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Television – Let’s start the week out with some laughs. Matt Stone and Trey Parker still create one of the best comedies in the Universe… And the South Park Season 18 trailer is no different. I love how they take on everything and everyone– creating some of the funniest satirical content on TV. This trailer is also worth watching if you have ANY opinion on the Washington Redskins name change debate. Even better: Comedy Central decided to promote the show by airing a promo during the latest Washington NFL game! [Raw Story]


Collectibles – As we all know, The Walking Dead TV show is still extremely popular. I don’t understand why– since the live action version always strikes me as extremely slow and boring. But as long as this strange love-fest lasts, I’m sure McFarlane Toys will keep pumping out new figures for the series. [Tomopop]

Television – Two comic book themed series premiered last week to great audience numbers. I thought Gotham’s pilot was a good start– even if it did introduce way too many characters and lay on some incredibly ham-fisted dialogue. Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. returned with an ep that was more exciting than all of the first half of Season One’s episodes combined. Good news for fans of both… Even though I think this week’s premieres of Arrow (Season 3) and The Flash will blow them both out of the water! [ICv2 (Gotham), ICv2 (SHIELD)]

Collectibles – Hot Toys’ Han Solo and Chewy are, as you could have easily guessed, stunning. They are sold separately, but if you’re going to dish out the cash for one of this pricey gems– there’s a good chance you have the money for both. Whatever you do, don’t split up this duo. [Hot Toys (Chewy), Hot Toys (Han)]

Han and Chewy

Collectibles/Clothing – Who doesn’t want to be more like Chris Pratt and Star Lord? I know I do, but is this replica of Peter Quill’s jacket the way to do it? If you are a cosplayer, maybe… If not, it still looks like a cool jacket. At $140 USD, it also seems to be a fairly decent deal. Amazing, since I’m used to seeing companies take advantage of geeks and our willingness to spend large amounts on things we usually don’t need. [Geek Tyrant]

Film – The internet lost their shit (in a good way) after the long-awaited Deadpool movie was finally given a greenlight this week. Then shortly after, the internet did what it almost always does… And devolved into chimps flinging excrement when they were told the movie will be rated PG-13. Trying to calm the caca-covered masses, scriptwriter Rhet Reese took to Twitter to let everyone know a rating has yet to be set. I love being a nerd, but we really need to stop overreacting to everything we hear. (For the record, I’m with the chimps! I think a Deadpool movie should be rated a hard “R”.) [Screen Rant]

Fun Art – Take a look at all these Disney characters dressed in their favourite geek related costumes. They’re all great– but my favourites are the Kill Bill Tinkerbell or Aladdin and Abu as Ash and Pikachu. [Nerdist]

Kill Bill

Video Games – The recent Tokyo Game Show 2014 gave fans a new Final Fantasy XV trailer… And it was weird to discover I’m not quite as out of touch with video games as I thought I was. Making the list of some the best from TGS: More Dragon Ball universe games, a new Resident Evil installment and many, many more. There’s a TON more videos at the link. [IGN]

Say What? – For those who may not know (though I’m sure 99.5% of you do), the clawed mutant Wolverine (aka Logan, aka James Howlett) is Canadian– hailing from somewhere in Alberta. This, of course, led some geeks to submit a petition to build a Wolverine Statue in Edmonton (the provincial capital). I think it’s a great idea… Especially since it will finally give me a reason to go there! [CTV]

Animated Short – You can’t go wrong with Roger Rabbit… Except maybe if you are Roger Rabbit. This slightly depressing, yet comical short features our favourite cartoon characters from the 80s in a Where Are They Now? style video– and it’s surprisingly humorous. [AV Club]


Flash Mob – A waddle of penguins hit the street for the premiere of Gotham on Monday, flipping up a whirlwind of excitement in flashmob-style advertising. [Twitter, Twitter]

Comics – Hmm… What started as a joke from Jimmy Palmiotti has now turned into reality. Harley Quinn’s new Annual brings smell-o-vision to comics with “rub-and-smell technology”– also known as scratch-n-sniff. Yup, you read that correctly… DC will actually be publishing a scratch and sniff funny book. If I had to pick one comic book that could pull this off, it would be Palmiotti and Amanda Conner’s Harley Quinn. [Comic Book]

Anime – The Tale of Princess Kaguya trailer looks awesome! (What else would you expect from Studio Ghibli?) The only thing I’m not a fan of? The English voice work. Nothing against the actors, I’m just a bit snobby when it comes to my anime viewing– I much prefer subtitles over English voice dubs.


