Nick Furi’s ODDS and ENDS™- This Week’s Pop Culture News Round-Up!

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Television – Hugh Laurie AND Tom Hiddleston will be in the same show? I don’t even need to know the premise to know I’ll be there! [The Hollywood Reporter]

Comics – I’m glad Valiant appears to be doing well. They are one of the few companies I know producing solidly consistent work, so I’m excited to check out their SIX new comics. Beginning in 2015, these new titles will again feature top-tier talent– such as Matt Kindt and Jeff Lemire (just to name two). [Valiant]

Video Games – What would Final Fantasy XV look like on PS One? The answer: Not good– furthering my– and many others– desire for an HD remake of Final Fantasy VII. [Kotaku]

Film – We all know Deadpool was originally brought to life via the X-Men, so it makes sense he would be part of the larger FOX movie story going forward. Don’t get me wrong, I love what Marvel Studios is doing with their properties– but it feels like the films are quickly becoming as event-focused as the comics. (And comic readers know how quickly event fatigue caused mainstream comics to suffer.) [ICv2]

GOTG VinylAwesome Mix Vol. 1Mondo is creating some killer product lately. Their latest item making my Me Want Now!™ list is the Guardians of the Galaxy Awesome Mix– on vinyl. I find the slick black platters are the superior way to listen to music (plus most of these songs were originally pressed on vinyl). As a huge bonus, the packaging is stunning… And you get beautiful hand bills by artist, Tyler Stout. (But only one per album.) [Comics Alliance]

Television – I loved LOST. In fact, I’m probably one of the few people who, without sarcasm, can say they truly enjoyed and understood the finale. Carlton Cuse thinks LOST will return eventually– in some shape or form. Personally? I can’t wait. [Variety]

Collectibles – A Sony Playstation Optimus Prime sounds kind of stupid… But surprisingly, it looks pretty cool. Too bad the movies can’t transform into something this good. [Tomopop]

Collectibles – There has been an influx of Dancing Groot toys, memes, spoofs, tributes etc, since Guardians saw release… And now, Marvel/Disney has finally produced the official Dancing Groot toy– just in time for Christmas. (Oops! If I’m being honest, some of the fan-made ones looked better.) [Engadget]

Comics – This may take away some of my nerd cred, but I don’t really know who Squirrel Girl is. I’ve heard the name– but, for whatever reason, I never related the character with Marvel Comics. But since I love obscure characters, I actually want to check out the new Unbeatable Squirrel Girl comic. Something fun and out of the spotlight could be exactly what I need to get back into reading Marvel’s comics. [Entertainment Weekly]

Money – I can’t decide if I would spend a lot more money, or hoard currency if it featured pop culture icons on them instead of Presidents or Queens & Kings. Just so you understand my dilemma, check out these fictional US notes. [Nerdist]


Film – Wonder Woman’s origin story for Batman vs Superman will be the same as the DC’s New 52 version– making her an offspring of Zeus. I love Azzarello and Chiang’s WW comic and the mythos changes they instituted– so all that really matters now is that actress Gal Gadot and director Zack Snyder don’t lose the essence of the characters and fuck them all up. [Screen Crush]

Film – Is movie Spider-Man joining the movie Avengers? Or is another Spidey Reboot in the mix? It appears Sony doesn’t really know, trying to figure out the best course of action for the character and their flailing franchise. The latest news sounds like Sinister Six could be a soft reboot for the Spidey film universe– potentially recasting main characters… But all is currently unknown. Furthermore, it sounds like if Sinister Six bombs, Sony might consider selling the rights back to Disney. I really hope this is true and everyone just waits for Sinister Six to hit cable. Why? Because I want a good Spider-Man movie– and it doesn’t look like Sony knows how to make one anymore. [IGN, Screen Rant]

Television – I feel like I’ve already reported on this… Or I’m psychic, suffering from a severe case of deja vu or I briefly traveled into the future. Anyway, the internet is (again) blowing up about a possible X-Men Television Show. As you know, I love the X-Men– so I’ll be ecstatic if this rumor proves true. I just hope it doesn’t end up being a Mutant-less series, much like the Batman-less Gotham or the Marvel Superhero-less Agents of S.H.I.E.L.D. (Even if both those shows have their charms.) [Coming Soon]

Collectibles – I’ve been known to complain about Funko Pop vinyl figures, relating them to 21st Century Beanie Babies… And noting how this boom will most certainly implode one day soon. All that said, Super Grover and the other Sesame Street figures are going to rock! [Funko]

