings of the Black Death
Star Wars Legacy II Vol 3 Wanted Ania Solo
Star Wars The Lucas Draft HC (Deluxe Box Set Edition)
The People Inside HC
Vamplets The Nightmare Nursery Vol 2 HC
Warlord Of Mars Vol 4
Zombiellenium Vol 2 Human Resources HC

Deadman Wonderland Vol 4
Fairy Tail Vol 41
Itsuwaribito Vol 12
Loveless Vol 12 – I buy the 3-in-1 editions
Magi Vol 7
Monster Soul Vol 2
My Little Monster Vol 3
Samurai Executioner Omnibus Vol 2 – Own the individual volumes…
Wolfsmund Vol 5

PULL LIST BREAK8.6.14 Pull List

Hardcovers & Trade Paperbacks Insideman's Pull List 2014
A1 Presents Odyssey Vol 1 HC – Looks interesting…
Archie The Married Life Vol 5
Bunker Vol 1
Complete ElfQuest Vol 1 The Original Quest – Not for me
Constantine Vol 2 Blight
Danger Girl Back In Black Not for me either
Death Of Archie A Life Celebrated
Dexter Down Under HC – Definitely not for me…
Fear Agent Vol 5 I Against I (New Print) – Own it. Recommended
Film Noir 101 The Best Film Noir Posters From The 1940s -1950s HC
Fracture Vice & Virtue
Fury MAX My War Gone By HC – Highly Recommended
Garth Ennis Complete Battlefields Vol 1 (New Print) – Own it. Recommended
Ghostbusters Vol 8 Mass Hysteria Part 1
G.I. Joe America’s Elite Disavowed Vol 4
God Is Dead Vol 2 – Volume 1 was out there…
Heroes Of The Comics Portraits Of The Pioneering Legends HC
How The World Was A California Childhood
I Was The Cat HC
Invincible Ultimate Collection Vol 9 HC – Recommended
Iron Man Vol 3 The Secret Origin Of Tony Stark Book 2 – Own the Hardcover
Jeph Loeb And Tim Sale Yellow Blue And Gray HC – Read them already
Jim HC – I’m fond of very few Fantagraphics books…
Jim Henson’s The Storyteller The Novelization HC
Juice Squeezers Vol 1 The Great Bug Elevator
Judge Dredd Complete Case Files (US Edition) Vol 8
Marvel Comics 75 Years Of Cover Art HCGreg Land covers, anyone?
Marvel Universe Avengers Assemble Vol 2 Digest
Marvels The Platinum Edition Slipcase HC – $200 USD for FOUR comics!?!
Neil Gaiman’s The Graveyard Book The Graphic Novel Vol 1 HC
Ring Of The Nibelung HC
Rocky And Bullwinkle Classics Vol 2 Vacational Therapy
Scorpion Vol 8 In The Name Of The Son
Skyman Volume 1 The Right Stuff
Stuff Of Legend Omnibus Vol 1 HC Expanded Edition – Own the un-expanded
Superman Vol 3 Fury At World’s End – Own the Hardcover
Superman Vol 4 Psi-War HC
Thanos The Infinity Revelation OGN HC – Looks like a treat!
T.H.U.N.D.E.R. Agents Classics Vol 4
Transformers Classics UK Vol 5
Uncanny X-Force By Rick Remender The Complete Collection Vol 1
Usagi Yojimbo Vol 6 (New Print)
User’s Guide To Neglectful Parenting
Walter Simonson’s Lawnmower Man Artist’s Edition Portfolio HC
World Of Warcraft Bloodsworn
X-O Manowar Vol 6 Prelude To Armor Hunters

Alice In The Country Of Joker The Nightmare Trilogy Vol 1
Black Rose Alice Vol 1
Bleach Vol 61
D-Gray Man Vol 24
Fairy Tail Vol 40
Food Wars Shokugeki No Soma Vol 1
Happy Marriage Vol 7
Knights Of Sidonia Vol 10 – Manga Pick of the Week!
Les Miserables Manga Classics
Les Miserables Manga Classics HC
My Little Monster Vol 3
Nura Rise Of The Yokai Clan Vol 22
Oh My Goddess Vol 46
Pokemon Black And White Vol 17
Pride & Prejudice Manga Classics
Pride & Prejudice Manga Classics HC
Rosario+Vampire Season II Vol 13
Spell Of Desire Vol 1 – Didn’t buy it, but I still might…
Toriko Vol 23
Trigun Maximum Omnibus Vol 4
Voice Over Seiyu Academy Vol 6
Wandering Son Vol 7 HC – Recommended
What Did You Eat Yesterday Vol 3

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