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  1. Insideman says:

    Jose clued me into this…

    • J. says:

      Hahaha. Whatta numbnuts. This will never stop being funny.

      • Well, I just purchased a new iPad Air 2, 128 GB storage, and I did this primarily so I can consume comics, graphic novels, and some video.

        As I was saying to Ian today, I am just getting back into comic books. The last comic book I read was back in the late 1970’s. I have no clue if/how anything has changed, or how the characters have evolved. If anybody can point me to a book or several books to get me up to speed on both Marvel and DC, I would really appreciate it. As I said, I’ve been in the dark since the late 70’s, so I have a lot of catching up to do. Any help you can give will be much appreciated. Thanks.

        • Insideman says:

          Everybody, I would really appreciate it if you could come up with some great suggestions for Derwin to read! Thanks!

        • Morlock50 says:

          Start with Watchmen, The Dark Knight Returns, and V for Vendetta. My advice is to forget about getting up to speed on the various universes. Pick stories with characters that you like and see what authors you like.

        • Helmir says:

          I can’t really help you when it comes to Marvel, but for DC I would say:

          1/ Read the “Classics”, they are the most likely to please you
          So: “Watchmen”, “V for Vendetta”, you can go a little indie with “From Hell”, “Batman: Year One”, “Superman; Red Son”, “The Dark Knight Returns”, “Superman; Secret Identity”, “Kingdom Come”, “Batman: The Black Mirror”, “Animal Man” by Grant Morrison, “Swamp Thing” by Alan Moore, etc.

          2/ The New 52 is the event that “rebooted” (ish) the DC Universe. It’s icky and not perfect, but a good starting point after the classics. I would recommend:
          – Batman by Snyder and Capullo
          – Batman and Robin by Tomasi
          – Batman, Inc. by Grant Morrison (really heavy in terms of continuity though)
          – The Flash run of Manapul and Buccellato
          – Wonder Woman by Brian Azzarello and Cliff Chiang
          – The “Superman: Action Comics” run of Grant Morrison (TPB Vol 1 to 3)
          – Dial H (kinda indie comic book but good!)
          – Animal Man by Jeff Lemire
          – Swamp Thing by Scott Snyder and then Soule
          – Green Arrow by Jeff Lemire and Sorrentino

          The other titles of the New 52 I enjoyed but which aren’t as awesome are:
          – Captain Atom
          – Justice League International
          – Demon Knights

          And apparently titles like “Justice League 3000” and “Grayson” are really great, but I haven’t read them yet.

          People may tell you the New 52 sucks (hell, I used to scream so myself), but despite all its flaws, it still has great things to bring. You just need not to focus to much on Continuity (it’s still not set in rock yet, since DC had a hard time figuring out what they wanted to do with it) and avoid like the plague some titles such as Detective Comics by Tony Daniel or The Dark Knight.

          With this first few titles to go into, you’ll be all set to understand what the current continuity of DC is and what you like/dislike.

          Good luck!

        • ComicBookDude says:

          Helmir basically covered all the DC stuff I was going to say, but I’ll add a few: Justice League: The Nail, Batgirl: Year One, Superman: Birthright, Wonder Woman: The Hiketeia, Green Lantern: Secret Origin, Blackest Night (this one I’d add a little caution on since it’s a bit continuity heavy), and the Rebels series DC did a few years ago. I’ll reiterate some from Helmir’s list that are amazing must-reads: Superman: Red Son, Kingdom Come, and Dark Knight Returns.

          As far as Marvel goes I’d suggest:

          -Daredevil: Born Again
          -Joss Whedon’s run on Astonishing X-Men
          -the first several volumes of Ultimate Spider-Man by Brian Bendis and Mark Bagley
          -Captain Britain and MI13
          -Captain America: The Winter Soldier
          -Agents of Atlas
          -Secret Wars
          -Planet Hulk
          -Invincible Iron Man: Worlds Most Wanted
          -Armor Wars
          -Nextwave: Agents of Hate
          -Wolverine and the X-Men

          I’m sure I’m forgetting some, but that’s what comes to mind off the top of my head. Hope this helps!

  2. ComicBookDude says:

    3 days left! My excitement for this show has increased a lot this past week.

    • J. says:

      It’s looking like it is going to be pretty good. If it’s half as entertaining as Arrow, I will be pleased.

    • The only thing that caused me hesitation is the whole thing of the Poison Ivy name change thing. It wouldn’t matter too much if 1.) The name wasn’t worse than something worse than Penn Jillette would give a kid. 2.) the explanation basically made the move pointless, especially for such a silly name, that I question it even happening. I’m hoping it just one poorly executed way of differing this universe and all the other Batman universes, but I’ve watched enough TV to go in cautious after something like this popping up.

