Nick Furi’s ODDS and ENDS™- This Week’s Pop Culture News Round-Up!

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Video Games – I know I don’t give enough love to video games in this column… Something I’ll try to remedy, especially with this new trailer for Final Fantasy XV– one of the few franchises that still causes me to contemplate buying a new game system. The most interesting thing about the 15th installment (not counting all of the in-between versions released) is the potential for a real-time combat system…Which is a bit reminiscent of Final Fantasy XII. Plus, you always know you are getting a cinematic gem with any FF game created by Square Enix:


Film – So… The Hobbit: Battle of Five Armies poster was released– and all I can think is, “Meh.” It’s actually not the worst thing I’ve ever seen (not in the slightest), but after noticing movie poster trends (thanks to this video)– The Hobbit poster definitely falls into the boring camp. [Screen Rant]

Comics – The TV version of Flash is getting its own companion comic… And in typical DC Comics fashion, the name for the new series is quite stupid. However, the actual premise for The Flash: Season Zero sounds interesting– definitely making me want to check it out. The creators behind the new TV show are already knocking Arrow’s CW series out of the park, so The Flash has more than a great chance to be a hit… And if you love comics, you can’t go wrong with art by Phil Hester. [IGN]

Television – The BIG rumour last week became the BIG NEWS this week. It’s official: A Supergirl adaptation for the small screen has been greenlit by Warner Bros TV. Greg Berlanti (Arrow and The Flash) will be teaming up with Ali Adler (Chuck)– which, on paper, seems to be a deadly cool combination. I know I probably shouldn’t, but I’m getting my hopes up. [Deadline]

Art – Jock decided to help Gotham by recreating some stills from the show for advertising. Without a doubt, it gives the latest teaser more of a comic feel. Then again, anything that utilizes Jock’s talents is worth a view. [Comics Alliance]


Comics – This is the best comic news ever! (Or at least in a very long time.) Booster Gold is returning! By now you should all know of my love for Booster Gold– and if you are a long time reader, you also know I loath the New 52 version of the character. So why is this such great news? Apparently, these versions of BG and Blue Beetle are going to be from the pre-New 52 timeline… Basically making Justice League 3000 a book that occurs before the current messy universe. If all goes well, hopefully Gold and Blue will return to the New 52 multiverse in their original forms. Hey, if anyone can do it, it’s these two awesome heroes. [CBR]

Film – Guardians of the Galaxy is still going strong– having now surpassed Iron Man in global grosses… Coming in (at the end of the weekend) with a total $586 million. And it’s set up to do even more– with three major territories (Italy, Japan and China) still waiting for opening day. [Coming Soon]

Funny or Bad? – I’m really enjoying the new Doctor Who at the moment. I know there have only been 3 episodes (probably 4 by the time this column sees publication), but it seems for once Steven Moffat isn’t going overboard– actually providing good characterization for the Doctor AND his companion Clara. Anyway, I want to know what you think of the Doctor flipping off Robin Hood (wonderfully played by DaVinci’s Demons star Tom Riley)! [Tumblr]

Science/Superheroes – I joke around a lot in this column, but sometimes it’s fun to show something heartwarming. Compared to the fear, misery and sadness plaguing the news today, it’s great to see something that actually makes you feel happy. What’s even better? The internet getting hold of it and not trolling or ripping on it. Take a look in the link. You’ll see what I mean. [Nerdist]

Video – DuckTalesWith real ducks? It’s actually pretty cool. Sorry in advance for getting this song stuck in your head for the rest of the day.


Film – The first official plot synopsis for Avengers: Age of Ultron has been released. All I can say is: I’m glad Joss Whedon is behind this film– because the synopsis is the most generic piece of writing ever… And many fans have already figured it all out. I’m fully aware a synopsis is only there to tell us the basic premise– but if Brian Michael Bendis can write a better hook for one of his lame comic stories, you know this piece of writing is severely lackluster. [Yahoo!]