Super Grover

Television – Hoooooly shit! Booster Gold could be making his way to the new, smash hit TV show The Flash! With the introduction of possible time travel in the pilot, bringing my beloved Booster (and computer sidekick Skeets) into the mix seems like a no brainer. The Flash would instantly become my favourite TV show if this happens– even if it is only a guest role! [Screen Rant]

Comics – With Issue #250, Todd McFarlane is finishing his writing duties on Spawn. Sad news, I know (sarcasm intended)– but good news (no sarcasm intended)… Brian Wood and Jonboy Meyers will be the new creative team. Maybe this will finally give me a reason to read Spawn. [USA Today]

Television – Actor Liam Neeson was offered to reprise Ra’s al Ghul on Arrow But unfortunately, he didn’t have the time in his busy schedule. On a completely different note, I didn’t know Buzzfeed produced news articles of any kind. Who knew? [Buzzfeed]

Comics – Is Marvel bringing us more Civil War? At NYCC 2014, the House of Re-Hashed Ideas teased a bunch of new events for 2015… And one sounded surprisingly familiar. Whether this is a completely new version or just a way to reintroduce the event before the Marvel Cinematic Universe does– it feels cheap. Come on, Marvel! Give me one reason (other than Squirrel Girl) to get excited about your comics. Please! [Comics Alliance]

Cool Art – Chaico, a Japanese Illustrator, decided to turn Disney’s animal characters into their human counterparts. The results are wonderful. [MoviePilot]

Donald and Daisy

Comics – Let me get straight to the point: Read this article about the lack of diversity in comic heroes, villains, characters and creators. It’s extremely interesting and definitely worth your time. [FiveThirtyFive]

Film – Big changes are brewing in the Marvel cinematic landscape. I thought Joss Whedon was on board for 3 Avengers films, but it looks like the Captain America Winter Soldier directors, the Russo Brothers, are next in line. [IGN]

Comics – Fans of Matt Fraction’s Hawkeye will likely be disappointed by the creative team changes when the comic re-launches. Me? I think Jeff Lemire is a great choice to continue the wonderful stories Fraction and Aja created. His Green Arrow run was one of the better series I read from the Big Two publishers this past year– so Hawkeye should be in good hands. NYCC also brought news of an ongoing Ant-Man comic too. With Marvel bringing their secondary, mostly forgotten characters to the forefront– I might be able to buy some of their comics again. (Can’t you tell HOW MUCH I’m trying?) [Marvel (Hawkeye), Marvel (Ant-Man)]

LM ULTRA THIN BOX BREAKTelevision –  The Powers trailer doesn’t look as bad as I thought. But unless they allow other platforms to (eventually) get this material, I doubt I’ll be watching anytime soon.

Film/Book – Most of us Muggles knew a spinoff of Harry Potter was on the way. What we didn’t know: That the spinoff, Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them, would turn into (at the bare minimum), a trilogy. I’m a Potterhead– so I’ll give anything J.K. Rowling writes in her magical universe a chance. [Entertainment Weekly]

Comics – While I may complain about there being far too many X-Men, Avengers and Spider-Man comics, I’m glad Marvel is fleshing out their Guardians of the Galaxy franchise. With the movie being so successful, it makes total sense to further develop these characters in comics… And I really believe several members of this ragtag team definitely warrant individual titles. Plus, the film’s co-scripter will write the new series… That’s a bonus! [ICv2]

Payback – The TV show Freaks and Geeks put a lot of actors on the map… And even though many of these wonderful people have gone on to have fabulous careers, they all seem to have a soft spot for F&G– still clinging to the pain of being canceled too quickly. Luckily for Seth Rogen, he was able to confront the person who canned the series, oh so many years ago. [CinemaBlend]

Film – DC has revealed its full slate of movies, taking us all the way to 2020. The lineup looks like this: Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice (2016) Suicide Squad (2016) Wonder Woman (2017) Justice League Part 1 (2017) Flash (2018) Aquaman (2018) Shazam (2019) Justice League Part 2 (2019) Green Lantern (2020)

Yeah, you read that last title correctly… Green Lantern will be returning– and it’s likely to be a complete reboot. Furthermore, individual Superman and Batman movies are expected to fall between these films. As long as they are good, I’m okay with this lineup– but if they start to creatively falter, DC better have some massive backup plan in place. Fans won’t tolerate many more of their shitty superhero movies. [Deadline]

Daredevil – I love watching comic con panels… But, like you, I can’t travel to all these shows just to listen to these PR discussions. Thank God for the Internet and Marvel tossing the NYCC Daredevil TV panel into the webisphere. And even though I know it was two weeks ago (one of IMJ’s esteemed Founders– Ian MacMillan— takes sole responsibility for this column’s delay) I haven’t had a chance to watch this panel yet… So I’m looking forward to finding out more about Netflix’s new series!


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