WTF?! – Human Flesh Flavoured Burgers? Is this seriously something people want to eat? Well, if I didn’t already have a reason not to be a fan of The Walking Dead TV show, I definitely do now. To be fair, TWD isn’t the one behind this awful idea… It’s actually coming from FOX– who broadcasts the show in the UK. After dwelling on this topic for some time, I still find one question continuously running through my mind, “What the fuck is wrong with people?” [Toybox]

Film – It appears there’s going to be some recasting for the new X-Men: Apocalypse film. The characters in question: Cyclops (James Marsden), Storm (Halle Berry) and Jean Grey (Famke Janssen). I was never too attached to any of these actors, so I won’t be heartbroken to see them go. It all makes sense too– since the next film will be set in the 80s– when each character will be much younger than their current living actor counterparts. While make-up and CGI effects might be better than they’ve ever been, they aren’t that good. [io9]

More Cool Art – The Lucasfilm Sidewalk Festival featured some awesome creations. This is one of the few times I don’t mind Star Wars taking advantage of other parts of fandom. At least this time the venture produced something fun and entertaining– all of which was a lot more exciting and worthy than 99% of the Star Wars shit Locusmortis has to wade through for his Previews Hits and Misses™ column for IMJ every month. [Star Wars]

C and H SW

Sexism in Comics – One of the short film finalists participating in the reboot of “reality” series Project Greenlight is taking an interesting look at the gender discrepancies found in superhero costumes. It‘s funny, but it also raises much-needed awareness for the gender inequality present in many current comic books. (It also does a lot better job of questioning the issue than FOX News ever did.) [Comics Alliance]

Video Games – I remember video game demos being really short… Even if I did waste hours upon hours of my childhood playing the same level over and over. The new Final Fantasy XV demo is reminiscent of my formative years, actually giving you up to 3-4 hours of gameplay and world-wandering (something I loved and hated with all the FF games, truth be told). [GameSpot]

Spawn – Thanks to Aaron Evans for tossing this into IMJ’s Daily Links™– as I probably would’ve missed this otherwise. Who knew Spawn could be so awesome?


Film – Anybody hear how much the new BAT-SUIT costs?! Apparently, if Ben Affleck wants to take a home an outfit after he’s done filming Batman vs Superman – Dawn of Justice– Warner Bros will charge him $100K! I doubt “Mista A” would’ve had much trouble coming up with the funds, but it’s shocking Warners would make him pay for it at all. [Comic Book, CBR]

Beer – Resident IMJ beer craftswoman, Deanna Sjolander, might want to take note of this article after brewing her latest batch of hoppy goodness– making sure her hard work doesn’t end up tasting like a skunks behind. (Bonus! We can all learn some chemistry along the way.) [io9]

Film – Stupid rumours are simply that– STUPID. And right now, there’s a rumour floating around the web that Avengers 3 will be split into 2 films. First, I don’t think this BS is true… But even if it is, I think Marvel Studios is smart enough not to completely fuck it up. Splitting one film into two is a shoddy practice… But if it is true, I hope they have the balls to at least title the two films appropriately. How about Avengers 3: Part 1 Of a Stupid Fucking Idea and Avengers 3: The Return of the Stupid Fucking Idea Part 2?  [/Film]

Television – I’m so excited for the new episodes of Legend of Korra! The Season 4 trailer starts out slow, but picks up steam– reaching a pit of pure elation I didn’t even know existed. If you haven’t given the Avatar world a chance because it is a cartoon– or you think it is too childish… You are doing yourself a major disservice that should be quickly remedied. (Side Note: Fans, definitely stay until the VERY END of the video for a cool teaser.)


Art – We all know Adventure Time is big… And the craze continues with the publication of the Original Adventure Time Title Card art book. I’ve always wanted to get an art book from one of my favourite shows, but I’ve never found one worthwhile… And while I’m not a fan of this particular series, this book is peaking my interest anyway– so true fans should definitely check it out. [Nerdist]

Video Games – Folks are getting together to recreate Ocarina of Time for the PC, in 2D style. I think it’s incredibly cool people would take time to rebuild a game they love for the PC– but unfortunately, I doubt this project will last for long… Primarily since it’s a direct copy of the N64 game. Not seeing Nintendo being too keen on letting this happen. [GameSpot]

Television – With so many cast members leaving Community, is it even the same show anymore? First there was Chevy Chase, then Donald Glover— and now, Yvette Nicole Brown will not be returning for the latest season on Yahoo. I understand every series have to change and grow– otherwise they become stagnant and stale… But with so many main cast departures, is Community still about the same group of misfits connecting through a study group… Or has it simply become a cult-driven show dedicated to supplying fan service for #sixseasonsandamovie? [Nerdist]

Visual Effects – I am SO glad everything is digital nowadays. I used to feel obligated to watch the bonus features for every DVD I purchased, but most of these aftermarket pieces were an awful slog to get through. Obviously, the odd good or informative clip would sneak through, but for the most part, it was all pretty much shite. Then again, if all bonus features were as good as this visual effects breakdown video for X-Men: Days of Future Past, I would’ve received a ridiculous amount of entertainment from my old DVDs.


Film – So it looks like Indiana Jones 5 is happening… But after that, it seems everything else is kind of up in the air (much like Shia LeBeouf’s career). I can’t see myself missing any Indiana Jones movie, but I’m not overly hopeful for this 5th installment. [Cinema Blend]

Books – I’m not usually a fan of comic book letter pages. I read the odd one here and there, but it’s mostly tedious work to find something of entertainment value. The one letter column page I do enjoy? Sex Criminals which features some of the most open and funny missives I have ever seen. And that’s not even mentioning some of the ridiculous Sex Tips and responses from Matt Fraction and Chip Zdarsky. Which finally leads me to this news bit: Image is publishing a Sex Criminals Sex Tips Guide. Hooray! [ICv2]

Cosplay Love! – This is probably the coolest cosplay compilation video I’ve ever seen. This video from the Edmonton Expo features the best of all worlds– it’s the perfect length, well shot AND showcases some pretty amazing cosplay.


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