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Insideman’s Pull List™ Hardcover, Graphic Novel & Manga Picks for 11.9.11 & 11.16.11

Sorry about the sporadic Insideman Pull List posts as of late. Not my intention. Things have been hectic at IMJ HQ (to say the least) and a lot of a behind the scenes details caused things on the front line … Continue reading

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Who’s Getting What This Week?

Sorry to have to cut my ramblings short this week. I think this is going to be one of those days where I am going to feel like I’m five minutes behind on everything I do. I really dislike those … Continue reading

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Who’s Getting What This Week?

Blerg…3 manga in one week for me? Doesn’t help that there are some good American comics coming out as well. I really wanted to pick up the new Dan Clowes book, Mister Wonderful: A Love Story, but that will probably … Continue reading

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Who’s Getting What This Week?

Fuck you Marvel. Here’s what I’ll buying buying on Wednesday: American Vampire #11 Detective Comics #873 Fantastic Four #587 (Last FF issue I will be buying) Guarding The Globe #3 High School of the Dead Vol 1 New York Five … Continue reading

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A Quick View Through PREVIEWS With Locusmortis

Some of you might be wondering what this column is….I basically bitch and moan about the sorry state of the comics world and maybe recommend a title or two. I haven’t done it the last 2 months because of work … Continue reading

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