  3. Morlock50 says:

    I just finished Invincible 112 – 114 last night. Jesus, that comic is still awesome.

    • ComicBookDude says:

      I love how after 114+ issues, Kirkman is still able to keep long time readers on the edge of our seat. Kirkman is really good at keeping readers stick with his comics, especially with Invincible and Walking Dead.

      Issue #111 literally had me say out loud, “Holy Sh*t!” twice. To do that effectively, without it feeling like a completely cheap shock value moment, in the space of just 20 pages is pretty impressive.

      I actually flip through my new comics before I read them (partly because I take a bus ride back to where I live). For the most part I get away with flipping thru a new comic without being spoiled. However, in recent months I have refused to flip thru Invincible before reading it because I don’t want to risk having a huge thing spoiled for me.

      Ryan Ottley’s art is just getting better. Every time I think his art can’t get better, it does.

    • J. says:

      Yes. Yes, it is. 🙂

      And welcome back, Morlock.

  4. ComicBookDude says:

    How have people been enjoying the new season of Doctor Who?

    I’m liking it more than I thought I would. Capaldi has exceeded my expectations (which were actually pretty high) and Clara is finally getting some well deserved character development. These new episodes are very thrilling and entertaining to watch, even if there are a few weak moments. The premiere episode was kind of shaky, but once the series started rolling it got better, which is what I predicted would happen.

    I’m looking forward to seeing how the overall story fleshes out. I felt that last season had little to no overall story, which was one of the main problems of that season, so seeing them go back to telling a season with an overarching story is refreshing and piques my interest as to what will happen.

    • Rob F says:

      I agree Capaldi has been a complete breath of fresh air in terms of his delivery as the Doctor. Many won’t agree but I found Matt Smith to be almost too hammy with his performances half the time and almost every episode involved saving the world, which while important tends to diminish the impact.

      Clara has been growing on me growing on me but it’s been a bit rough seeing her take lots of insults from the Doctor. I’m sure they are going for an older brother type vibe but one too many of those could ruin it. Not to spoil but she also seems to be a little easy if that makes sense…

    • I’ve actually stopped watching it all together. May check it out when it repeats between seasons, but despite Peter Capaldi’s performance, Moffat has too many bad habits as a writer–which weren’t as much of a problem in previous seasons (though they leaked in there since he is the showrunner) because the worst was always in his scripts and other writers had the chance to make great episode, but with him co-writing something like half the episodes this season, it shows and even a episode that could’ve been great, and would have been in any other context, was a poor Doctor Who episode by the end. What I’m waiting for is for this whole Missy thing to turn into another plot line that exists for either 3 seasons or the period of Capaldi’s involvement, which ever comes first.

  5. Hello Comic Book Fans 🙂 Just wanted to share with you some of the books i am reading..Vagabond Vizbig . The X-Statix omnibus(got it for 30Eur) and Elfquest complete Edition just released by Dark Horse(not sure if the original was also B&W)
    My list of single issues is so small lately its hardly worth mentioning..and most of them are not that good either: All-New X-Men, Daredevil, Deadpool, Regular Show & Walking Dead
    I could do without All-New X-Men, Deadpool and Regular Show..and even Walking Dead if I wasnt so invested in that series..I got in around issue 50.
    In trade I still read Revival, Manhattan Projects, Saga, Chew and Invincible
    Manga: Gundam The Origin, Eden, Gantz and Tiger & Bunny.
    I am looking for something new to read. I have no clue whats good nowadays! So if you have suggestions I love to hear them.

    • ComicBookDude says:

      Rat Queens, Velvet, and Rocket Girl are all great Image titles right now. If you haven’t checked them out yet, I highly recommend that you do. The first trades of each series are on sale and I believe they all cost $10 each.

    • NicktheStick says:

      Rat Queens, East of West and Sex Criminals are my favourite books at the moment. (I excluded Invincible since you are already reading that one.) They are still fairly new, so finding trades and issues shouldn’t be a problem and it will be easy to catch up on.

      I could probably mention a few more, but these three are usually the first to pop into my mind when asked what to read. So, I’ll just leave you with these for now.

      As for manga, Knight of Sidonia is great. (Thanks to Locusmortis for letting me know about that one.) I’ve also been reading World Trigger in Weekly Shonen Jump and loving it. It looks like the first volume might be out soon as well. (I couldn’t remember if I could use tags or not in comments, so if it worked great, if not, sorry for the mess.)

