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IMJ Video of the Day

No, that’s NOT me on the cycle, but I can tell you this was filmed on Alameda Avenue (look at the right of the video)– which is the main drag in Burbank. The garish green & white building in the … Continue reading

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Odds and Ends

Television: Robert Kirkman has a new comic coming out set in the world of exorcism– and he already has a deal to make it into a television show. I hope whoever the artist is on the comic took a long … Continue reading

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Odds and Ends

Video Games: After 5 years, Harmonix will end their weekly updates for Rock Band on April 2nd. When you think about it, weekly updates for 5 years straight is a staggering stat. [Joystiq] Film: Will John Williams be coming back … Continue reading

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1980s American Pop Culture Perfectly Distilled Into 50 Minute Video

I do have a fondness for the decade I was born in. The 80s really did shape me into the geek I am today. It was a prime time when video games, video cassettes, computers, ultra-consumerism, cartoons (created as 30 … Continue reading

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New Lupin the Third Series Trailer is a Bit of a Tease

I am really enjoying this recent throwback to old school anime. First we had the announcement of the excellent collaboration of artists on Kids on the Slope and now comes the teaser trailer for the first Lupin the Third television … Continue reading

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Pop Culture Pairings Who Understand Each Other

Making your way through life without someone who really understands you can get pretty tough sometimes. The best we can hope for is to find that one person out there who “gets” us without really trying too hard. Artist Chris … Continue reading

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Does Gamestop Really Think They Know What Women Want?

I received the following email from Gamestop earlier today. Subject: Send her flowers so you can game! Had I received this email a year ago, you would have definitely been reading a scathing post about how horribly sexist I feel … Continue reading

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