Marvel’s Avengers: Age of Ultron Trailer #3 – All New! [HD]

Hello, Vision!

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37 Responses to Marvel’s Avengers: Age of Ultron Trailer #3 – All New! [HD]

  1. Mark O'Brien says:

    All of these trailers are going to ruin the movie for me, but I can’t stop watching them. 😉

  2. venom829bane says:

    Will you guys be reviewing the movie? Hopefully in podcast form??? (Holding breath for yes) 😀 😀 😀

  3. venom829bane says:

    Just saw avengers last night, was a really fun film, plot not as good as the first one, but the action surpassed the predecessor, defiantly in my book worth multiple viewings!!!!

    • Locusmortis says:

      I saw it last tuesday and loved it, for a sequel it was great. Gonna try and see it next week again.

      • venom829bane says:

        Did you prefer the plot in this one or the previous film?

        • Locusmortis says:

          I thought the plot for the first film was stronger and tighter but I wasn’t dissatisfied by this one by any means, the film was a blast!

          • venom829bane says:

            Oh it was, I could have done without black widow/hulk wanting to fuck each other bullshit, what did you think of the seeds they planted for other movies like civil war, and what they did with the hulk at the end of the film?

            • Locusmortis says:

              What they did with the Hulk sort of follows what was done with the Hulk waaay back in the early Avengers comics when they decided he didn’t really fit in the team. I was hoping that they’d make the Hulk more intelligent and we’d hear him roaring “Hulk Smash”, perhaps they’re going to try a “Planet Hulk” style film next?

              A civil war film is inevitable isn’t it? It was so heavily foreshadowed in AOU that Starks attitude felt forced. Also

              Just to echo what you said here’s a few things I didn’t like about the film
              1: Black Widow/Hulk – They’ve never been a thing in the comics (afaik) and throwing them together at every opportunity was ridiculous.
              2. Stan Lee’s cameo, especially him mentioning Omaha beach when in reality Stan Lee sat comfortably in a public relations office in the US while others were sent off to fight.
              3. Giving Hawkeye a civilian family. You just know that they’re going to be fridged in a future film to give him some kind of emotional turmoil.
              4. Changing Scarlet Witch’s powers. Are the general public really incapable of understanding reality altering powers so that they had to change her into neo-Jean Grey?

              That being said I did love the film and changing the Avengers roster is awesome, just like in the comics. I’d love to see them do a Masters of Evil storyline, a Kang/Nebula storyline or well….a Guardians of the Galaxy/Avengers Infinity Gems story is coming isn’t it?

              • venom829bane says:

                The Stan lee cameos are starting to get annoying to me now, and yes civil war is going to take place in the next captain America movie, and I think they may kill off Steve Rodgers and replace him with Bucky Barnes

  4. venom829bane says:

    Ok y’all, in 2016 we have batman v superman, what are your thoughts on it?

    • Helmir says:

      Carefully optimistic, mate 🙂

      • venom829bane says:

        Last trailer was easily the best they put out

        • Helmir says:

          One of the best, As a huge batfan, I thought the first sequence of Batman taking out a bunch of criminals was very comic-booky and exciting

          • venom829bane says:

            I hope this movie not only does well critically, but takes on a life of its own like the marvel universe has, time for some damn competition lol, so I assume you’ll think bat fleck is gonna kill it right? Or am I wrong?

            • Helmir says:

              Crossed commentaries => look at my comment below :).
              But yeah, Batfleck’s gonna kill it (in this AND in Suicide Squad, where he’ll appear shortly)

      • venom829bane says:

        May I ask why that is?

        • Helmir says:

          The pros:
          – Real comic-booky approach (the Batman costume is perfectly Millery, the tone seems consistent, the characters look like they are well fleshed out from the few trailers we got)
          – Ben Afflech looks perfect
          – Amazing action scenes
          – The start of an exciting, full of life, DCEU??

          The cons:
          – Gal Gadot… I guess? Not convincend yet, she may be a huge blunder or a nice surprise
          – Zack Snyder. Good director but can end up really doing the same thing with the overstylized tone. Also, I really disliked Man of Steel (boring, pretentious, not my Superman, not really comic booky, pretends to be “set in the real world” and instead ends up a snoring spectacle of inconsistencies and stupid, unrealistic plots)
          – Too many villains? Lex Luthor, and then Doomsday could be too much, considering a whole chunk of the movie will be focused on the latent Bats vs Supes conflict
          – Too many heroes? Batman, Superman, Wonder Woman, and then some Aquaman for sure, and maybe even some Flash / Cyborg / GL ? Helps settle the upcoming JL film but could feel clutered
          – Conventional script? May start with heroes vs heroes, with then a classic “oh no a bad guy arose!” twist to finally end up with “you’re a good guy like me, let’s kick the ass of this villain in order to fill the last 10 minutes of the movie”.

          More cons than pros, but the film could be fantastic depending on how many “cons” happen to really hinder the movie. Which is why I’m “cautiously optimistic”.

    • wwayne says:

      I figure you’ve already seen Batman vs Superman. What are your thoughts on it?

      • venom829bane says:

        I really enjoyed it, it has problems, maybe the r rated edition will smooth those “plot holes” over hopefully, Jesse Eisenberg was trash as fuck as lex, Ben affleck killed it as batman, Wonder Woman was really good, I really enjoy Henry cavils take on superman, I’d say it’s a 7/10, the 29% on rotten tomatoes is complete bullshit, I’d recommend multiple viewings, it is a very decisive movie to say the least tho

  5. venom829bane says:

    Everyone looking forward to this?

  6. venom829bane says:

    Hey what did everyone think of the new Star Wars film?

    • Helmir says:

      A boring mess and a shameful rehash of Episode IV… A cash grab… And ultimately something the entire world and I had fun watching because of the power of nostalgia and our collective inner child. Still, Episode VIII really needs to be good and to start explaining the plot thoroughly, or it may hurt the brand down the line.
      Disney shouldn’t believe that spouting shit will sell just because “Star Wars” is written upon it. On a short to medium term, it will work, but in the long run people will have devalued the Star Wars brand and won’t be back for upcoming films. For a proof: see the somehow “bad” results of BvS, which brand was blackened because of the MoS bad word of mouth. Now Justice League may even have worst results. Disney should heed the warning and focus on quality if they want Star Wars to keep being the cash cow it has been so far.

      • venom829bane says:

        I thought it was meh, pretty much episode 4 dressed up and called episode 7, biggest problem I had with it was it being a feminist social justice warrior mouthpiece (like we don’t have enough of them these days) it just became too much, and I felt like Disney had purposely sabotaged the story of Star Wars for SJW propaganda

  7. venom829bane says:

    Captain America civil war discussion thread >>>>>>>>>>> post your thoughts and what you liked or didn’t like about the film 😊

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