    • Second on the Rat Queens and Rocket Girl. I would also suggest Shutter (it just finished the first arc last week and is on hiatus till January, I believe). Other that I like, but not sure if I would recommend unless I knew taste preferences first would be Trees, Coffin Hill and The Wicked + The Divine.

  6. J. says:

    So, I just finished watching Gotham and…Yikes. That was some of the most overly generic and clunky dialogue I’ve heard in a while. The directing was kinda shit, too. It was like watching a bad high school play. But…It is a pilot and pilots are usually the worst episode of any series. And I do stress usually.

    I’ll keep watching because it can only get better from here. At least, one would hope.

    • Insideman says:

      Wanta watch something REALLY shitty? Watch SyFy’s ZOMBIE NATION. Poor Tom Everett Scott… Great actor who can’t catch a break. First episode was barely passable… Second was TEN TIMES worse (as if they blew the Season’s ENTIRE budget on the first ep). And whoever gave DJ Qualls a SAG card and called him an actor should be taken out behind the barn and shot.

    • ComicBookDude says:

      I liked it overall. Yeah, the dialogue was generic at points and there were way too many characters being introduced, but I took that as a teaser as to who we’re going to see later on in the series (even though the trailer kinda did that already).

      The thing that’s keeping me with the show is that I’m loving the cast. Everyone seems natural for their role and I’m excited to see everyone get their chance to shine and have character development. Changing Poison Ivy’s name to Ivy Pepper is strange, but not a big deal in the grand scheme of things.

      Like you said, it was a pilot. And pilots are rarely perfect. I can only think of a few pilot episodes that I would consider perfect or near-perfect. There’s a lot of room for improvement and development with Gotham and I hope they’ve taken advantage of that. I also like that they’ve made Gotham City look like Gotham City. That’s one thing I never liked about the Nolan trilogy, Gotham looked more like Chicago than it did Gotham City.

      One last thing, I never want to see that shot where the camera was right in front of Gordon as he was chasing Mario Pepper… that looked so bad.

      • NicktheStick says:

        CBD, I agree with you. I enjoyed it enough, and thought the casting was outstanding. If it’s just for watching Ben McKenzie and Robin Lord Taylor, Gotham has me hooked.

        With the camera in front of Gordon scene, I instantly thought he was wearing a go-pro with that type of angle. It works for sometimes, but didn’t quite work this time.

        Hopefully the show will settle down and direct focus onto Gordon and Cobblepot. If the stories mostly revolve around these two, with smaller things being put in place around other characters for future plot threads, I think Gotham has the potential to be pretty fantastic, with the keyword being, “potential.”

  7. M. Fewko says:

    Milo’s future Marvel variants are canceled, it would appear.

    The more I think about this, the more I feel like Marvel pulled a Teddy Roosevelt and destabilized a successful indie-artist’s career, simply by not thinking thru with their executive cover art decisions. He did another variant I believe a few years ago. The Defenders? Something?


    • Insideman says:

      Marvel is owned by Disney now. The “old” Breevort (pre-Disney) would’ve told everyone to fuck off and ordered more covers from Manara. Likely, Manara doesn’t need nor want the bullshit. I, for one, am a BIGGER FAN of his work than I was before… And I didn’t think that was possible.

      • M. Fewko says:

        I definitely see what you mean. To be honest, the more I think about the cover, the less I am bothered by it. I like the Milo, I like the character Spider-woman. I don’t see it as being “lewd” (albeit I’m also of the Alan Moore school of thought).

        The biggest mystery though is why any respected artist would risk their career over working with 21st century Marvel?

        • Insideman says:

          MONEY. They paid him a BUTTLOAD (pun intended) of money. And remember… Marvel saw what they got– before they had the art colored, before they sent out a preview. They loved it… As well they should, as Manara is a master. And he’s 69… He’s not the least bit worried about what this will do to his career. He’s drawn much more graphic stuff than this… And it has only brought him more fans. I heard (but did not bother to confirm myself) that apparently one site was doing the equivalent of a “victory lap” over Marvel’s decision to cancel the rest of the Manara covers.

          That is BULLSHIT CENSORSHIP.

          • M. Fewko says:

            That pun made me laugh, Ian 😀

          • Morlock50 says:

            Ian, I agree with you. I certainly understand the concern about presenting women in a sexual manner, but this feels like censorship to me….not progress. Wouldn’t it make more of a statement in the industry for those folks to buy copies of Rat Queens instead of spending their energy on this?

  8. M. Fewko says:


    I have finished the 25th anniversary blu ray edition of GHOST IN THE SHELL.

