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Street Flapper – The Latest in Flappy Bird Clones [HD]

Street Fighter meets Flappy Bird. Thanks so much, World!

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Insideman’s Pull List™ Hardcover, Graphic Novel & Manga Picks for 11.23.11

I don’t know about you but sometimes I LOVE Hate Mail. It takes all forms, of course… But some of it is just downright creative. Other jabs even genuinely seem to want to improve things. Most of it, though, just … Continue reading

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A FRIENDLY POKE™ – How to Tell Co-Publisher Jim Lee’s Age While Watching a DC New 52 Video

I was looking at this DC New 52 Promo Video when I suddenly became completely infatuated with DC Co-Publisher Jim Lee’s neck! If you look closely enough, you can actually tell Mr. Lee’s EXACT AGE by counting the rings around … Continue reading

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It's Peanut Butter Jelly Time!!!

Something to tide you over until the FIRST PODCAST gets here! This is what you get when you mix ONE Insideman and 2 HOURS OF SLEEP in the last 48!

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