Nick Furi’s ODDS and ENDS™- This Week’s Pop Culture News Round-Up!

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Television – I vaguely remember watching The Tick cartoon in the 90s, but I never had a chance to catch the short-lived live action TV show. Now rumours are swirling that the series is set for a relaunch. I remember the cartoon being fun and ridiculous– so I’m interested to see, with geek culture becoming more mainstream, if a series like this would actually fly now. Or maybe it will be too lighthearted because, you know, every single comic fan only loves their stuff dark n’ gritty these days. [Nerdist]

Film – I was truly giddy when I found out Joaquin Phoenix was in contention to play Doctor Strange. Phoenix is one of my favourite actors and I think he would be a great fit for the Master of the Mystic Arts. That said, it seems like he isn’t sure about signing a multiple film deal and having to worry about green screen and Marvel’s legendary reshoots. Looking at lots of green screen footage lately, I can understand his hesitation– that color looks like a bitch to act against. From the (very) limited acting I’ve done, I know it’s way easier to play off people in an environment you can actually experience first hand. [Badass Digest, Collider]

Comics – Squeee! Check out the first images for the new Legacy of Luther Strode comic. Admittedly, The Legend of Luther Strode wasn’t quite as good as the original mini-series, but it was still tons-o-fun. Tradd Moore’s work is dynamic, cartoony and amazingly violent– creating a comic with a truly unique look. January can’t come quick enough! [Tumblr]

Luther Strode

Collectibles – Coins are probably one of the first things people collect (along with stamps and rocks)… And for those of you who may not know, Superman was co-created by a Canadian. Put those two facts together, and you can see why the Royal Canadian Mint has issued Super-Coins to commemorate and celebrate of Superman’s 75th Anniversary! But these aren’t your standard 25¢ pieces– they’re gold and silver $10, $15, $20, and $100 coins… And with their limited run, they won’t run cheap. Personally, I always laugh when new currency costs more than face value… And this time is no different: The $100 Supes gold coin will cost you $750. I’m pretty sure any banker would gladly tell you these are a foolish investment… But then they don’t understand geeks, do they? [Comics Alliance]

Television – Holy shit! Netflix is making crazy deals everywhere. First they grab The Blacklist for a whopping $2 million an episode. Then they pick up Gotham before it even airs. The streaming giant must have some serious confidence in this new FOX series to back such an unprecedented deal. I’m fairly hopeful the show will be good, but I don’t think I would go out on a limb for (approximately) $1.75 million an episode! Netflix must know something we don’t… Or maybe not. [IGN (Gotham), IGN (Blacklist)]

Film – Woot! Looks like Warner Bros finally heard our cries of outrage and are now officially giving us a Wonder Woman movie… Along with a Justice League film (which we already knew was in the works) and Shazam (which The Rock has been hinting at for ages) and Aquaman (which still might be a hard sell for the general public). All I can say at this point: “Please don’t suck. Please don’t suck. Please don’t suck!!!” [/Film]

Theme Songs – Here’s the Doctor Who theme– presented cello-style by The Doubleclicks. This is the same group who brought us the amazing Star Wars version of “Baby It’s Cold Outside”.


DIY Fashion – Do you have a bunch of boring Comic Con bags lying around? If you do, then you should know someone invented a great new use for them, turning the bags into clothing… And the pieces look fucking awesome! P.S. – I want the hat. [io9]

Television – I loved the New 52 version of Supergirl. It was a great comic for everyone– even readers who possessed very little knowledge of the character. I quickly grew attached to her, but then constant Editorial meddling (including several unnecessary crossovers) made me loathe the newer issues. Now DC is apparently trying to bring Supergirl to TV. For the record, I’m excited… But I don’t want another Smallville– I want to see the character in full superhero mode. Anyways, this is still a BIG rumour… So I’m not getting my hopes up just yet. [Screen Crush]

Collectibles – I know you are probably sick of me talking about blind box figures (even I’m getting a bit tired of them)… But I want them all sooo much! I’ve been good and not giving into temptation lately, but after seeing the Rose, Jack Harkness, Master and Rassilon figures in this new Doctor Who series– I’m going to be put to the ultimate test. Who am I kidding? I’m definitely going to spend too much money on these! [Tomopop]

Who Titans

Film – Wow! My prediction that Dwayne Johnson would decide to play hero in the new SHAZAM film was completely wrong. I had a 50/50 chance of guessing correctly, but DJ decided to give “The People’s Elbow” to my guess– laying it out for the count. I’m curious if Billy Batson will actually be the main character in the movie… Or will DC shunt most of the myths and magic behind Captain Marvel to the side and focus on Black Adam? I guess only The Rock and Warner Bros truly know what’s cooking. [Variety]

Comics – There hasn’t been much comic news lately– so why not check out these cool Kickstarter projects? There’s Sex and Violence Vol 2 from Jimmy Palmiotti… And Rum Row with art that reminds me of Ryan Ottley and Cory Walker’s work. (There are several more choices in the link below too.) I’m not saying all these new comics will be great (except for Palmiotti’s Sex and Violence– he consistently turns out great stuff)… But I’m always up for trying something different! [Kickstarter]

Video – This is such a great parody/mashup of Guardians of the Galaxy and the Beatles… Even if the video does feature a song most won’t be familiar with.


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