    Naturally, any excuse to watch GITS will suffice. Literally. The quality is certainly enhanced in many scenes. The subtitles seemed off, or adjusted for the worse at times. Not a huge deal, but can still risk misleading the audience. Some subtitles were actually corrected in comparison with the 2-disc DVD special edition. Another issue: not much in this 25th ann. edition other than the film. Others buy at their own research. I, however, will buy the 200th anniversary (feeding my money to the corporate buzz-worders.) It is too important a film to not have 30 copies of 😉 (at least to me).

  9. So how’s everyone enjoying this series of Doctor Who?
    I rather unsurprisingly have done is fall in love with the show all over again after Mr. Capaldi has taken over control of the tardis and I think not only has this series been one of the best since the 2005 revival I think the Capaldi era could be one of the most important in the entire series’ canon.

  10. Locusmortis says:

    So the Kirby case has been settled out-of-court 3 days before the Supreme court was to decide if it was going to take the case I guess the mouse house got scared at the last minute.

    It won’t really change my attitude Marvel. At least now the King should get proper “created by” credits instead of the chickenshit euphemisms that Marvel usually use and hopefully the kids will have gotten a decent payout….although it won’t be nearly as much as they should have gotten, lets not forget that the Tolkein estate had to sue Warner brothers for moneys that they were contractually owed, corporate shitbags will always try and rip off creatives unless they are slapped down every so often.

    • Morlock50 says:

      What do you think of all the Marvel fans who say that the kids shouldn’t get any money because they didn’t “create” the Hulk themselves?

      • ComicBookDude says:

        I get extremely pissed at people who call the Kirby family “a greedy group of people who just want money.” I don’t even try to correct them on how completely wrong they are because there’s no hope for people who actually believe that about the Kirby family.

        • Morlock50 says:

          I agree. As if the Marvel big shots don’t want money, and are releasing these Avengers movies as an act of charity.

          • Locusmortis says:

            The strawman about the kids not creating anything is one of the lamest arguments used by the Zombies. Disney shareholders never created anything so why should they profit from the characters? The King wanted to leave an inheritance for his family and also to get the credit which he felt was his due and had been unfairly assigned to others.

            • Morlock50 says:

              If anyone needs a reason why supporting creator-owned comics is the right thing to do, Marvel’s treatment of Kirby is exhibit A.

  11. Skinnersweet says:

    Hey guys my buddy was recently in town and is a collector of the funko pops and I was thinking of starting to collect them as well.

    I am a little worried though he said they have a lot of quality control issues especially with the paint jobs and said its best to buy them in person.

    I live up in the mountains and the closest place to buy them is over an hour away and in the winter months that are coming up a round trip will easily take at least 5 hours to get to a store so my only option is to buy them online. My worry about buying them online is that I may get one that is either damaged during shipping or I get one with a botched paint job.

    Has anyone had any luck purchasing these online and if so where online? Also is it worth it to have to buy them online only or is online just a last resort if you can’t find it in stores.

    Thanks a bunch

    • Morlock50 says:

      What’s a funko pop?

      • Skinnersweet says:

        They’re collectible vinyl toys and they have them for pretty much everything, star wars, tv, movies, dc and marvel. If you google them you can get an idea what they look like.

    • J. says:

      I bought a few of Funko Pop vinyls from Amazon last X-Mas as gifts. When I got them they were pretty much as mint as they would have been if I went to a store in person to buy them. You are right though, you never know what the paint job will be like. I haven’t had any issues with that as well…yet.

      • Skinnersweet says:

        Alright, thanks for the reply I think I’ll give them a shot then. I’ve made it to the checkout screen a couple of times this week but I wasn’t able to make myself complete the purchase.

  12. dimaman15 says:

    Hey everybody, I’m just writing to get the opinion of everyone on HBO’s upcoming adaptation of “Utopia” and the fact that David Fincher is directing every episode. As for me, I have yet to watch the original even though it seems everyone on this site loves it. With that said, I think it has a chance to be pretty darned good. I’m mainly excited due to the fact that David Fincher is directing it. The man is behind some of my favourite movies (ie. Se7en, Fight Club, and TGWTDT).

    • J. says:

      My problem with the remake is, well, it just doesn’t need to be remade. The original series is amazing and is not even 2 years old. To me, Fincher is quickly becoming a hack. He was one of my favorite directors in during his early career. The remake of Girl With the Dragon Tattoo is where he lost his way for me. Remaking a well known and well done film (which also was not very old when he decided to remake it) was a terrible move on his part. It kinda bombed and now they are rewriting the sequel so it veers away from the book and original sequel.

      Remaking superior foreign products seems to be what Fincher is now interested in doing and I think his ‘Utopia’ is another completely useless remake.

