Nick Furi’s ODDS and ENDS™- This Week’s Pop Culture News Round-Up!

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Art – LA is the place for Gallery 1988— quickly becoming known for some really fun exhibits. (They’ve had Bill Murray and Avengers-inspired shows.) Now the king of geekdom, Joss Whedon (and all his creations) will be on display in September. I would definitely check this out, but I unfortunately live 1752 miles (or 2819 km for all of you on the metric system) away… So I don’t think it’s financially, timely, or possible for me to attend. Anyone in the area better go at least once for once for me. [Nerdist]

Television – TV show Full House might be making a return to the idiot box. Honestly? I haven’t decided if I like or loathe this idea. Since I grew up watching the old show, the nostalgia makes me want to check out a revised version– especially since some of the original cast (including John Stamos) might be involved. [Variety]

Collectibles – Looks like everyone wants to cash in on Dancing Groot… And that makes a lot of sense, since the tone of the GotG scene where Baby Groot appears screams for a Funko Bobble-Head. My problem: I hate bobble-heads (I don’t know why). Plus, I know I’d have to play I Want You Back every time I made Groot dance. I like the song now, but I also know me… And I doubt I’d get through too many replays before I’d get sick of the whole idea. [Tomopop]


Expensive Comics – Apparently the much publicized CGC 9.0 Action Comics #1 ended up selling for $3.2 million on eBay. Damn! That’s a lot of Dancing Groot Bobble-Heads! [Comics Alliance]

Tabletop/PAX – I love watching live Dungeons & Dragons events from PAX. They started out as podcasts, then turned into great viewing experiences as panels (now showing on YouTube). I missed the last one from PAX East (which I will correct shortly), but there’s going to be a new adventure this weekend at PAX Prime in Seattle. If you enjoy D&D at all, trust me… You’ll love watching these too. [PAX Prime]

Awesome Art – I really enjoy fan-art mash-ups… And these pieces (all by deviant artist DrFaustusAU) are some of my favourites. They’re bright and colourful– mixing this and that. You can even see pop culture icons transformed into The Cat in the Hat. Better click the link or I’ll kick your caboose… Cause what could be better than seeing your favourite characters drawn in the style of Dr. Seuss? [Deviant Art]


Emmys – The Emmys were televised last Monday. (In case you were deep beneath the Earth spelunking in a cave, there’s a list of all the winners and losers in the link below.) I don’t get overly invested in these rather artificial affairs, but I always do have my favourites. Sherlock swept the mini-series category, which is great– if a few years too late. I think Jim Parsons is a treat too, but I absolutely adored Ricky Gervais in Derek (which, by the way, is probably one of my favourite shows in ages) and was disappointed his performance wasn’t further recognized with a statue. The only other category I was really interested in? Best Supporting Actor. I was happy to see Aaron Paul win again, but I think Peter Dinklage deserves one too. Finally, Seth Meyers was an awful host. Please, please… Just get Tina Fey and Amy Poehler to host all the awards shows from now on… Okay? [Emmys]

Television – Donald Glover is finally Spider-Man! Well… The Ultimate version, at least. I would have loved it if Glover’s (joke) tweet had led to him getting cast as Spidey in the film reboot. It would’ve been a much-needed fresh take on the character– instead of rehashing the Peter Parker origin so quickly. Anyway, I already like Childish Gambino’s voice for the Miles Morales character… And that’s just from the 1-minute 19-second preview! [Superhero Hype]

Art – More Guardians of the Galaxy concept art surfaces– and this time it’s a lot better than the pieces I showed last week (and quite close to the designs used in the film). [/Film]

Collectibles – When I was a kid, I spent many, many hours playing the original StarCraft. (Seriously, I wasted a lot of my life playing that game… Even if I was pretty terrible.) So I have a natural affinity for Kerrigan (both Ghost and Zerg versions), leaving me with an odd desire to buy this Sideshow Statue. Thankfully, I still know better than to spend $380 USD on an item that isn’t a must buy. Of course, if someone were to buy it for me… Well, that would be a different story entirely. [Sideshow]


Film – If this rumor is true, I guess we now know why the DC Cinematic Universe is so damn bleak. According to unconfirmed reports, Warner Bros has instituted a “No Jokes” policy for the films. This might work for the first few movies, but it can’t last forever. I just can’t see a Justice League film with Flash, Aquaman and Cyborg not bringing the tiniest bit of comic relief. Hell, even Christopher Nolan’s Dark Knight Trilogy had the odd one liner. [The Mary Sue]

Fan Art – These fan-made posters for Star Wars Episode VII are pretty interesting. Definitely makes me curious! [Geeks Are Sexy]

Collectibles – I keep wondering when the Funko vinyl figure boom will abruptly halt. I love a lot of their stuff, but they truly are producing insane amounts of product right now. You can buy figures for almost everything from Duck Dynasty to your favourite superheroes, The Nightmare Before Christmas, The Big Lebowski and Supernatural. At some point (Think: Beanie Babies) this craze has to end… Right? To prove Funko will leave no character out, here’s a pic of their new Howard the Duck figure. Hmmm… I guess his appearance in Guardians really did spark an influx of interest. (And if I just spoiled that for you because you haven’t seen Guardians of the Galaxy yet… What’s wrong with you?! Go see the movie now!) []


Television – Well, it looks like Sherlock Series 4 is going the dark and depressing route. According to series co-creator Steven Moffat, he “reduced [the] cast to tears [while] telling them the plan.” With Doctor Who (and seemingly everything else) leaning toward the grim, I’m wondering if this is something the audience really needs. One thing I do know: I love watching Benedict Cumberbatch and Martin Freeman play these characters– so I’ll be watching either way. [Entertainment Weekly]

Film – Both of IMJ’s fabulous film reviewers– Danielle Young and Aimee Kuzenski— thought Sin City: A Dame to Kill For was worth the price of admission. To emphasize how style can be everything for a film like this, watch some of these dailies/b-rolls for Sin City… Where the quick action scenes and one-liners are all delivered in front of a boring green screen. Sorta blows the magic, huh? [io9]

Video – I love this fan video! It really showcases the fun, interesting stories, exciting action and superb acting found in all the Marvel Studios films. This video proves these films are more than just a studio cashing in on the comic book film craze. Simply put, these are great movies… That just happen to star superheroes.


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