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Tom Hanks Accidentally Says F*CK on Good Morning America [VIDEO]

People are Up in Arms about This?! With everything going on in the world, in every person’s life… Tom Hanks accidentally saying Fuck (or Fook– depending on how you hear it) on Good Morning America is today’s HOT BUTTON issue? … Continue reading

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Insideman’s WTF?!? – What’s Going On In The New Farmers Insurance Avengers Commercial?

Love the first dialogue interchange in the commercial. That’s exactly why these characters are dressed up as The Avengers. I wonder if actor J.K. Simmons (main character in these commercials), who also played J. Jonah Jameson in the first three … Continue reading

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IMJ NATION™ Podcast Season 2 Episode #4 ALL NEW!

“The one where Jose makes a BOLD PREDICTION about Gwen Stacy.” CHECK OUT THE ALL-NEW, STILL OVERLY BITTER SECOND SEASON of the IMJ NATION™ PODCASTS! EPISODE # 4 The IMJ Nation Podcast™– The ONLY NEW INTERNET PROGRAM where you can … Continue reading

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George C Scott Is Not Pleased With The New Star Wars Blu-Rays

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THE IMJ NATION™ SPEAKS! Dissecting the NEW DC 52 Commercial

I’m NicktheStick. Many of you may know me from my semi-regular commentary on Inveterate Media Junkies. Let me tell you a little more about myself and my future plans: I am currently a student studying business, majoring in marketing. My … Continue reading

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The Venomous Truth™ – Marvel’s “Comics for Comics” CACA

On January 13 2010, Marvel Comics announced they were introducing a new program called “Comics for Comics”— specifically designed by the company (they said) to put much-needed money back into retailer’s hands. All comic shop owners had to do was … Continue reading

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INSIDEMAN’S TMI™ – In Search of the Perfect TOILET SEAT Companion

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