Comics – Secret Six is returning with Gail Simone on writing duties. Hopefully this will be signal the return of the “good” Gail Simone– since she clearly left her talent behind when the last Secret Six series ended. [DC Comics]

Television – Legend of Korra Season 3 just finished airing a few weeks ago and Season 4 is already set to return on October 3rd! Book Three was easily one of my favourite in the Avatar world, so I’m hopeful Book Four will continue the ride. Unfortunately, this is supposed to be the last season. All good things must come to an end… And I guess we should be thankful we had them to begin with. [io9]

Collectibles – X-Men: The Animated Series— one of the first superhero shows I remember falling in love with– is finally getting the vinyl treatment. Funko POP! seems to be creating everything I want at the moment. (Plus several characters I barely remember existing.) I guess that’s what happens when companies overproduce, attempting to feed a craze. Collectors Take Note: Expect a POP! implosion sooner, rather than later. [Marvel]

X-Men Animated

Television/Film – Vimeo has snatched up the rights to Mystery Science Theater 3000. This gets me extremely excited, since there are 80 episodes I would buy in a heartbeat! Unfortunately, the CRTC (a.k.a. a shitty, no-longer-relevant Canadian government body causing most of the copyright and region laws between the USA and Canada) have made the episodes unavailable for Canadian fans. For all the stupid shit constantly lobbied for between the countries in this cruel world, I’m surprised region free viewing and purchasing isn’t one of them. [Variety]

Table Top – I love the board game Clue! I also love Firefly! But I HATE stupid/reimagined versions of classic board games. (Monopoly is easily the worst offender of this heinous crime.) In spite of all that, I have an odd feeling deep in the pit of my stomach that I will (begrudgingly) buy the Firefly version Clue. (I must be coming down with something.) As usual, I blame the Grandmaster of Mass Marketing, George Lucas, for long ago causing these types of dilemmas. [ICv2]

Film – Tom Cruise had fallen completely off my radar for a very long time– then Edge of Tomorrow happened. All I can say is, “Tom Cruise is back!” One of my buddies and I talk Tom Cruise and Top Gun fairly often. (Seriously, we even had Top Gun as part of the theme for his Stag/Bachelor Party.) The whole point of this bit is: I can’t wait for Top Gun 2… And it’s finally got a writer! [The Hollywood Reporter]

Fan Stuff – I’ll admit I was hesitant to give this short Firefly fan film a chance, afraid it was going to be wretched… But I left YouTube wonderfully surprised. For how great it is, it also makes me sad– causing me to (yet again) dwell on the unjust and early cancellation of one of my favourite TV shows. Oh well, it looks like I’ll have to watch Firefly and Serenity one more time– just to wash away the ennui currently enveloping my body and soul.


Music – Not only did Apple have to send out instructions showing people how to delete their (free) U2 album– they created an app to make it even easier. I laughed a lot when I read how some idiots were outraged by iTunes GIVING them a FREE album. If you don’t want it, don’t download it or listen to it. It’s really as simple as that. [USA Today]

Film – I know many will people are going to flip their lids when they find out Matt Damon and Paul Greengrass will be teaming up to create a new Bourne movie. I, on the other hand, don’t really give a shit. [IndieWire]

Video – Bryan Cranston won the internet this week with this sketch for MLB playoffs. Whether you are into America’s pastime or much prefer cricket, it’s still fun to watch Cranston perform anything. (Though Sir Patrick Stewart came in a very close second in the internet sweepstakes this week.) [TSN]

Video – Every time Sesame Street parodies something, it usually turns out well. Star S’Mores is pretty awesome too:


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2 Responses to Nick Furi’s ODDS and ENDS™- This Week’s Pop Culture News Round-Up!

  1. Funny enough, I decided to stop watching Doctor Who after the fourth episode. The robin Hood one wasn’t too bad and reminded me of some of the more humorous episodes of the classic run, but the writing of the show just seems to get lazier with each season. It kinda sucks, because I think Peter Capaldi is great as The Doctor, but I’m done with Moffat and his weak and predictable stories.

    • NicktheStick says:

      I actually read your post on why you were going to stop watching Doctor Who. I even agreed with most of your points and I was going to give this series a fairly short leash, but with Capaldi being so great and Jenna Coleman finally being able to put on a performance, I find this series is, at the very least, worth my time.

      With series 7 being horrible, it’s quite possible the tiniest improvement makes this season seem a lot better than it actually is. Maybe? I’ve heard a rumour that Moffat will be done after this series, but that’s still just a big rumour at the moment.

      I would like to think this is a version of Moffat we’ve seen with episodes like Blink and the first series of Sherlock, fairly well constructed stories that don’t leave too much to blatant coincidence, while also having explanations behind events and character motivations. The former, I noticed, has been lacking in his stories lately and, while trying to focus on characters development, it just has seemed flat or non-existent.

      Like I said above, I agree with most of your reasonings behind why you would stop watching Doctor Who, but at the moment, I’m still enjoying the ride. However, just like comic books, the moment I stop enjoying a few episodes, I’ll definitely re-evaluate and (possibly) stop watching. I had to do that with Castle last year. It kind of broke my heart since I love Nathan Fillion, but I just stopped caring, so why would I waste my time. I understand your pain.

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