  13. Morlock50 says:

    Is anybody else interested in the new Batgirl coming this week? After Gail’s whiny Babs crying in her herbal tea for 30 something issues, I’m totally going to buy this.(And I’m a fan of Simone, but that book was a total shitshow). Looks like it might appeal to the fans of Steph’s last run too.

    • ComicBookDude says:

      It’s the comic I’m most excited for this week. I am definitely buying it just based on the promise that it will be different than Simone’s run. I agree with you. I have a tremendous amount of respect for Simone, but her run on Batgirl was bad. It was trying so hard to be edgy and dark, but it was just way too forced and overdone.

      One of the variant covers looked pretty neat, so if my store has it I may end up buying it with the normal cover.

      • Morlock50 says:

        The selfie variants look pretty great actually. Of course, on Comic Book Resources, the fans are already saying they hate the preview. I guess they liked the Superfriends meet Saw vibe that Gail had going on.

        • ComicBookDude says:

          “Superfriends meet Saw vibe” That’s hilarious. I’m going to have to use that comparison from now on 🙂

          I’ve kind of given up on what fans think (except you guys of course). I’m so sick of seeing people hate things 24/7. Even if it’s something I agree with, it gets tiring after a while. Hopefully the final product will shut them up. I’m all for more light-hearted books and it seems like DC is taking baby-steps towards that.

          • Morlock50 says:

            That’s probably the way to go. I’m not even sure why I venture on CBR anyway. I should just stick to the articles.

    • J. says:

      I haven’t had a chance to read the issue yet but I do like the redesign of the costume and the fact Gail Simone is longer ruining Barbara Gordan. I’ll be checking it out for sure.

      • Morlock50 says:

        Based on the preview I saw, I think this will be right up your alley. Very much like the StepBats series with BQM in tone. But I was saying to CBD that the folks on the CBR boards seem to fucking hate what they saw. They’re saying the art is too cartoony (I guess because it doesn’t look enough like David Finch) and a surprising number of people seem very upset by a intro scene where Babs drinks too much and kisses a dude at a club (acting like the majority of college age women whose last name doesn’t end in Dugger). At one point, I posted that I felt like I was back in the 50’s with these comments. I’ve probably been banned from the boards since then 🙂

  14. Morlock50 says:

    So how did everyone like the Flash pilot? My expectations are pretty low for pilots in general (the pilot for Sienfeld was a shell of what that show eventually turned into). However, I feel like the show definitely stuck to it’s comic book roots, and really doesn’t remind the viewer of anything Batman related. And it was actually fun to see the Flash in action.

    So, of course, I predict New 52 fans are gonna fucking hate it. 🙂

    • J. says:

      I really liked the Flash pilot. It was on par (if not a little bit better) with Arrow. It was a hundred times better than the Gotham pilot and, honestly, the whole 3 episodes it has aired so far.

      I did notice that Geoff Johns had a hand in the story and the teleplay. The scene where The Flash runs against the tornado was from (I think) that last Flash mini-series he did with that terrible, overrenderering-everthing-to-death, gun nut artist before the New 52 reboot. I hope that Johns has nothing more to do with the series. His episodes of Smallville were awful, quite laughable and filled with fanboy fodder. As long as he stays away from the series The Flash will do well.

      For the record, I also enjoyed the Arrow premier.

      • Morlock50 says:

        Yeah, when I saw his name in the opening credits, I think I threw up in my mouth a little, Jose. Luckily the episode didn’t have too much of his GJ stank on it to ruin it. Also, I think the producers are borrowing the plot point about Barry’s parents from his Flash Rebirth series. WHICH I FUCKING HATE! But maybe viewers who haven’t read the comics will like it, I guess. I was more intrigued with the dude at the end, to be honest.

        And I DVRd Arrow and AHS Freak Show last night. Can’t wait to watch.

    • ComicBookDude says:

      I liked both premieres of The Flash and Arrow a lot. I think Flash’s premiere was a little better, but both were very well done.

      I’ve actually found Geoff Johns’ episodes of Arrow to be quite good (and a hell of a lot better than his comics have been in years), so I have no problem (yet) with him having a hand in both shows.

      I actually forgot that the Flash: Rebirth mini-series existed until reading this discussion (that’s how much of an impact it made on me I guess), so uh… thanks for that 🙂

      Both Arrow and Flash are better than Gotham, but I’m still enjoying Gotham for what it is. It’s getting better each week, IMO. I am a bit worried about Constantine though… I am praying that it’s good.

