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Film – Seems like The Rock gets his choice between playing Captain Marvel or Black Adam (a role he actually accepted, before an earlier S.H.A.Z.A.M. film adaptation failed to take hold). This really isn’t “new” news with all of the casting rumours flying around, but it will be interesting to see whether Dwayne Johnson decides to play the hero or the villain. I’m almost positive he’s decided on the former– and is just leading geeks on a wild goose chase to create a bit more publicity for the upcoming films in the DC Cinematic Universe. [USA Today]

Comics – The origin of Venom will finally appear in comics… And you know what? I actually don’t mind this. I usually rag on blatant gimmicks (which this still clearly is) but it’s been 30 years since the character first appeared in comics– which is more than long enough to wait for an origin story. (At least it won’t just be rehashing original origins like DC’s New 52 does.) I will, however, again complain about the announcement coming so far in advance– just to create false sales boosts. Come on, wouldn’t it have been more fun to leave it as a surprise for readers? Then, come November, the internet would have exploded with the news and fans would go nuts. And one more thing: Why the fuck is Venom’s origin appearing in Guardians of the Galaxy? Is it because Marvel’s finally listened to the reviewers rightly criticizing Amazing Spider-Man writer Dan Slott— or is it more likely that Venom really is an alien that attached itself to Peter Parker during the Secret Wars? [Digital Spy]

Video – This week was a monstrous one for cool and funny videos– so I’m combining TWO videos from Entertainment Weekly into one column. (I really don’t know why they are producing these things, but they’re still fairly funny.) The one below is my favourite, but there is another humorous one about the dangers of binge watching… And since I posted a binge watching a video a little while ago, I thought I would share the love for character actors too.


Video Games – I really don’t want to amplify the unfortunate situation surrounding Robin Williams’ passing… But knowing his love of gaming and geek culture, I think the outpour of fan support is heartwarming. There are already two petitions asking to immortalize Williams in games he is known to be a big supporter of: World of Warcraft and The Legend of Zelda. Nintendo has given their condolences, but hasn’t stated if there will be a tribute in any future games. WoW, on the other hand, may already have multiple characters in the works– and it looks like a genie called Robin the Entertainer will appear in a new update. [IGN (WoW), IGN (Zelda), IGN (Genie)]

Film – Alright, here’s my best Chandler impression…Via text: “Can there BE anymore heroes in Batman V. Superman?” [Nerdist]

Comics – The Spider-Woman Butt Variant has already been discussed a bit in the IMJ Daily Links comment section… And our wonderful Aaron Evans also found the below link and posted it in the comments, but I want to shed more light on the memes that have popped up during all the raging reactions. I think the variations of this variant are extremely entertaining– whether you are a fan of the original Milo Manara art or not. [The Mary Sue]

Documentary – The George Takei documentary is available for purchase via iTunes, on demand– and is also playing in select theatres. If anyone deserves a documentary, it’s George Takei. When you factor in the personal obstacles he’s overcome, the awareness he’s raised for the LGBT community– the fact that he’s also a great actor and an all-around amazing person… I had more than enough reasons to purchase this doc. [To Be Takei]

Video – Honestly, I don’t really like many of the How It Should Have Ended videos. The only ones I laugh at (every time) are the superhero ones… And mostly just after scenes relegated to the coffee shop. Their takes on Batman and Superman are gut-bustingly great. That noted, the HISHE Batman v Superman SDCC Trailer is awesome. Make sure you stay to the end!


Awesome Celebrities – Move over Sir Patrick Stewart and Sir Ian McKellenChris Pratt is the new coolest person ever! [Cinema Blend]

Art/Film – The recently surfaced Guardians of the Galaxy concept art makes me overjoyed director James Gunn decided to go with the versions seen in the film– since these other concepts are mediocre at best. Their use would have really changed my enjoyment of the film… As bad costumes/CGI can easily take the audience out of the moment. The remastered versions of the original Star Wars trilogy have laughable moments with Jabba the Hutt, and The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug had some severe problems too– relying on a delicate balance of costumes, live action and CGI. (The poor combinations ruined half of the movie for me because I couldn’t stop noticing the flaws.) [io9]

Comics – All you Steve Ditko fan’s out there get ready to be very pleased… As IDW and Yoe Books are bringing comic readers a collection of Ditko’s short stories. This hardcover collection will have an abundance of amazingly strange, 1-3 page comic shorts created by the man himself. At $25, it seems like a steal– so there shouldn’t be much hesitation to purchase this one. [IDW]

Fake Prescriptions – These prescriptions for superheroes are witty and tons ‘o fun. They may need to give me a Rx just to calm my level of enjoyment for these. [Shutterstock]


Books – Holy crap! The Dungeons and Dragons Player’s Handbook is not only a bestseller, but THE #1 bestseller on Amazon! This in an incredible feat for the table top RPG community. Whether you’re into this type of gaming or not, you have to admit all these nerd hobbies being pushed into mainstream pop culture– and being welcomed with open arms— makes it a great time to be a geek. [ICv2]

Television – Actress Jenna Coleman is apparently leaving Doctor Who, meaning the latest Doctor might lose his first companion during the upcoming Christmas Special. Everyone is treating this like it’s huge news, but it’s really not. There have only been 13 Doctors in the show’s 50-year history, compared to (almost) 60 companions. Personally, I like Clara, but I know the fanbase– like always– has mixed emotions… And I sincerely doubt her reactions to the “new” Doctor in last night’s Season 8 premiere will change many of the haters’ minds either. That said, I do hope Steven Moffat makes me actually care she’s leaving by the time she actually does. [Mirror]

Video Games/WTF? There once was 1 million people playing Pokemon and now we have goldfish playing Street Fighter. (I was lucky enough to see a knockout while watching for a couple of minutes.) Trust me, I can’t see there being much more action. [Geeks Are Sexy]

Video – I didn’t know I had this question until I was presented with the answer: What if Michael Bay directed UP?


Apps – Comic book creator Rob Liefeld has launched his own app, allowing you to buy his comics and get news about all things Liefeld. While I dislike his art and his writing, I can’t deny he occasionally comes up with the odd good idea. I mean, it’s the odds of probability… Right? [Comics Alliance]

Collectibles – Damn you, Funko! I’m not made of money! I’m already having to put all my energy into not buying all your other TMNT figures– and now you release details of the Turtle Van. Since I have the foursome already, this is a must buy for me! Dammit! [Tomopop]

Film – The first photo of Paul Rudd on the set of Ant-Man leaves much to be desired. It’s really just a photo of the actor standing around. Until I see some pics relating to the suit itself, I don’t see what all the hype is about. [Deadline]

Cinema – I hate when people use their phones in movie theatres! (I’m usually a fairly calm guy, but something about seeing a bright light while trying to enjoy a movie pushes my buttons.) The experience also makes me unapologetically loathe anyone rude enough to think using a phone in a cinema is acceptable. So, imagine my ire when I heard that some Chinese movie theatres are experimenting with allowing audience texts to pop up on the screen during a movie. If this becomes a “thing” and makes it’s way to North America (which it probably will), I really hope these screenings remain separate from normal viewings. Otherwise, you’ll never see me going to the movies ever again. Seriously people, it’s good for you to turn off your fucking phones once in a while. [/Film]

Video – Captain America: Winter Soldier is one of my favourite Marvel movies. Now you know it’s made the big time when it gets an Honest Trailer. The remade trailer is great, but the Star Wars joke and the Hail Hydra! pun is enough to make the entire video a winner for me.


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