Jurassic World Official Trailer [HD]

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2 Responses to Jurassic World Official Trailer [HD]

  1. NicktheStick says:

    I’ve only seen the original and even then, I don’t remember much of it. Nevertheless, I want to see the film! For one, Chris Pratt is a fucking amazing beast, and two, the trailer makes it look like they have a good premise. When I first heard they were making another Jurassic Park I thought it was as ridiculous as it sounds, but if this trailer is indicative of what we could expect from the movie, I’m more than fine being wrong on this one. Here’s hoping.

  2. ComicBookDude says:

    This makes me want to watch the first one again. It’s been too long.

    Like Nick, I like the premise of this movie. All the Jurassic Park movies (as far as I know, I’ve only seen the first one) address the idea of “Playing God” and science getting too far out of hand, and this one seems to fit that bill really nicely. Plus, Chris Pratt is awesome and I like Bryce Dallas Howard. Even the kid from Iron Man 3 is in this!

    As promising as this trailer looks, it hasn’t sold me 100% on seeing it in theaters. Hopefully this gets good reviews, because that will probably be the deciding factor.

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