  15. Morlock50 says:

    I think the premise of Gotham is completely ridiculous. It’s like watching a whole series on The Phantom Menace. We know what’s gonna happen! And some of the actors aren’t good, especially the guy playing Gordon; he’s a real non-entity. But for everything this show gets wrong, there is something that redeems it. The dude who plays the Penguin is the number one reason to watch IMO.

    But how much better would this show be if they did a modern day story (ala Gotham Central) with Zoe Saldana as Renee Montana as the lead, with new characters as a supporting cast. Wouldn’t The Nation geek the fuck out over something like that?

    • ComicBookDude says:

      I disagree. Yeah, the show does have some cringe-worthy dialogue and campy moments here and there (and some of the fanboy easter eggs are about as subtle as having a break smashed into your face, like Selina wanting to be called Cat, ugh), but I’m enjoying it.

      The cast is what’s holding it together for me. I’m liking Gordon, Penguin, and Catwoman the most. Bruce and Alfred are getting better. I think as the series progresses it will get better. I have faith that they’re going to devote enough development to characters who haven’t been showcased yet in future episodes. I can’t wait to see the Riddler to be fully showcased. As far as I know, they haven’t filmed the last half of the first season yet, so they could easily fix and address any complaints they’re getting right now (if they’re smart).

      Knowing what’s going to happen is a valid point, but we don’t know how it happens or what leads up to what we know will happen exactly. Plus, Gotham City looks like Gotham City. I love when screen adaptations of Batman do that (I never thought Gotham City looked like Gotham City in the Christopher Nolan movies).

      I am liking Gotham enough. It’s not as good as Arrow or The Flash, but those shows are in a league of their own. Sidenote, people get pissed at me when I say that The Walking Dead wishes it was as good as Arrow 🙂

      • Morlock50 says:

        That Arrow episode this week was pretty damn good, wasn’t it?

        I get what you’re saying about Gotham, but I think a lot of the problems I have with it come back to the premise. Some of those actors are too old to be playing their parts in relation to 8 year old Bruce Wayne (Alfred, Riddler, and Bullock come to mind). And unless they deviate from this gimmicky premise they’ve set up (Let’s see how Gotham became Gotham) there really isn’t that many places for the writers to go. How are you going to get your “Red Wedding” moment on this show, or even what just happened in Arrow?

        • ComicBookDude says:

          The premise does make it easier for the writers to paint themselves into corners too quickly and in that respect I’m a little nervous about that. The age of the actors thing hasn’t bothered me too much. Yeah, they might be a little bit older than what we’re used to when Bruce finally does become Batman, but it doesn’t annoy me too much.

          It definitely will be harder for them to write twists/big WTF moments for the show, but not impossible. I’m curious to see how they handle big plot twists now that I’m thinking about it. They could easily off any made for the show character, but who says a character has to die? The ending of this weeks episode of Gotham was interesting and has me looking forward to seeing how it plays out. I really do believe (and hope) that Gotham will improve as the series progresses. At least it’s doing better than Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. did during it’s premiere episodes (both ratings and quality wise).

          Yeah. That episode of Arrow was so damn good. I watched it a second time with my dad and I realized just how much stuff they crammed into that episode. We got halfway thru and I was thinking, “Holy crap we still haven’t gotten to all this other stuff I remember happening from the first time I watched it.” Of all the networks on TV, the CW would be one of the last channels I’d expect to make (two!) excellent comic book/superhero shows. I’m so happy my skepticism of Arrow has be proven 100% wrong. It’s my favorite show right now, closely followed by The Flash (sorry Doctor Who and Walking Dead).

          Both premieres of Arrow and Flash this week there were times when I would think, “I feel like I’m watching a legit, high-budget movie.” That scene where Barry Allen first meets Weather Wizard (on the road) I was having flashbacks to Captain America: TWS. And the stunts (and camera work) on Arrow somehow keep getting better and better, just when you think they can’t get any better.

          Sorry for my long reply 🙂

    • J. says:

      So, I’m going to have to agree with Morlock about Gotham. The show is just not doing it for me. Penguin is the best thing about it and when you think about that fact, it’s a bit sad. The episodes are getting marginally better than the pilot but it is becoming more and more a grim n’ gritty version of the 60’s Batman tv show. Some of the elements are way too campy. The villains who were kidnapping the kids reminded me of villains I would see punning it up with Adam West. The Balloon Man? A kinda ridiculous, lame and unbelievable vigilante. I would say the show is actually worse than the first few episodes of Agents of SHIELD and I stopped watching that shitty show after 3 episodes. And I really don’t care how much better it has gotten according to viewers. I am perfectly content with not watching it any longer.

      Look at Arrow and Flash and how those two shows take fantastic comic premises and make them somewhat believable. Gotham, right now, just feels like a bad joke.

