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Constantine NBC Official Trailer [HD] + A Bunny Eating Raspberries! [HD]

I was just gonna run the new NBC Constantine TV Trailer as is– when I saw this YouTube video of a Bunny Eating Raspberries. I’ll leave it up to the IMJ Nation™ to tell us which is more entertaining and/or … Continue reading

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IMJ Video of the Day

No, that’s NOT me on the cycle, but I can tell you this was filmed on Alameda Avenue (look at the right of the video)– which is the main drag in Burbank. The garish green & white building in the … Continue reading

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Watching the HOW COULD YOU DO THIS KRISTEN?! YouTube Video

We don’t normally cover Celebrity Gossip “news” at Inveterate Media Junkies– mainly because it’s usually amazingly boring claptrap. But since it was revealed that Kristen Stewart publicly apologized to her Twilight co-star/boyfriend Robert Pattinson over having a short affair/hook-up with … Continue reading

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Sorkinisms – The Art of Self-Plagarism [VIDEO]

It’s a safe bet to think I’ve enjoyed pretty much almost everything Aaron Sorkin’s been involved with– entertainment-wise… Except, probably, The Social Network. I never thought the film was the wondrous, scathing social commentary many pronounced it to be from … Continue reading

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STREAMING with STAMPS™ – Another GREAT COLUMN Premieres on IMJ

Hey there, everybody! Yeah, one of IMJ’s newest columnists is really me– Stamps! I’m an Inveterate Media Junkie through and through; and a huge part of my media addiction is spent watching Television Series and Movies. I adore my Netflix, … Continue reading

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ENHANCED VERSIONS of IMJunkies™ Podcast #1 NOW on YouTube!

Insideman is enjoying the POSITIVE RESPONSES to the NEW WEBSITE so much that he pulled yet another ALL-NIGHTER and came up with these ENHANCED VERSIONS of BOTH PARTS of our 1st Inveterate Media Junkies Podcast Click on the BLUE LINK … Continue reading

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CCW 3.98: What Happened to Last Rants Pt. 2?

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