      And Morlock brings up a great point about how will Gotham have a Red Wedding moment? I just don’t see how they can. Arrow killed a major character last week and I was pretty shocked by the death. All the major characters on Gotham are safe. How would that show shake things up? I am assuming they are hoping the reveal of the Wayne’s killer will be a huge story point but at the end of the day will it really matter?

      I’m hoping Constantine turns out more like Arrow and The Flash. There is no way I can tolerate another show like Gotham. One is bad enough.

      • ComicBookDude says:

        Fair enough. I do agree about the whole Red Wedding moment argument, as it will be very hard for the writers of Gotham to do something of that magnitude.

        For me, the campiness feels more in the style of the camp in the Tim Burton directed movies. Maybe I just haven’t seen enough of the Batman 66 show? We’ll see how Gotham does. I’m sticking with it for now.

        I am worried about Constantine though… it seems like it’s going to be a watered down version of the Vertigo JC (kinda has to be since it’s on a non-cable network). I’m praying that Constantine is a quality show.

  16. M. Fewko says:

    Any junkies going to check out the new Shinji Mikami game EVIL WITHIN?

  17. Morlock50 says:

    So, anyone keeping up with the Death of Wolverine? Is he dead dead or comic book dead?

    • M. Fewko says:

      I’ve seen a few respectable news sites comment on it, and I didn’t have the heart to reply them about the grossly exploited “hero death” concept in the Marvel and DC recipe books.

      TO be honest, I haven’t read a newer Marvel or DC comic in almost 2 years? It feels like 2 years. I only reread trades from the 80s 90s or early millennium. I guess since I’ve left the current comic scene, I’m the last one to comment, but let the record show why I left and what the companies could do to not only get new viewers, but bring back their disenfranchised fans. 🙂

    • Helmir says:


      In the book, Wolverine is just entirely coated with melted adamantium, and when the adamantium dries, he is left in that state. So that’s definitely “comic book dead”, he might still be alive and will come back when needed (“oh look, I justa had to flex my muscles real hard and the adamantium cracked!)

      And when you consider that DAMIAN WAYNE is back from the dead… you know death isn’t a thing in comics 🙂

      • Locusmortis says:

        Presumably Wolverine needs oxygen to breathe? I can see how the healing power would heal wounds, broken bones, diseases etc but has no-one ever tried garroting or otherwise cutting off his oxygen? Or does he even have a healing power at the moment…I heard that…somewhere…which seems like a real deus ex machina storyline

        but anyway doesn’t Vibranium cut through Adamantium? Black Panther could probably mcgyver up some doo-hickey and get him free. Or they could discover some other miracle metal like makeupian to free him.

        And I wouldn’t worry too much about spoilers, it’s not like Marvel or DC’s storylines matter for longer than a few months these days anyway.

        • ComicBookDude says:

          I’ve always theorized that if you drowned Wolverine you’d succeed in killing him, unless his healing factor heals all the brain cells he’d lose. But he doesn’t have his healing factor currently.

          I was hoping they’d give him a big bang ending, with him fighting a bunch of his enemies and not giving up until he literally dies. Or die by protecting the X-Men or Kitty, Rogue, Jubilee or the kid mutants. A huge part of his character is how protective he is of children and those he really cares for, so I was hoping they’d incorporate that into his death. Instead he was frozen in adamantium… I suppose if he fought to his death you can’t have the whole magic or machine dookickey saving his life crap or whatever deus ex machina explanation they come up with.

          I’d say that I was seriously underwhelmed by the most badass X-Man (next to Kitty Pryde) die by being frozen in adamantium, but he’s coming back. Everyone with at least half a brain figured out he’d be back before issue #1 came out. There went any reason to get emotionally invested in the story.

          I also got a chuckle out of the creators letters at the end of issue #4 and how they acted as if Wolverine was actually 100% dead.

        • I think no one has tried to choke Wolverine because he would just claw their faces off.

          • Locusmortis says:

            I’d bet the Hulk could put him in a sleeper hold

            • True. I will say The Hulk is one of those main Marvel characters that never keep up to date with, so I can’t anything too definite, but I know they like to play around with how much control of his rage he has when Hulked out. If he has a Hulk Mode where he can take the time choke Wolverine out, i’d put money on him.

  18. ComicBookDude says:

    Some updated thoughts on TV shows I’m currently watching:

    -The Flash. I love it. It’s a great palate cleanser and a super fun show. I’m starting to see why the EPs of the show are saying it’s probably the most comic book show on right now. Super good cast too and can’t wait to see the characters develop even more. I like Barry and Iris’ father a lot.

    -Gotham. This show is starting to annoy me. I’m still staying with it for the moment because it’s entertaining enough, but there are aspects of it that bother me. I’m already bored of the Fish Mooney/Falcone subplot by the fifth episode. Not good, seeing how that’s one of the bigger plots this season. Plus Jada Pinkett Smith’s campiness is starting to become grating. Really hoping they improve this subplot ASAP or resolve it soon. There are also way too many sub-plots and things going on. Because of this I don’t think the main characters are getting the character motivations/development they need. Have they really gone into exactly why Penguin wants to have power in the criminal world, other than it’s his characters destiny to do so? Another reason I want them to get rid of Fish Mooney and the other kind of lame one-off villains is because they’re doing a great job with Penguin, I’m eager to see what they do with Riddler and Catwoman, since those two have had little to do so far. Alfred and Bruce are improving. That little moment they had at the end of last nights episode was great and the show needs more of that.

    Walking Dead. Better than I expected. I really liked Season 4 and this season seems like it will be just as good if not better. No spoilers, but I’m so happy they’re borrowing more from the comics and actually making it feel like a fairly faithful adaptation. It only took til Season 4 for them to start doing this 🙂 Seth Gilliam is portraying Father Gabriel flawlessly. It’s as if he walked right off the pages of the comic. Plus Rick and Carol being badass never gets old.

    Arrow. Good as usual. Brandon Routh is showing more personality in one episode than he did in the entirety of Superman Returns. I’m hoping they don’t milk the on-going mystery for too long. I want an answer and Green Arrow styled justice soon!

    Doctor Who. Still pretty good. The last few episodes have all been great. Nothing more to say about this other than I’ve been enjoying this season a lot. I’m hoping the final few episodes aren’t disappointing.

    That’s about it. Lots of stuff to watch this fall. Looking forward to Constantine.

    • I haven’t watched the last three episodes, but have they done anything with Montoya to make her more than a Revengebian. That turns me off so much to the show, because you know that FOX exec was the guy pushing for it, not writers. It’s such a FOX thing to do.

      • ComicBookDude says:

        They haven’t as far as I’ve noticed. I’m hoping they do more with Montoya (and by doing more I mean actual good character development). Gotham has so much potential to be good, it’s just getting lost in all the sub-plots. I’m also not a fan of how they’re writing the female characters (with the exception of Seline Kyle). They should watch Arrow to get a crash course on how to write great female characters in a comic book show.

      • Morlock50 says:

        A “Revengebian”! That’s a great description, W.D. That’s exactly the problem I have with her character. I knew there was something up with Reneye, but I couldn’t put my finger on what was putting me off, but you nailed it. The Montoya in the comics is a good cop and the heir to the Question. This lady is motivated by jealousy that her ex is in a relationship with a man instead of her, not justice. And of course, the romantic triangle is just thrown in to complicate Gordon’s life (to compete with all the other sub-plots running around). With all the corruption in the city that’s been going on for years, she and her partner choose to focus on the new cop who is honest. A complete plot device.

    • dimaman15 says:

      The only episode of Gotham I’ve watched is the pilot. I thought it was really, really bad and proceeded to toss the show from my mind. But now I’m hearing that the next episode is written by Ben Edlund (who I think is responsible for some of the best episodes of Supernatural, Angel and Firefly) so I am now really tempted to tune in.

  19. M. Fewko says:

    After re-watching ACE VENTURA PET DETECTIVE, I never realized how transphobic it was.

    (spoiler) At the end when Lt. Einhorn is revealed to be transgender, everyone simultaneously vomits, and they all shun her, meanwhile Jim Carrey’s character is humiliating her the whole time.

    Sad 😦 I use to love that movie when I was younger…

    • I remember watching that the first time and not really getting the joke (NH is not the state to learn about transgender issues, and this was before the internet was a thing) and, honestly, it looked more like she crapped herself in my mind. It wasn’t until I watch Crocodile Dundee again and remembered the transvestite scene, I thought I got the joke. Then I saw an episode of Sex Bytes on HBO that had segment on transgendered pornstars, and if you didn’t really know what transgender or transsexual meant, it didn’t really explain it, so I was left with the impression that these were just women with penises instead of vaginas. And in a way, I’m really glad that happened, because I never had an preconceptions about transgendered people. Then when the interet finally came into my house I found out all about them, as is unavoidable with the internet, especially in those early days. The next time I watch Ace Ventura I just didn’t laugh once I got the punchline.

    • Helmir says:

      It’s not transphobic, it’s just tasteless humor. The same kind of humor when someone farts and everyone laughs: stupid and mindless.

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